Can You Lift a Toyota Highlander? Real Truth

I have been using a Toyota Highlander, and as a Toyota fan, I am loving this SUV. But I was looking for better performance and decided to lift my ride.

A lot of people wonder if they can lift a Toyota Highlander.

So I’m going to give my opinion on this from my own experience.

Yes! You can definitely lift your Highlander by 1.5 inches to 2 inches, which comes with many privileges like better ground clearance, better visibility, higher traction, and many more.

But with its perks, there are some downsides too. If you consider lifting your Toyota Highlander, you might have to sacrifice its warranty, face difficulty with controlling,  and drop some fuel efficiency.

Advantages of Lifting a Toyota Highlander

Advantages of Lifting a Toyota Highlander

There are plenty of benefits of lifting a Toyota Highlander. The most popular and desired privileges a car owner enjoys are the following:

Ground Clearance

Lifting your Toyota Highlander will give you more ground clearance.

Increased ground clearance means better off-road capabilities. It will ensure improved articulation of the wheels and help them travel across difficult, rough, and rocky terrain.

You are gonna love the new ground clearance of your ride if you are a hillside adventurer!

Bigger Tires

I always prefer bigger tires over regular ones because not only do they make my vehicle stand out from other vehicles, but they also help with significant off-roading!

After lifting your Highlander, you can replace your old tires with bigger ones.

With larger tires, you can navigate through obstacles much easier than before.

As a bonus, the tires will give the SUV a more aggressive and beastly look and help it stand out from other vehicles on the road.

Better Visibility

With a lifting, your Highlander will be raised by a few inches from the ground resulting in better visibility.

As a driver, you will always want to see things on the road from a longer distance.

This raise will allow you clearer visibility, a better view of your surroundings, and also less danger of any accidents.

Higher traction

Traction helps you accelerate the wheels and prevent them from slipping while driving on a muddy or slippery surface.

Lifting your Toyota Highlander will have more traction control, and the higher traction system will maintain your wheels so that you have a better grip on the road.

Enhanced Towing

Installing a lift kit can increase towing capacity by improving the suspension’s ability to handle heavier loads.

This is especially important for those who need to tow heavy trailers or equipment.

You will be able to move your vehicle with less difficulty.

Disadvantages of Lifting a Toyota Highlander

Disadvantages of Lifting a Toyota Highlander

Although I am enjoying my lifted car, there are still some problems I am facing, and I want you to be well aware of them.

Fuel Economy

Lifting a vehicle means a higher ride and heavier weight, causing more wind resistance and friction.

If your Toyota Highlander is lifted, it will work more and use more gas consequently.

As a result, your fuel efficiency will be reduced.

Warranty Void

Different vehicles have different terms and agreements of warranty.

Usually, a warranty works as long as the vehicle is in its original condition.

Making some modifications to your car might void its warranty.

The same thing applies to your Toyota Highlander as well. If you want to lift it, then you might have to let go of its warranty.

So you should consider the warranty policy before adding any aftermarket kit to your Highlander if it’s still under warranty.

Decreased Control

Lifting will make your car higher and distant from the gravity center, and you will have less control over the steering and handling.

Thus there will be a chance of rolling over if you are at high speed on a bumpy road or attempt to take a turn. You might also feel a little bit of instability and discomfort during your ride.

Suspension Fatigue

One of the major disadvantages of lifting your Highlander is it makes the suspension wear out faster.

Long rides on rough terrain will decrease the damping of the suspension, and after a point, your suspension will be damaged.

But you can prevent this if you lift your truck only a few inches.

Vibration Issues

Vibration can be caused by improper balance. When you are at high speed, you may feel an intense vibration in the vehicle.

If the vehicle hits any bumps, it will make the suspension transmit vibration as well. This may cause discomfort to the driver and the passengers and hinder your experience on mountainside rides.

Sometimes this vibration happens due to the lifted height of the vehicle. This is the result of premature wearing out of the suspension and tires.

You should pay attention to the vibration and repair it ASAP.

Legal and Safety Issues

Sometimes, lifting a vehicle to a certain height may be illegal in some places.

Additionally, a lifted vehicle may be more difficult to park and may not be suitable for car washing services.

The larger wheels and cargo will add extra weight to the vehicle, which makes it a bit harder for you to stop when needed.

As you lift the vehicle, the height of the headlights will also be increased. This can affect your visibility as well.

Should You Lift Your Toyota Highlander?

Lifting your Toyota Highlander depends on your preference, driving habits, road condition, and of course, your convenience.

If you are thinking of lifting it for a better off-road experience and also giving it a new look, then you must consider certain things before doing it.

A lift will cost you hundreds of dollars, so you must be cautious about the downsides like fuel economy, the risk of warranty, and the suspension health too.

So it is very important to choose the right lift kit for the specific model of your Toyota Highlander.

You should also consider getting professional help installing the kit and follow the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations too.

As with any other aftermarket product, you should also consider installing a lift kit for your Highlander after careful consideration.

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