Can You Lift a Jeep Grand Cherokee with Air Suspension

I have been working in a mechanic shop for quite a long time now. I see a common tendency in my clients to lift their SUVs.

It’s the same with owners with a Jeep Grand Cherokee too.

A number of my clients prefer to lift their Grand Cherokee for a better off-road experience.

But they frequently ask, Can I lift my Jeep Grand Cherokee with air suspension?

The answer is YES! You can lift a Jeep Grand Cherokee with air suspension, which will come with some benefits, ensuring better and safer rides.

I have lifted a few Jeep Grand Cherokees with air suspension, and they’ve been working pretty well till now.

Today I will be discussing my judgment about lifting a Jeep Grand Cherokee from my experience.

So, stay with me till the end of my article!

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Is It Possible to Lift a Jeep Grand Cherokee with Air Suspension?

Is It Possible to Lift a Jeep Grand Cherokee with Air Suspension?

It is very much possible to lift a Jeep Grand Cherokee with air suspension if you consider certain things.

But do you know how it helps your Grand Cherokee with better performance?

I’ll tell you how!

Before deciding to lift your jeep, you should know how an air suspension works.

An air suspension kit consists of air springs, height sensors, shocks, struts, valve blocks, and an air compressor.

The air springs raise or lower the vehicle according to the condition of the road you will drive in, and the height sensor controls the air pressure of the suspension by measuring the weight of the vehicle.

Moreover, the airbags of the suspension system eliminate the tremble and help the control system get better.

And finally, the compressor provides air pressure to the suspension resulting in proper functioning. It works basically like an air pump that absorbs air from outside and operates through a manual or electric controller by the driver.

Benefits of Lifting a Jeep Grand Cherokee With Air Suspension

Benefits of Lifting a Jeep Grand Cherokee With Air Suspension

Although a Grand Cherokee is already designed to tackle rough terrains, an air suspension lift will give you some additional benefits, like more ground clearance, better articulation, elevated power, and many more. Such as:

Changed Appearance

The vehicle’s look is the first priority for most jeep enthusiasts.

Lifting a Jeep Grand Cherokee will not only give it a better performance, but it will also give your jeep a whole new appearance and tougher look, which will attract attention on the road.

You can replace your old tires and set up new and larger tires. It will give your jeep a whole different outline.

You can even customize your rims and bumpers to give it a new look.

Off-road performance

As the air suspension lift will raise the jeep from the ground by a few inches, it will have clearer visibility and better ability to cross rough or muddy roads without any difficulty.

Uneven or rough roads cause a vibration to your jeep. An air suspension helps reduce this extra vibration.

Ground Clearance

More height lifting means more ground clearance!

If you like to drive your jeep mostly off-road, you will need more ground clearance.

An air suspension can lift your jeep from 4 to 10 inches.

Improved Articulation

Articulation is necessary for navigating tough terrain.

An air suspension will help your jeep with increased articulation which will enable your jeep to take smooth turns and better control.

With this improved articulation, you will love your ride more than ever if you love mountainside adventures.

Increased Power

After installing an air suspension kit to your Jeep Grand Cherokee, you can add horsepower, which will lessen the energy consumption due to wheel spin.

Fuel Efficiency

The tires will be stable enough on rough surfaces resulting in increased fuel efficiency.

Who doesn’t want that? When it comes to fuel economy, every driver will prefer less fuel consumption, and an air suspension will make sure to do that by adjusting your jeep to road type.

Better Control

A Jeep Grand Cherokee needs the right suspension system with the right set of tires for smooth rides.

After the installation of an air suspension lift, you may consider upgrading the tires to larger ones.

The tire upgrade will bring a massive change in controlling and turning. And it will also help handle tricky situations during cornerings. 

Drawbacks of Lifting a Jeep Cherokee with Air Suspension

Drawbacks of Lifting a Jeep Cherokee with Air Suspension

Sudden Plunging

Just like other suspension parts, an air suspension also has a life span (it usually lasts from 6 to 10 years)

And as it gets older, the front suspension wears out.

The worn-out suspension makes the front lean forward, and your jeep will often plunge and fall suddenly on the ground when you pull the brakes.

Tire wearing

When the air suspension gets damaged, the vehicle puts more pressure on the tires.

Eventually, the added pressure causes the tire to wear out.

So you will need to set up a new set of tires for your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Compressor Sound

A compressor usually makes a sound, but if your compressor makes a louder sound and gets noisy, you must pay attention to it.

The compressor usually maintains precise air pressure, but if there is any air leak, it will have to balance the extra pressure.

Hence the compressor will produce a clunking noise.

Shorter Front Look

It does not always happen, but sometimes you will see the height of your jeep will get lower by itself.

The height becomes uneven and tilted, which makes the front of the vehicle look lower than usual.

It usually happens when a suspension system starts to fail.

Compressor Failure

The airbags reduce unnecessary movements and make your ride smoother. They also stabilize the weight while towing.

The compressor continuously stuffs the airbags with air.

Occasionally the airbags get damaged, and they cause the compressor to wear out too early.

Difficulty in Cold Weather

Cold weather can affect your Jeep Grand Cherokee’s air suspension. It can make the suspension system fragile and unstable.

The low temperature can make the parts of the suspension brittle, which will lead your jeep to perform less smoothly, especially during cornering on rugged terrain.

Often the cold can also make the springs of the air suspension hard.

Leakage in the Suspension

With time an air suspension gets old and becomes in jeopardy of leaking. The leakage in the suspension will make it less powerful, and gradually it will be vulnerable.

So you should be alert and watch out for any probable leakage, including other complications of your jeep.