Do Lift Kits Void Warranty – My Real Experience

Lift kits increase ground clearance and make room for bigger tires. It also improves your off-road performance.

However, manufacturers discourage modifications on their vehicles, especially with the aftermarket parts like lift kits. That’s because they no longer maintain the warranty claim. So, do lift kits void warranty?

Do Lift Kits Void Warranty

Lift kits won’t void your vehicle’s warranty if they don’t cause any damage to the internal parts. In the contract with your dealer, they mention not to change any factory settings or else it will void your warranty. So, if you want to install the lift kits, get them from an authorized repair shop or licensed dealer.

Consult with the manufacturer and beware of your limit of height adjustment because fixing the damages without warranties can be costly.

Will A Lift Kit Affect Your Warranty

Will Lift Kits Void Your Jeep’s Warranty?

Typically, the lift kits don’t void the Jeep’s warranty as long as it doesn’t cause any trouble with the components. And most of the time, lift kits don’t affect the engine or any other feature.

When you get a vehicle, it includes on the contract that any issues due to the aftermarket parts won’t cover the warranty. On top of that, most manufacturers don’t want third-party changes to their legacy. So, according to the agreement, the lift kits violate the contract and void the warranty.

However, your warranty will be protected if your dealer is convinced that the lift kits are not responsible for the issues or potential damages. And without the contract, it will cost you a fortune to maintain and repair your vehicle.

Some manufacturers also allow using lift kits on a certain level that won’t alter the overall performance. So, it would be best to contact your dealer about modification and get permission. 

Why Do Lift Kits Void Warranty?

There are plenty of reasons why the lift kits void your vehicle’s warranty. Any changes to your vehicle’s geometry cause problems with the performance. Here are details to know:

Increases Chances Of Accidents

Lift kits on your Jeep can increase the chances of accidents. That’s because a higher vehicle can make you uncomfortable at first and make you roll over, rear-end, or hydroplane someone.

And it’s harder to stop when you are not an expert. That’s why many dealerships refuse the installation of lift kits to be safe and maintain their reputation.

Engine Vulnerability

With the lift kits, you will have more ground clearance. But it will also increase the space for dust and mud to come into contact with the engine and other components.

The exterior materials can cause rust and several external damages. In such cases, you can’t claim the warranty from your dealer.

Manufacturer Condition

Most manufacturers make a contract that you can’t modify the factory settings, or your warranty will be void. That’s because any changes due to the lift kits can affect the overall performance.

And the company doesn’t want poor performance because of some aftermarket parts you install.

Third-Party Services

Installing lift kits from the dealer can be costly. So, some people go for third-party services.

If they are inexperienced and do not install the kits properly, it can damage the vehicle. And as a result, you won’t be able to claim your warranty; without it, it will bite a huge chunk from your wallet.

Unnecessary Modifications And Failure

Some lift kit installations can fail because of the complex procedure, especially when installing suspension lift kits rather than body lift kits. And the responsibility for the failure will be yours.

The dealer will quickly know the issues caused by the lift kit’s failed installation. Therefore, the warranty won’t cover your repairs.

Extreme Off-Roading

Lift kits are installed to improve off-road performance. But if you go for extreme off-roading can cause several issues like tire damage, front and rear mount damage, etc.

The company won’t take responsibility for these damages under the warranty claim. Therefore, you must avoid extreme off-road performance if you want an intact warranty claim.

Lack Of Maintenance

With the lift kit installation, you will need more frequent maintenance than before. If you go on an adventure more often, you should not avoid regular vehicle maintenance.

Otherwise, the rusty materials, mud, and other debris will damage several components. And as a result, you will lose your warranty claim.

How To Avoid Voiding the Warranty Of Your Vehicle?

You must apply some tricks to avoid the massive cost of repairs and responsibility for the damages. Here’s how:

Ask Dealer

Remember that you need to go to the dealer to claim your warranties. So, if you ought to change any factory settings without the concern of your dealer, he will definitely ignore the contract when there are any damages. Therefore, you must ask the dealer and confirm the lift kit installation.

Know The Limit

Some local laws about the adjustable height on your Jeep, truck, and cars exist. For example, even lift kits are banned in some regions. So, it would be best to learn the local laws about the lift kit height limit. Otherwise, your warranty will be void.

Proper Documentation

Make sure you don’t make any changes outside the contract with the dealership. While purchasing the vehicle, the agreement should ideally mention the aftermarket or third-party modifications.

Some manufacturers allow you to install lift kits if you get them from an authorized dealer. Therefore, you must have proper documentation and confirmation before changing the suspension.

What About Getting A Lifted Jeep?

As mentioned, lift kits can void your warranty. But what about the lifted Jeeps? Do they void your warranty?

Well, the lifted Jeep won’t void the warranties. In such cases, you must confirm with your dealer about the warranty claims. Several lifting companies provide guarantees for damages that will cover various parts. So, ensure all the terms and cover parts are included in your contract.

It won’t be wise to buy if you don’t see warranties with the lifted Jeep. That’s because repairing the parts without warranties can be costly. But with the contracts, it can be affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do lift kits void warranty Jeep?

Installing lift kits to your Jeep won’t void the warranty. That’s because Jeep Wranglers have separate suspension warranties. And it won’t be affected by some lift kits.

Jeep Wranglers typically have powertrain warranties that last longer than suspension warranties. So, feel free to install lift kits on your Jeep Wrangler. But, even if you are worried after that, check with your dealer for warranty claims.

Do lift kits void Ford’s warranty?

If you install the lift kits by yourself on your Ford, it will void your warranty claim. But when the height adjustment includes an authorized aftermarket installer or a Ford dealer, it won’t void your warranty.

So, it depends on how you install the lift kits. Before installing the gears, you must also know the local area laws about the maximum adjustable height range. Try your local agents for that.

Do lift kits void warranty, Chevy?

Installing lift kits on your Chevrolet won’t void your warranty as long as the gears don’t cause any problems. But if there are problems with parts due to the lift kits, your Chevrolet will be out of warranty.

Installing the lift kits is a great way to give your Chevrolet a stunning look. Some authorized Chevy dealers can install the lift kits for you. So, contact your dealer beforehand. 

Do lift kits void the warranty of Dodge Ram?

Installing lift kits on your Dodge Ram won’t void the warranty if you install them correctly.

You must consider some facts while installing the lift kits. Or else it will void your warranty claim for your Dodge Ram. Buy lift kits from reputed brands and get body lift kits if you want only looks, as they don’t alter the suspension. Follow the instruction manual accordingly. Also, ensure the gears don’t affect the suspension components.

Do lift kits void Toyota’s warranty?

Installing lift kits for your Toyota can void its warranty because the equipment can alter the suspension and change factory default settings.

As the lift kits increase the front height, the overall geometry of your Toyota’s suspension changes. Therefore, it can lead to poor handling, acceleration, and other safety concerns. So, you must consult with your dealer and confirm about risks involved. Otherwise, you will lose your warranty.

Final Words

Lift kits are getting more popular day by day. Most adventure enthusiasts want to install lift kits and get larger tires for their off-road rides. But then comes the question of voiding warranties. That’s because lift kits can cancel the contracts of your Jeep if they cause damage to parts.

So, do lift kits void warranty? Hopefully, the discussion has covered all the answers you need. So, ensure the dealer’s approval if you want to modify your Jeep with lift kits. Otherwise, you have to bear the cost of damages. Don’t drive too roughly!