Can You Put Airbags on a Lifted Truck?

If you are a regular reader of my blogs, you already know I work at an auto repair shop. Truck enthusiasts love to lift their trucks and do new experiments.

A lot of my regular clients are truck owners who often ask if they can put airbags after they lift their trucks.

Yes! You can surely put airbags on a lifted truck if you want to add more load or even do towing. The airbags will help you carry heavy weight by supporting the suspension.

There are some setbacks with airbags, too, like they might thrush if not maintained properly, and they can even leak on rough and harsh roads.

To find out both the benefits and drawbacks of putting airbags on your lifted truck, stay till the end of my write-up because I have discussed everything from my own knowledge derived from dealing with lifted trucks.

Why Do You Need Airbags for Your Lifted Truck?

Why Do You Need Airbags for Your Lifted Truck?

So you have lifted your truck, but you wanna pull a trailer or add more load? Also, you don’t like the way it looks because the back of the truck is lower than the front? 

Do you think airbags will do these things for your lifted truck?

Well, in my opinion, they will.

If you are pondering over these considerations, then I will tell you why you need airbags for your lifted truck.

Airbags are really useful and beneficial, but traditional airbag kits aren’t made for lifted trucks. But not to worry, you can opt for an airbag spacer that will mount your airbags.

Pros of Putting Airbags on a Lifted Truck

Pros of Putting Airbags on a Lifted Truck

If you have lifted your truck, you are already enjoying a lot of benefits. On top of that, if you are willing to put airbags on the lifted truck, then you will be amused to see the following pros of it:

Adjustable Height

The most common use of airbags in a lifted truck is to adjust the height of your truck according to your need. You can simply adjust the height and posture with the help of airbags.

Truck owners don’t like to drive their trucks at fixed heights all the time. Airbags allow you to control the adjustability of your truck.

More adjustability means more off-road adventures!

Improved Performance

Airbags on a lifted truck will enhance its towing and hauling capabilities.

They allow you to carry heavy weight without sacrificing your ride quality.

When you install airbags on your truck, you can add and adjust the extra weight by raising the vehicle.

This helps to keep the vehicle level while towing and hauling and prevents excessive stress on your tires, and saves the rear from sagging.

Comfortable Ride

Airbags are supposed to help vehicles achieve better and smoother performance. With good-quality airbags, suspension systems will float over bumps more easily compared to regular suspensions.

Better Control

Braking can be crucial when you put an extra load on your truck.

Airbag suspensions have the ability to boost the braking power of a loaded truck.

It enables you to control the steering better and to pull the brakes quickly and frequently, especially during emergencies.

Increased Flexibility

Airbags can be adjusted to specific needs. Airbags are designed to move the vehicle up or down, depending on road conditions.

A lowered truck has better fuel efficiency. On the other hand, raising the vehicle will help to avoid obstacles and bumps in the road.

Smooth Towing

A very popular use for airbags is to keep the rear of your vehicle from hunching while towing or hauling.

Trucks tend to inflate due to air shocks when they carry a heavy load. Airbags help your truck to be leveled.

It also reduces the pressure on the driveshaft and helps with fuel efficiency and also wind resistance.

Lowering Vehicle

You can use the airbags for some other purposes as well.

If you need to adjust the suspension to clear obstacles or to load or unload your vehicle, an air suspension system can make it way easier because it can lower your truck according to your need.

Cons of Putting Airbags on a Lifted Truck

Cons of Putting Airbags on a Lifted Truck

Installation Cost

The initial cost of an airbag kit is quite expensive. If you are willing to install airbags on your lifted truck, then you will have to spend a big amount.

But in my experience, this investment will be totally worth it!

I usually do not get complaints about it, but one of my clients has faced some problems as he tried to without professional help and with less knowledge about it

So, don’t try to set up airbags in your truck if you are not well aware of the procedure.

Less Durability

Compared to a spring or shock suspension, the airbag suspension has less durability.

The airbags can wear and tear due to weather changes and long drives on bumpy and rough roads.

Compressor Failure

After adding airbags, your suspension will depend on air to reach a certain driving height.

Any kind of leakage on the airbags can prevent your truck from airing up regularly.

It might lead your compressor to fail.

But a proper installation is the key to avoiding these situations.

More Maintenance

After installing airbags, you will need to check your truck and its suspension system religiously.

If you are someone who is too lazy to have regular checkups on their vehicles, then I’d recommend you not install airbags on your lifted truck. This system is complex, expensive and needs plenty of care.


Putting airbags on your lifted truck will protect it in many ways, and you will be able to get more tremendous performance from your truck.

The truck will give you a more robust ride with better control and flexibility.

So if you are willing to give it a proper installation and take good care of it, then you must go for it!

But you must keep in mind that putting airbags on your lifted truck is a commitment and you should consider the setbacks before deciding to add it.