Stock Torsion Keys Vs. Lift Keys – A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to automobiles like cars or trucks, adjusting their height is an option for many. This is especially true if a truck or car connoisseur wants to make adjustments depending on how they use their ride. Both types of torsion keys, stock and aftermarket lift, can help you adjust the height of your ride.

Regarding stock torsion keys vs. lift keys, it depends on how much adjustment you want to make. Stock torsion keys can provide about two inches of lift. But if you want more height on your car, you will need aftermarket torsion keys.

Now we will take a brief moment to explain what torsion keys and lift keys are. We’ll also dive deeper into the pros and cons as well as a final verdict about which one to choose for your car.

What Is A Torsion Key?

What Is A Torsion Key

If you want to adjust a car’s height, using a torsion key lift is something you should keep in mind. Torsion keys allow you to adjust the load you put on a car’s torsion bars. This means lowering a car’s height or increasing it.

Torsion keys also make the car ride smoother or stiffer, depending on your adjustment. They allow adjustment to the torsion bar.

Typically, stock torsion keys come pre-built with the truck and are used to secure the torsion bar to the suspension at the front and the chassis. The keys are attached to the front torsion bars at 90-degree. Torsion bars are octagons in shape where it gets stuck to the torsion keys.

Types of Torsion Keys

Torsion keys are indexed on the torsion bars, allowing you to adjust how high or low you want your car to be. Torsion keys generally come in two varieties:

1. Stock Torsion Keys

These torsion keys come in default with the ride. You can use these to perform adequate adjustments to your torsion bar lift. With stock torsion keys, you can get up to 2 inches of lift. These require no aftermarket purchase.

2. Aftermarket Lift Keys

Aftermarket torsion keys are used as a spare purchase, different from the ride.

Suppose you want to perform more adjustments than what is allowed by the default torsion keys. Then it would be best if you got aftermarket torsion keys. These will enable you to get up to 3 or 4 inches of lift.

Overview Of Stock Torsion Keys

Overview Of Stock Torsion Keys

Stock torsion keys come in default with your ride. They’re usually attached to the torsion bar near the front suspension. Torsion bars are in charge of the level of suspension.

Adjusting it with torsion keys allows us to determine how much lift we get. This also decides how much load torsion bars have on them.


  • As they don’t require extra purchases, they’re more affordable.
  • Easier to install compared to the aftermarket torsion keys
  • Convenient for new car owners
  • Safer adjustment options


  • Less adjustment scope
  • Less lift

In short, stock torsion keys are far well suited for a beginner or a car enthusiast to perform adjustments on. They allow minimal lift, which in turn makes sure the lift is safe.

Overview Of Aftermarket Lift Keys

Overview Of Aftermarket Lift Keys

Aftermarket lift keys are a spare purchase you need to make separately from the ride itself. These custom-made torsion keys allow a car to gain more lift than the stock version allows.

They’re convenient for veteran truck owners who want to make advanced adjustments to their rides.


  • They’re more flexible compared to the stock keys
  • Offers more lift compared to the stock keys
  • More efficient for experienced car owners
  • Build quality is better


  • Needs prior experience
  • Expensive in comparison

These torsion keys are better in build quality, but adjustments from these need prior experience. Lifting a car’s height more than the safety level might damage the suspension, thus making the ride stiffer. It can also bump the ride, requiring one to replace the suspension or front axles altogether.

Quick Comparison – Stock Torsion Keys Vs. Aftermarket Lift Keys

If we put stock torsion keys against aftermarket torsion keys, both have their drawbacks and benefits. Some of them would be as follows:

 Stock Torsion KeysAftermarket Lift Keys
CostingMore affordableExpensive in comparison
InstallationEasier to install and modifyNeed separate installation and aftermarket purchases
ConvenienceConvenient for new car ownersMore efficient for experienced car owners
RiskSafer adjustment optionsRisk of damage to the truck
AdjustmentLess adjustment scopeMore flexible
LiftLess liftOffers more lift
Build qualityDepends on OEMUsually better than stock

Trucks don’t come with leveled heights at the front and the back. From the box above, we can determine precisely what sort of keys would suit a particular group of car connoisseurs.

Lift keys or stock torsion keys remain a premier tool to adjust your ride’s lift. These are quick-to-perform operations that provide convenience for the owners.

Bottom Line

To make a quick remark on the topic discussed regarding stock torsion keys vs. lift keys, you need to decide based on your expertise. If your car needs more height, go with aftermarket lift keys. If you just want to make some minor adjustments, stick with your stock keys.

Hopefully, this discussion will allow you to perform some safe adjustments to your ride’s height. Cheers!