Do I Need A New Track Bar With a Leveling Kit? My Experience

Typically, the leveling kits increase the ground space of the vehicle’s body from the chassis. However, it might affect the balance and stability of your car if the track bar can’t handle the height increment. So, do I need a new track bar with a leveling kit?

It’s recommended to install a new track bar with a leveling kit. But it’s not mandatory. That’s because if the present track bar can be compatible with the leveling kit and height adjustment, you won’t need a new one. But if you don’t want to take the risk of stability, or quick turn, you can change the track bar without a second thought.

Sometimes the trackbar gets older and worn out. So, checking the track bar when you install a leveling kit is best. Let’s learn some more details.

What Does A Track Bar Do?

What Does A Track Bar Do
A New Track Bar

The track bar typically refers to the item that can locate your vehicle. It’s also known as the Panhard bar. You will find the track bar at the front axle of your vehicle’s suspension system.

It helps to orient your jeep or truck and keep the geometry and alignment in order. Therefore, the track bar has a direct effect on the performance of your vehicle. You can also upgrade your existing track bar for better flexibility, adjustability, and strength.

A track bar has two attachment points: the adjacent side of the axle assembly and the frame. A link connects them. If there are any unwanted lateral movements, the track bar helps to balance or stabilize the vehicle and prevent accidents.

When there’s no track bar, you will feel like your whole body moves from left side to right side over axles whenever you make a turn. And it would lead to catastrophes because of the momentum.

Do You Need A New Track Bar With a Leveling Kit?

Do You Need A New Track Bar With a Leveling Kit
A New Track Bar With a Leveling Kit

Track bars are designed to prevent the lateral movements of the vehicle over the axles. On the other hand, leveling kits are used to lift the vehicle’s body a bit from the axles for extra ground clearance or large tire installation. So, are they related?

Well, yes, they are related. Experts and manufacturers recommend using a new track bar when you install a leveling kit on your vehicle. Though it’s not mandatory, it will help with stability as you raise your vehicle’s front height.

The track bar also helps to maintain the balance during high momenta, such as quick turns. However, a leveling kit increases the height of your vehicle’s body. So, there might be some imbalance and stability issues. So, you must make adjustments to the track bar to maintain stability.

On top of that, it’s pretty risky to drive with axle balance issues. You must replace the track bar if there’s a problem. Otherwise, you will lose proper control over your vehicle.

How Can A New Track Bar Help With The Leveling Kit?

How Can A New Track Bar Help With The Leveling Kit
How Can A New Track Bar Help With The Leveling Kit

Whenever the question arises about changing the track bar, you might want to know how a new track bar helps with your vehicle rather than the old one, right?

 Well, you use the leveling kit to adjust ground space and give a stylish look. But it might affect the performance of your vehicle. Here are facts to look on:

Quick turn

You have already known the functions of a track bar. But raising the body’s height to 2.5 or 3-inch might create problems with the center of gravity. Therefore, controlling the vehicle over quick turns will be a little tricky.

Sometimes it won’t be necessary because the track bar can handle such minor height adjustments. But what if some models don’t? So why take risks?

You must ensure that the track bar can be compatible with the height balance of your dealer or manufacturer. If not, you must install a new track bar while getting a leveling kit.


A vehicle with 40 to 60 miles per hour speed without proper stability and momentum issues can be a little dangerous. Installing a new track bar won’t be necessary if your old one is working fine.

However, this situation can be considered normal in driveways. If you ought to drive off-road or on the highway at more than average speed, it could be dangerous without a proper track bar. Therefore, you must install a new track bar to stabilize your vehicle and enjoy off-roading without any trouble.


Without stability, you can’t drive any vehicle. And track bars help you with the task. It keeps the center of gravity in the middle while you make turns and continuously change direction.

You won’t last a minute without the stability off-road. So, naturally, checking the vehicle’s stability with the new leveling kit is a must. If there is any doubt, change the track bar without question.

What If You Don’t Get A New Track Bar?

Sometimes the track bar needs to be changed with the leveling kit. It’s because of the damage in the track bar or compatibility issues. So, what if you don’t change the track bar and drive with it? Here are some common problems you might face with the track bar:

High-Speed Stabilization Problem

The track bar acts as a stabilizer to your vehicle’s suspension. If there are any issues with the track bar, like broken or loose, you will notice a wobbling sensation, which can cause the front end to float.

As a result, such behavior can cause a spin out of control. And you can’t control your vehicle. Whenever you notice such signs, you must park your car nearby and check the issue. It will be best to consult a professional mechanic.


When the track bar gets loose, it can create noticeable sounds. The reason can be the bushings and support brackets movement when your can is in forward motion.

If you lower the speed, you will hear the amplified version. Unfortunately, it can also appear while driving over speed bumps or driveways. Such a situation can create safety concerns. So, installing a new track bar with the leveling kit would be best. But check the current track bar’s condition first.

Lose Control

As you know, the track bar is supposed to support the steering system. So, it’s a warning sign if the vehicle drives loose during a ride.

This situation will create when the track bar gets loose from the frame or chassis. Therefore, you will feel the steering handle as a floating wheel—no control over the turns. As a result, the steering input will reduce at an alarming rate.

It would be best to check this problem out with a professional mechanic and fix it as soon as possible.


Typically, the track itself doesn’t cause any issues. Instead, it’s all about the mountings, joints, support pieces, or bushings. Whenever these alignments get loose, the vehicle’s suspension will pay the price.

It will face misalignment, and the steering wheel will shake. You will feel the vibration instantly. It will get worse when accelerating your vehicle. So, fix the problem immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the lifespan of track bars?

Typically, the track bars last about 1 to 2 years. That’s because they can go bad and wear out over time. However, you can eventually recognize the symptoms of a bad track bar. That’s when you should replace the track bars.

Why does the track bar fail?

There are various reasons behind the track bar failure. But the most common ones are worn-out track bar bushing, loose track bar bolts, or front track bar mount failure.

You can also find flexed or bent front track bars in your vehicle. Therefore, you must replace or fix the track bar immediately.

Can leveling kits create issues?

Well, that depends on your installation plan. Typically, it helps to raise the height of your jeep’s body a bit.

But without the proper height adjustment, things can go wrong. And as a result, your vehicle will lose performance like before. You might even hear disturbing air-passing noises.

Is a sway bar the same as a track bar?

No, they are not the same. That’s because the sway bar helps to level the body of your jeep while engaging in turns. And that’s why it’s known as a stabilizer, roll bar, or anti-roll bar. But the track bar helps to avoid suspension wobbles on the chassis.

Final Words

Leveling kits are pretty helpful for achieving a stylish look and ground height adjustment of the body from the frame. However, it might affect the track bar. So it will be best to check on the track bar whether you need some minor adjustment or totally replace it with a new one.

So do I need a new track bar with a leveling kit? Hopefully, you have learned the answer to your question. Concern with your dealer or a professional mechanic whether to change an old track bar or leave it be. If you have any doubt about the stability, install a new one. Drive safe!