Raising Torsion Bars Vs. Leveling Kit – My Opinion

Trucks usually come with different heights at the rear and the front. This is because the unit is meant to carry a heavy load. This load is supposed to balance out the difference in height over time. 

When it comes to torsion bars vs. leveling kits as a truck’s height-increasing methods, leveling kits are better. But just raising the torsion bars might also be convenient for some people—especially people who don’t want to perform aftermarket purchasing.

Now, look at some key points and discuss concerns regarding this topic. This should clear out all of your inquiries.

How High Can You Raise Torsion Bars?

You can raise the torsion bar by cranking it or using leveling kits. If you crank it up, you can get about 1-inch extra height. On the other hand, leveling kits can give you up to three inches.

How Much Lift Can You Get From Torsion Bars?

How Much Lift Can You Get From Torsion Bars

As trucks are meant to carry heavy loads, their front and rear come in different heights. You can lift the torsion bars on the frontal suspension to level this height.

Usually, the default torsion bars allow you to raise it by an inch. But if you purchase aftermarket keys or leveling kits, it can get up to three.

Do Torsion Key Lifts Affect Ride Quality?

According to some truck owners, cranking the torsion bars makes the cars stiffer and bumpier. But, when using spare torsion keys or leveling kits, this issue seems to get resolved in most cases.

Torsion key lifts shouldn’t affect the ride quality in most cases. But it would be wise to maintain a safe height and not tune up the torsion bars to dangerous levels.

Do Torsion Bars Adjust Ride Height?

How Much Do Stock Torsion Keys Lift A Truck?
Lift From Torsion Bars

Yes., lifting torsion bars can balance your ride’s height.

Trucks come with different heights on the front and the back. If truck owners want to use their ride for day-to-day usage, they might want to balance the height.

If someone wants to use the truck for carrying loads regularly, it might be in their best interest to leave the ride’s height as default. 

How Much Do Stock Torsion Keys Lift A Truck?

Torsion keys that come with the ride can give a lower lift. Usually, the stock torsion keys can give you a one-inch lift.

As for keys purchased separately from the truck, they can give you two inches extra height than the stock keys.

How Low Can You Go With Torsion Bars?

Most trucks can have torsion keys adjusted up to three inches without raising any safety concerns. You must rotate the bolts underneath the torsion keys counterclockwise to lower the torsion keys.

Do Torsion Bars Wear Out?

Yes, torsion bars might wear out gradually as you keep the ride active. Besides, if you crank up the torsion bars above the limits, it might also face the same issue.

The torsion bars have gotten weak if you hear a bang. This means some parts of the suspension have come into contact with the torsion bar. So you have to replace the damaged torsion bars.

Can You Lower A Car With A Torsion Bar?

Yes, you can lower a car with a torsion bar. The best suggestion would be to get larger torsion bars. Then you can crank the car’s height lower.

Otherwise, drop spindles. You can either do this with stock torsion keys or aftermarket. Depending on your car, this will help you to have a smoother riding experience.

How Do You Adjust Torsion Bars Evenly?

Follow these simple steps to adjust torsion bars evenly:

Step 01: Raise the truck’s front end from the frame

Step 02: Look for the area you’re trying to adjust

Step 03: Decide how high you want your adjustment to be

Step 04: Rotate the bolts to lift or lower your ride

Can You Adjust The Torsion Bars On The Ground?

If you want to adjust the torsion bars, you need to do it after lifting the ride from the ground. You must never perform any adjustments without lifting the car.

You must also ensure the ride has sufficient wheel drop after finishing the adjustment.

How Do You Lift A Truck With Torsion Bars?

After parking your truck with parking clearance, you must lift your ride. This is important because you should never perform adjustments with your ride’s wheels on the ground.

Then you need to go under the ride and look for adjustment bolts. Once you’ve located the bolts, rotate them to adjust the height of your truck.

How Do You Adjust The Height Of A Torsion Axle?

Torsion axles aren’t adjustable. You need to replace the entire axle if it’s damaged.

But they come with a rubberized suspension system to control the suspension travel. This also helps in absorbing shock. The height of the torsion axle can be adjusted as well.

How Do I Lower My Truck With Torsion Keys?

Lowering the truck’s height can be done the same way as getting a lift with torsion keys.

Rotate the torsion bolts near the suspension counterclockwise to reduce the truck’s height. Make sure to lift the ride off of the ground beforehand.


In conclusion, adjusting the ride’s height can be done with either stock torsion or leveling keys. When it comes to raising torsion keys vs. leveling kits, both have their perks. Leveling kits require aftermarket purchase.

If you want a higher height while maintaining safety, use aftermarket keys. Otherwise, stock keys would suffice.

Leveling kits would give you more height without compromise. But if you aren’t fancying a height of more than two inches, you’d be okay with having stock torsion keys.