How To Lift Your Truck For Free?

Who doesn’t want to have the proper ground clearance for their truck to drive tensionless on off-roads, right? The ground clearance can be increased by lifting the car a couple of inches from its usual position. It will also give you more traction, offering a better driving experience.

However, lifting a truck can be pretty costly. The cost can increase depending on the type of lifting kit and the lifting height. So, you might be wondering how to lift your truck for free.

How To Lift Your Truck For Free?

Installing larger wheels or tires is the best way to lift a truck for free. You can also modify the truck’s suspension to increase its ground clearance. Install a used lift kit that someone is gifting to lift your vehicle without spending a single dollar.

While lifting your vehicle for free, do it the right way. Otherwise, you might damage your truck and have issues driving the truck in the long run.

Lift Your Truck for Free via a T Bar Crank (torsion bar)

Lifting Your Truck For Free: An User’s Guide

Usually, you will need quite a bit of money to efficiently and effortlessly lift the truck. Yet you can lift it for free in multiple ways.

The methods of lifting a truck without spending any money are not that simple. You will have to do most of the hard work in this case. So, choose a process that is most convenient for you to execute.

HOW TO LIFT YOUR TRUCK 2″-3″ INCHES FOR FREE With Basic Tools at Home!

Method 01: Mount Larger Wheels Or Tires

Installing larger wheels and tires is the cheapest way to raise a truck. You can potentially trade the old tires with larger ones to lift your vehicle for free.

If you can swap from 32- to 35- inches tires, your truck will be raised by 1.5 inches. In this case, the lifting height is one-half the difference in the size of the old vs. new tires.

The fact that taller tires might not fit on your truck without running into the body, suspension, or frame, is one of the obvious potential issues with doing this. However, if they fit in your truck, or if you can clear things by altering the body, you might be able to add height to your vehicle in a matter of minutes for free.

Method 02: Modify Or Replace Suspension Components

You can replace or change the suspension parts to increase the ground clearance. Changes to your axle assemblies’ mounting to the leaf springs are affordable.

Most trucks on the market have axle assembly sitting on the leaf springs. But if you can move it and reconnect it to the bottom of the leaf springs, you’ll get some lift immediately.

To elevate the vehicle, you might redesign or replace the spring mounts at the chassis, which shouldn’t be too challenging using leaf springs.

Method 03: Reuse Old Lift Kits

How To Lift Your Truck For Free?

Reusing old lift kits is an effortless way to lift your truck for free. The lift kits to raise the height of your vehicle can be somewhat expensive. If you get a unit from someone donating their used ones, you can lift the truck for free.

If you use a reused kit, you should be very careful about the condition of the equipment before using it. A damaged or worn-out lift kit can break in the middle of the road. So, only use old lift kits in perfect condition to lift your truck.

Is Cheap Truck Lifting A Good Option?

A cheap truck-lifting option is worth it. It will enhance your truck’s ground clearance without spending much money. This will help you prevent damage to the bottom of your vehicle. So, cheap truck lifting will ensure a better driving experience on bumpy and off roads.

But the methods involved in lifting your truck for free require quite a bit of expertise. Try to follow the safety protocols while doing these maneuvers to avoid any potential damage to your vehicle. Also, remember always to use good-quality lift kits and avoid using sub-par ones, even if you get them for free!

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Final Words

Lifting a truck can be very handy for driving on bad roads and even off roads. The extra ground clearance will ensure that the road’s surface doesn’t scratch or damage the bottom of your truck.

We hope you have understood how to lift your truck for free after going through this article. This will help you enjoy additional vehicle height without spending much money.