How Much Does it Cost to Lift a Truck- Total Installation Cost

Lift kits work great with trucks, especially when they go off-road more often. You can increase the ground clearance and install larger tires with new shocks and spacers for better suspension. But spending some bucks is necessary for it. So, how much does it cost to lift a truck?

lift Kits Installation Cost

Installing body lift kits on your truck will cost around $400 to $1600. The cost will be $900 to $4500 to install the suspension lift kits. Coilover lift kits cost $1500 to $3000 from your wallet for installation. Spacer lift kits can be installed for $500. And the airlift kits can cost you $1200 to $3200. So the average cost to install lift kit is around $400 to $2000.

You must get lift kits installed by a professional mechanic. Otherwise, you will end up with parts failure and poor performance rather than an improvement on your off-road ride.

The Cost of Lifting Your Truck – Lift Kits, Labor, & More ( Video )

What Is A Truck Lift?

truck lift kits

Truck lifts use lift kits to increase the height of the front end or raise the body above the frame at the front. This increases the ground clearance and gives more room to install bigger tires. All of these features are helpful with off-road performance, especially for a truck.

On top of that, the truck lift kit also provides better suspension. It will include new shocks, suspension springs, and control arms.

The new springs are a suitable option to avoid sagging when you carry heavy loads at the back. They are typically stiffer. The shocks also provide a smooth ride.

Overall, suspension can get improved and prevent tire rub. However, it will slow your truck, especially when you carry extra weight at the rear.

Type Of Truck Lift Kits

Various lift kits are available, but some are incompatible with truck lifts. Here are the most common truck lift kits that you should know about: 

Body Lift Kit

The body lift kits can provide a taller look than spacers and body mounts. In addition, it’s a budget-friendly and simple way to increase the ground clearance for your truck.

However, it doesn’t affect the overall suspension on your trucks. All you can get is just an aesthetic look and space for bigger tires.

Suspension Lift Kit

It’s the most popular lift kit for trucks and jeeps. That’s because suspension lift kits not only increase your truck’s ground clearance but also provide improved suspension. Therefore, you will have better handling while riding off-road.

In addition, the more prominent tires will provide better stability on the bumps. Such component involvement is the reason for higher lift kit installation costs.

Coilover Lift Kit

They are pretty similar to suspension lift kits because of improved suspension geometry. The lift kit uses coilovers rather than springs and shocks.

It can provide a more comprehensive way to increase the body’s front height, making it a suitable choice for an off-road vehicle. But the installation cost is way higher than the suspension kits.

Spacer Lift Kit

Despite the similarity with the suspension kits, the spacer lift kits use taller spacers and stock shocks. But, again, it’s for the suspension on your truck. But it doesn’t have much improvement on steering or suspension. So, it’s not a suitable choice for off-roading.

Air Lift Kit

The airlift kit uses airbags, while the suspension kits use shocks and springs. These airbags are filled with air by a compressor. But the airbags are for better suspension and steering control. It doesn’t provide superior ground clearance.

Cost Of Different Type Of Lift Kits

How much do lift kits cost, actually? Lift kit prices vary, depending on the type of lift kit. So it would be better if you saw the cost of lifting a truck based on different lift kits. It will give a clear view and comparison details.

Body Lift Kits Installation Cost

The basic body kit will cost $100 to $750 individually. But it depends on the brands you choose. The more advanced ones can cost you around $1000.

A professional mechanic will charge you $300 to $800 to install the body lift kits. They set an hourly rate of $90. These charges might vary based on city, urban, or countryside areas. 

Suspension Lift Kits Installation Cost

The basic suspension lift kit will cost $300 to $2000. However, there are also costlier brands available.

A professional mechanic will charge you $600 to $1500 or sometimes $2500 if you go to a city repair shop.

Coilover Lift Kits Installation Cost

The overall cost of installing Coilover lift kits can vary from $1500 to $3000. However, the price will vary according to your kit’s choice and repair shop.

In addition, the labor cost to install lift kit can be around $500 to $1000 for professional installation. However, it’s worth the cost because of its features and advantages.

Spacer Lift Kits Installation Cost

Spacer lift kits are pretty cheap and take about an hour to install. You can find good quality spacers for $50 to $200.

It’s pretty simple to install the spacers. You can do the installation yourself with suitable kits.

Air Lift Kits Installation Cost

You can find basic airlift kits for about $1000 or less. But if you want more sophisticated ones, they can cost up to $2000.

And the mechanic cost can vary from $600 to $1200. But if the truck is complex, it might take a few days to install air lift kits. Therefore, the installation cost will get higher.

Parts You May Need With Lift Kits For Lifting Truck

Do you want to install a lift kit in the truck on your own? Well, you will need some proper tools on standby to complete the process. Otherwise, you can mess up easily and damage other parts. Here are the most common tools for the job:

  • Socket wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Lug wrench
  • Torque wrench
  • Vehicle jacks and jack stands
  • Spacers and shocks according to your need
  • Bigger tires (optional)

Make sure you have proper knowledge about the lift kit installation. It would be better to get a helping hand nearby. And don’t take the truck outside for installation. Instead, do it in your garage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to lift a truck 6 inches?

It will cost you around $10000 to $15000 overall. That’s because the 6-inch lift kits are in a high-scale category. And the lift kit alone will cost $1500 to $2000.

Additional costs will be for other components, labor charges, etc. So sometimes the cost might be higher because of the price of lift kits.

How much does it cost to lift a truck 4 inches?

A 4-inch lift kit can cost from $400 to $1200. Of course, it can cost you more if you want some advanced and well-known brand.

On top of that, you might need some additional components like shocks to lift the truck. So, the overall cost and labor charges can be around $2000 to $5000.

How much does it cost to lift a truck 2 inches?

The cost of a 2-inch lift kit varies from $60 to $100 (basic ones). The more advanced ones can cost you around $125 to $1000.

And that’s without the labor and component cost. The labor cost can vary from $60 to $120 per hour. But with the 2-inch lift, you won’t need any additional parts.

How much does it cost to lift a truck 3 inches?

The essential cost of a 3-inch lift kit is around $1000. The price can be higher, up to $2500, based on brands and features.

On top of that, you will need new shocks for your vehicle. And it will need extra bucks for labor charges.

How much does it cost to lift a truck 12 inches?

A basic 12-inch lift kit for a truck can cost around $1000 to $3000, depending on your band choice. Additional modifications make it tough to install a 12-inch lift kit. And it might take days to complete the installation. So, the overall cost will be higher than other small ones.

How much is a suspension lift?

The basic suspension lift costs around $300 to $2000. And the overall cost will be $800 to $4500. That’s because it will take up to 15 hours to install a suspension lift kit on your truck. On top of that, you can’t install the suspension lift kit on your own.

How much does a body lift cost a truck?

A body lift will cost you around $100 to $750 for your truck. With the $90 hourly rate for mechanics, the overall cost will be $280 to $1400. That’s because installing the body kits on your truck will take up to 7 hours.

How much does it cost to replace lifters?

If you want to replace the lifters, it will cost you around $1000 to $2500. It’s pretty tough to replace the lifters. So, you would need professional mechanics, and they will charge some extra bucks because replacing the lifters will take a long time and more labor than usual.

Final Words

Lift kits are amazing tricks to manipulate and increase the front mount height of your truck. You can raise it from 2 inches to 30 inches according to your wish. But for the trucks, people love to keep the range up to 12 inches, and the cost gets higher accordingly.

So, how much does it cost to lift a truck? Hopefully, you have got your answer from the discussion. Always compare the models and their prices before you decide on the proper lift kit for your truck. Best of luck with your drive!