How Much Does It Cost To Lift A Truck 3 Inches?

The cost of lifting a truck varies depending on the height you are trying to raise, the size of the truck, and its model. So, how much does it cost to lift a truck 3 inches?

How Much Does It Cost To Lift A Truck 3 Inches?

To lift a truck 3 inches more than usual, you will have to spend around 400 to 12,000 dollars. If you use a standard lifting kit to lift, it will cost you $200 to $1000. You will have to spend more than usual if you use a sturdy and durable lifting kit for 3 inches lifting.

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Lifting your truck 3 inches more can provide you with more ground clearance. It will make your driving experience better off roads and in the wilderness. Along with ground clearance, it will also offer more traction for your truck.

The Cost of Lifting Your Truck – Lift Kits, Labor, & More

How Much Will It Cost You To Lift Your Truck 3 Inches?

How Much Will It Cost You To Lift Your Truck 3 Inches?

The cost of lifting your truck 3 inches can vary depending on where you live. The average price range for a simple 2-inch leveling system is $80 to $120—costs for a more sophisticated 3 inches lifting device range from $200 to $1,000.

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A simple 3-inch level kit installation should cost you no more than $400. However, if it does, it may be due to inflation and the rise in the cost of the kits in the international market. You should also add the labor cost to the total cost of kit installation if you aren’t planning to do it yourself.

Some of the most affordable and effortless installation kits are leveling lift kits for trucks. However, it is preferable to get professional advice if you want a perfect installation and lift a car 3 inches.

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Is The Cost Of Lifting A Truck 3 Inches Worth It?

Is The Cost Of Lifting A Truck 3 Inches Worth It?

The money you will spend to lift a truck 3 inches is worth it. It will give you more traction while driving on snowy and slippery roads. As a result, the 3-inch inch lift will provide you with a safe driving experience.

In addition, the 3 inches lift will offer your truck more ground clearance. So, there is a lower chance of undercarriage damage with a 3-inch truck raising. The takeoff and truck departure angles are also increased with the lift.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to lift a truck at a dealership?

The cost of lifting a car 3 inches at a dealership varies depending on the truck’s model and the type of the lifting kit. Since installation is a professional service, dealerships additionally charge for it. The price will change depending on whether you pay by the hour or for the entire process.

Some raise kits will take longer to install than others, so they will cost more. A raise kit installation for 3 inches will cost between $1,000 to $1,200 in labor, but a leveling kit installation will cost roughly $1,000 to $4,000.

What is the labor cost of lifting a truck?

Depending on the lift kit and truck type, different amounts of labor are required for installation. The labor cost for installing some lift systems for a 3-inch lift is roughly $600 to $700.

Installation of suspension raise kits is complicated, costing a bit more than usual. The labor cost is usually double the price of the lift kit.

Final Words

Lifting a truck 3 inches can be beneficial for driving in off roads. It will ensure your vehicle has enough ground clearance to prevent any damage to the bottom of the truck.

After going through this article, we hope you have come to know how much it costs to lift a truck 3 inches. It will help you decide which lifting kit to use for your vehicle.