Do Leveling Kits Void Warranty?

Leveling kits are used to adjust the front-end height of cars, trucks, or other vehicles. They give a stylish look to your truck. But there’s a catch because the warranty claim might weaken due to this alteration to the vehicle’s structure. However, do leveling kits void the warranty?

A level kit does not void your entire warranty. But it depends on your manufacturer’s policy. Some companies provide their own level kits to ensure the warranty remains intact. Some companies can deny warranty coverage if they believe the leveling kits cause the damages. If you contact the dealers, your warranty may stay the same even after installation.

So, it would be best to check the company policies or contact the service advisor of your vehicle before installing leveling kits or any suspension components.

Can A-Level Kit Void Your Warranty?

Whenever you want to install level kits on your trucks, the first question that arises to your mind is – will a leveling kit void my warranty?

Typically, a leveling kit doesn’t void your truck’s warranty as long as there’s no damage due to the gears.

Some manufacturers like to provide their own designed-level kits compatible with the vehicle. So, if you use those factory-approved kits, you will have an extended warranty for your car.

But if you use different leveling kits, it will void the warranty of your car or truck. Some companies don’t even take responsibility because they are not mod-friendly. Their policies say any modification will automatically void the warranty.

What Are The Reasons Behind Threatening The Warranty?

The company doesn’t take responsibility for repairs of those damages caused by level kits. Well, there are some valid reasons behind it.

Take a look at the facts and judge yourself: 

Less Comfortable

When you lift the front end a bit higher, it can make the driver a bit less comfortable than usual. They add extra stress to driving the car. Therefore, it can result in more accidents. And more accidents will cause more warranty use.

On top of that, level kits impair the drivers. That’s why most car dealerships won’t allow level kit installation.

Involving Third-Party Objects

Almost all manufacturers don’t want to involve any third-party objects in their design. It may ruin their arrangement or the whole vehicle. There are always possibilities of installing the wrong parts.

They can harm the vehicle. That’s why most manufacturers don’t allow level kits and void the warranty after installation.

Unnecessary Mods

Some trucks don’t need any lifting. But the user might want to lift the front to install larger tires or new tires.

These unnecessary modifications can go against company policies. That’s why most companies don’t allow the warranty to remain intact after the change.

If you want a lifted vehicle, you can directly contact the manufacturer and pre-order your requirements.

Expose More Components

When you lift the vehicle with the level kits, there’s a high risk that all mechanical components at the front will be exposed to dust and external damage.

So if you claim a warranty after such components failure, the manufacturer won’t spend any extra cash on it because they might need to repair a lot of parts. So, you are out of luck.

Increases Accident Possibility

Many level kits increase the possibility of accidents. It’s because kits give extra stress to the tires, and they can’t bear additional loads. So, the shocks create imbalance during driving, and you might end up rolling over or rear-ending someone.

What Can You Do When The Warranty Is Going to Void?

Does a leveling kit void your warranty? Yes, it sometimes does. But what should you do when such an unfortunate event happens?

Here are a few immediate things to do:

Get Written Documents

It’s best to get the warranty policies in a written document while buying your truck or vehicle. A written record will help you to get the repairs without any hassles.

However, make sure it’s mentioned which parts are included in your warranty on the document. Some features are not related to lifting damages and are yet under the warranty claim.

Find The Importance Of The Modification

Whenever you want to make some mods to your vehicle, you need to know whether it’s necessary or not. That’s because unnecessary mods can void your warranty automatically.

It’s not logical to enact the warranty when you lift the front end about 5 to 7 inches to accommodate new tires. The manufacturers won’t cover any damages due to such mods. 

Contact With The Manufacturer

When a third-party service or local dealership refuses to repair the damages instead of your warranty claim, you need to contact your manufacturer as soon as you can.

If you wait longer, it can increase the damages like wear and tear. And it could hamper your warranty.

That’s because too much wear and tear go against the company policy and is bound to void the warranty. So, it would be best to contact the company and claim your warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does a leveling kit void the Ford warranty?

No, the leveling kit won’t void the Ford warranty as long as you use their factory-approved lift kit.

In earlier times, a level kit could void Ford’s warranty. However, with the new rule, you will also have another warranty on the level kit itself. But you need to have it from a dealer.

Does a leveling kit void the dodge ram warranty?

Yes, leveling kits can easily void the Dodge Ram warranty.

The Dodge Ram’s policy tells you that any change in the vehicle other than the factory will void the warranty automatically. As installing a leveling kit is under this policy, you won’t get any warranty coverage if there are any damages.

Does a leveling kit void the Chevy Silverado warranty?

No, a level kit won’t void your Chevy Silverado warranty as long as you use a Chevrolet-approved lift kit.

The company has its own designed two-inch suspension lift kit. If you don’t use their kits, the company has the right to void your vehicle’s warranty.

Does a leveling kit void Chevy Colorado’s warranty?

No, installing a level kit won’t void your Chevy Colorado warranty. But it depends on your dealer.

If your dealer believes that the lift kits create damage to your truck, the warranty claims won’t cover the repairs for your vehicle. But if the dealer believes in vice versa, you will get warranty repair.

Does a leveling kit void Jeep Wrangler warranty?

Yes, a level kit can easily void your Jeep Wrangler’s warranty. But if you have any dealership installing level kits, your warranty will remain intact.

However, you need to maintain some lists of modifications while installing the leveling kit. Otherwise, the company won’t cover your damages.

Does a leveling kit void the Jeep Gladiator warranty?

No, the level kit installation doesn’t void the Jeep Gladiator warranty as long as you don’t make any changes from their modification list.

If there’s any dealership installing the level kit, it won’t void your warranty. But the company won’t cover any leveling kit causing damage.

Does a leveling kit void Toyota Tacoma warranty?

No, a level kit won’t void your Toyota Tacoma warranty if you install them.

However, the company won’t provide any parts replacement due to the level kit. Therefore, it would be best to learn their warranty policies and contact the local dealer before installing the level kits on your Toyota.

Does a leveling kit void Toyota Tundra warranty?

No, it won’t void your Toyota Tundra’s warranty automatically if you install a level kit.

But if the dealer is convinced that the level kits cause the damages, your warranty will void automatically. Even when you compromise the actual structure of your Tundra, they will likely deny warranty coverage.

Does a leveling kit void GMC Sierra warranty?

Well, it’s a bit tricky. That’s because GMC Sierra’s policies say they are not responsible for any modification damage to the vehicle. So, it directly indicates the level kits. But it won’t void your entire warranty.

However, they will deny warranty coverage to change or fix the damaged parts due to installation.

Does a leveling kit void warranty on f150?

No, an installed level kit doesn’t void the warranty on F150 as long as you use the factory-approved kits.

Before upgrading their policy, a level kit voids the warranty instantly. Though their factory kit is a bit more expensive than the traditional ones, it would be best to have their level kit even if it gives a limited warranty.

Will Leveling Kit Void Extended Warranty?

No, installing a leveling kit will not void the extended warranty. But it depends on a few things.

If you decided to purchase an extended warranty and then wanted to level your vehicle, it would completely depend on the manufacturer and the warranty policies if your extended warranty would void or not.

In a lot of cases, the damages that occurred to the vehicle that are not related to you leveling your vehicle will be covered.

As some extended warranties work as a co-pay, you might have to pay for a part of the damage repair out-of-pocket.

Whatever you do, make sure you read the fine print of the extended warranty of your vehicle before you buy it.

Final Words

Leveling kits are used to lift the front of the truck a bit for ground clearance and a stylish look. It doesn’t affect your car’s mileage. However, it can question your warranty claim when the car or truck is pretty new. So, you should learn about the warranty policy before installing a leveling kit.

Hopefully, the discussion on-“do leveling kits void warranty?” has been able to answer your curiosities. If you want to modify the level kits, you should consult with your dealer about your approach and clear the warranty issues. Best of luck to you!