Body Lift vs Suspension Lift vs Leveling Kit

There are various lifting tools available in the market. The body lift, suspension lift, and leveling kit are the most common and famous in different vehicles. But which would be the best compared to body lift vs. suspension lift vs. leveling kit?

A body lift kit can significantly increase the front height without changing the mainframe’s geometry and the suspension. But mileage and fuel economy reduction are noticeable.

Leveling kits can increase the front height by a couple of inches. But they can’t give performance improvement. Suspension kits can raise the height from 9 inches to 12 inches and create significant look and performance changes on your truck or car.

It would be best to know the differences between these kits. Otherwise, how can you tell which one will be the suitable option for you?

What Is A Body Lift For a Truck/Jeep/Car?

You can guess the function by its name. The body lift kits are simply the tools that lift your truck’s body a couple of inches from the frame.

For lifting the vehicle, several spacers of lift blockers are used. However, they remain on the top of the body.

But the body lifting kits don’t raise or lift any other components of your truck. Therefore, they don’t have any effect on the suspension. As a result, no ground clearance is created through a body lift on your vehicles.

The installation of a body lift is pretty easy and quick. You might need several people if you want a quick installation.

A body lift kit gives your truck a stylish look where you adjust the height at the front a bit. If you are an off-road enthusiast who likes to go on a ride more often, the body lift kits would be a good choice for your truck or SUV.

Why Use Body Lift For Truck/Jeep/Car?

There are various reasons you should use a body lift for your truck. The most prominent reason is that it doesn’t change your vehicle’s ride quality. It means you can ride your jeep like before without a change, even if you do some modifications with the body lift.

On top of that, the body lift kits are pretty inexpensive compared to other lifting kits. So, they are a more economical choice for you than the suspension kits.

Another reason to use a body lift is that it doesn’t touch the shocks during the lift. So, you won’t need any new shocks after installation.

It makes more space for attaching bigger wheels without changing the suspension. The new tires will have more clearance while retaining the alignment.

So, if you want to go on an adventure on rough roads, you can attach some of the body-lift kits to change your tires, and you are good to go!

Body Lift Problems

Despite having such advantages, the body lifting kits have various problems. It would be better to know them first before you go off-roading.

One problem you will face is that it creates more openings to the front part of your car. The opening space creates an opportunity for more damage to the internal components. It’s a common complaint from the customers that it’s frame visibility after installation.

Installation of a body lift causes no frame or body raises from the factory bumpers. It won’t offer you any performance advantage on regular roads.

The kits don’t have any role in the vehicle’s suspension geometry. Therefore, no extra ground clearance is a crucial factor in off-road driving.

On top of that, the body lift can reduce mileage and affect your truck’s fuel consumption. It’s only suitable for more giant tire installations. Other than that, there are less significant improvements.

What Is A Suspension Lift For a Truck/Jeep/Car?

Suspension lift kits are the perfect tools to play with a vehicle’s suspension. They can utilize all the suspension components of your car and raise the front and rear height based on your preference.

The suspension lift ensures that all the components along with the frame have been lifted. And obviously, it will give your truck or car an aesthetic look. You will get some new shocks, cross members, CV spacers, drop bracelets, and other essentials required for the installation.

There are various types of suspension lift kits in the market, from affordable to high-end price tags. They can raise the height from 9 to 12 inches in every part of your truck. In this way, your vehicle will genuinely transform and give off an aesthetic vibe.

You don’t need any professional help to install the kit. All you need is some hours in your garage and some mechanic knowledge. So, buckle up and get to adjust to the new drive position.

Why Use Suspension Lift For Truck/Jeep/Car?

There are plenty of reasons to use a suspension lift for your truck or jeep. The top of the list is that you will have more ground clearance.

Suspension lift kits can give more lift and ground clearance than any other lift kit available. You can have 9 to 12 inches of lift and raise every corner of your car. So, when you are driving on off-roads, there won’t be any trouble due to your vehicle.

It also gives articulated suspension. That means your car or jeep can easily handle heavy loads after installing the suspension lift. You can also install new large tires with the help of a suspension lift because it will give you enough ground clearance and room for large diameter tires.

Even if the height increases slightly, you can always add some shocks to absorb the impacts due to the height and rough roads. It helps to balance the steering components.

Suspension Lift Problems

Alongside the advantages, the suspension lift has some noticeable problems. And you need to be aware of those before you buy and install suspension lifts on your truck.

First of all, such an increase in height and suspension travel can affect the overall handling of your vehicle. And you should know that rough roads won’t show mercy to you.

Any unwanted incident can occur if you can’t control your car correctly. What would be the meaning of a suspension lift if you can’t control it and it leads you to accidents, right?

When installing the suspension lift, you need to attach some new shock to absorb the impacts. So, the extra hassle would be a problem.

On top of that, you will need extra time than average to install the suspension lift. There’s a high possibility of a blunder without the help of experts during the installation.

The suspension kits are also a bit more expensive than other lifting kits. However, the features and attachments justify the price.

What Is A Leveling Kit For Truck/Jeep/Car?

You can guess the function by its name. The leveling kits adjust or level the height of the front part with the rear part.

It can raise the front height to 2.5 inches based on your preference. Therefore, it eliminates the factory rake from your vehicles. Due to this small ground clearance, the truck will look stylish and aesthetic.

Most manufacturing companies deliver their cars where the rear part is a bit higher than the front part. But the leveling kits can quickly raise the front end using torsion keys, coil spacers, or strut extensions.

As your truck carries thousands of pounds on the back, it compresses the rear springs and causes the height to drop by a few inches. Therefore, you can also use the leveling kits at the rear end to match the height or balance it.

It also gives the ability to ride smoothly on off-roads and provides extra space for shocks or tires.

Why Use a Leveling Kit For Truck/Jeep/Car?

So, the question is – why would you use leveling kits instead of others in the market? Well, there are some logical answers behind the choice.

First of all, the leveling kits can offer your car a taller look than usual. And it won’t even hinder your ability to get in the car. With the level kits, you will get a more balanced vehicle.

On top of that, you can even adjust the height on both front and rear ends. So, when you carry heavy loads, you don’t need to tense about the balance of your truck.

Another significant advantage is that the level kits are pretty inexpensive compared to suspension and body lift kits. So, it’s an economical option for you.

There won’t be any alteration to the mainframe of your car after installation. So, you won’t notice any performance drop or reduced mileage.

It also allows you to install slightly big tires if you ought to drive off-road or go on some adventures.

Leveling Kits Problems

Leveling kits also come with some drawbacks. And you should be aware of such disadvantages before installing them on your vehicles.

The first and foremost problem with the level kits is that you won’t get any performance improvement through the level kits. If you increase the height at the front and carry some heavyweights, the rear part will sag for such loads. And it won’t look good for your vehicle.

As the front height has risen slightly, the aerodynamics creates more wind resistance. Therefore, the engine needs a bit of extra power to drive the car. So, the fuel consumption will increase a bit, though you won’t notice it until you go for a long drive.

And lastly, these design changes on your truck might be proved harmful. It’s because the level kits with improper alignment can cause the suspension to wear out quickly and damage the three-ball joints.

Difference Between Body Lift And Suspension Lift

Here is the comparison of the body lift vs. suspension lift side-by-side to help your driving experience.


When it comes to an economical choice, the body lift would be preferable. That’s because they are comparatively cheaper than the suspension lift. But the suspension kits are costly because of the quality and accessories that come with them.

Larger Tire Compatibility

Both the body and suspension lift are compatible with larger tires. But the suspension lift can go up to 12 inches of height increment, whereas the body lift can only raise the height for a couple of inches.

Ground Clearance

Well, the body lift increases the height at the front without affecting the factory suspension. Therefore, it can’t provide any ground clearance.

On the other hand, the suspension kits are the perfect choice to increase the ground clearance as much as you want.

Ride Height

Both increase the ride height of the vehicles. But the body lift would be ahead in this category. That’s because it raises the body without any changes in the mainframe. So, it provides a more accessible ride height than a suspension lift.


Due to the suspension lift, you will have a body roll increment and need to install some shocks to handle your drive correctly. But the body lift doesn’t require such modification because it will have a factory ride intact.


The installation of a suspension lift will require more time and money compared to the body lift. You can perform both of the installations in your garage. However, it would be best to call an expert while attaching the suspension lift kits.

Lift Size

Typically, a body can raise the height to 5 inches starting from 2 inches. But a suspension lift can go up to 12 inches.

Body Lift Vs. Leveling Kit

You need to know all facts that differentiate the body lift and leveling kit from each other before getting one of them.

Here’s what you should consider:


When it comes to the expenses of lifting kits, the leveling is a way more affordable option. A typical car owner can easily afford leveling kits along with the installation cost. But the body lift is comparatively costly.

Ground Clearance

The body lift doesn’t provide ground clearance to your truck, car, or jeep. That’s because it only inches the body with no changes in the mainframe or suspension.

On the other hand, the leveling kits provide ground clearance by raising the front height by about two inches.

Lift Size

A body lift can increase the front height from 2 to 5 inches. But the leveling kits can provide 2 to 2.5 inches of height increment.


It’s pretty easy to install the leveling kits. You can even use some DIY tools to complete the installation.

The body lift installation is also pretty easy though some professional help might be needed sometimes.

Big Tire Compatibility

The leveling kits provide slight compatibility for larger tires.

On the other hand, the body lift is specially used to install larger diameter tires for off-road activity.


It’s tough to control the vehicle with excess height increment and needs extra adjustment for proper handling. Such problems appear with the body lift.

But you can easily control your car after installing a level kit. All you need to do is just go through an alignment after installation.

Ride Height

The body lift provides extra ride height to your vehicle. But the leveling kits provide no such features.

Suspension Lift Vs. Leveling Kit

The suspension lift and leveling kits are two popular choices while going on off-road adventures.

Here’s a side by side comparison of these two kits for a better view:


The leveling kits are comparatively cheaper than suspension lift kits. Even adding the installation cost in total, the leveling kits won’t come near the suspension lift.

A suspension lift can cause $400 to $4000 depending on your preferences. But you can get level kits under $1000.

Lift Size

A leveling kit can increase the front-end height from 2 to 2.5 inches and, in rare cases, 3 inches.

On the other hand, the suspension lift can go from 2 inches to 9 inches and, in some cases, 12 inches.

Ride Height

The suspension lift gives better ride height. But the leveling kits affect the ride height a little.

Big Tire Compatibility

If you want to install new bigger wheels for your off-road adventures, the suspension is the perfect choice for you. It gives enough space to fit in any diameter tire.

But the leveling kits provide slight compatibility with the large wheels because they can’t give enough space for the tires.


The installation process and cost are higher for suspension lifts. It may take 3 to 6 hours to complete. Sometimes you might need to have an expert’s opinion.

On the other hand, you can easily install the level kits within a couple of hours. And you will only need some DIY tools to install them.

Ground Clearance

Leveling kits give additional ground clearance. But it’s not enough for extremely rough roads.

But the suspension lift can give extra ground clearance to adjust the height and ride on any off-roads.


You will need to install new shocks after attaching the suspension lift kits to handle the vehicle properly.

But with the leveling kits, you won’t need such extra accessories for proper handling of your vehicle.

Common Question About Truck Body Lift

Here are some common questions about the truck body lift you might need to know:

How Much Does a Body Lift Cost on a truck?

Lift kit prices can vary according to your needs.

If you want to raise the truck about two to five inches, it will go under the lower scale category. It will cost you about $400 to $1200.

But if you want to raise the truck front about six inches or more, you need to go on a higher scale category, which will cost you from$10000 to $15000.

Why do people hate body lifts?

Some people hate body lifts for some legit reasons. The body lift makes a drastic change to the front end. Such extra changes can make several cracks all of a sudden.

On top of that, such a colossal lift won’t increase the beauty of the style of your truck or car. It might have a sick-looking theme.

Is a body lift worth it?

The body lift kit is not worth your spending if you are a regular driver. It’s more compatible with off-road enthusiasts.

That’s because body lift gives more space for larger wheels, so off-road driving should be more thrilling. You might get more ground clearance, but it will go in vain if you don’t install large tires.

Can you tow with a body lift?

No, you can’t tow your car or truck with a body lift.

That’s because the body lift only increases the height of the truck’s body. It doesn’t change wheels or stock suspension system. Therefore, a body lifting kit doesn’t have any effects on towing.

How long does it take to install a body lift?

The installation time of body lift is no longer because of its easy installation process. Typically, it takes around 1.5 to 3 hours to install a lift kit on your vehicle.

However, the installation also depends on some facts like your or your mechanic’s experience or the number of people working in installing the body lift.

Does a body lift increase ground clearance?

No, installing a body lift won’t provide extra ground clearance for your vehicles. What a body lift does is that it allows the truck to have more space for larger tires. It increases the wheel well’s height to fit the tires.

Does a body lift affect CVS?

Of course not. The body lift doesn’t affect the CVS, which may result in CV axles failing. A body lifting kit just raises the cab and bed of your vehicle off the frame for a few inches.

There’s no effect on the suspension geometry. That’s why there’s no question of affecting CV axles through the body lift.

Can you do a body lift and leveling kit?

Yes, you can add a body lift and leveling kit together. Level kits will increase the ground clearance of your truck.

But if you want some extra space for bigger tires, you can also install a body lift kit. However, it would be suitable if you are a diehard off-roading enthusiast who often goes on a ride.

Are spacers a body lift?

No, spacers are not body lift kits. They are more likely suspension components. But they help increase the front end height by more than a couple of inches.

On the other hand, the body lift doesn’t affect the factory suspension geometry and doesn’t provide any ground clearance. So, you can’t use spacers as body lifting kits.

Does lifting your truck affect gas mileage?

Yes, lifting can highly affect your truck’s mileage. A lifted truck can have poor gas mileage because of the lifting or changing to oversized tires.

Your vehicle will also be less aerodynamic. It means your truck will need to exert more force because of the wind resistance. Therefore, the whole fuel economy will be affected.

Common Question About Suspension Lift For Truck

Here are some common questions about suspension lift kit for a truck that you might need to know while getting it:

What does a suspension lift do?

A suspension lift is used to raise the height of your vehicle’s ride and give it a taller look. The lifting is performed to improve the off-road performance of your truck or SUVs.

You can also use a suspension lift for cosmetic purposes. There’s a change in mileage and fuel economy because of the suspension lift.

How much does a suspension lift Cost?

Installing a suspension lift might cost you around $800 to $4000.

If you want to install it yourself, you will need $400 to $4000 based on the performance requirements. But when you need some professional help, the cost will increase up to $1200 from $800. Don’t try self-installation if you haven’t done it before.

Is suspension lift good?

Yes, suspension lifts are pretty helpful when it comes to improving off-road performance and traction. They provide additional clearance from the ground.

The larger tires with an installed suspension lift kit will provide you with excellent control of your vehicle on serious off-roading. Your truck will also look better and have less strain.

Which is better: body lift or suspension lift?

Obviously, the suspension lift kits are better than the body lifts in terms of off-road performance. That’s because the suspension lift gives enough room for different tire sizes and gives ground clearance for your truck.

So, your truck will look sleek and nice. But the body lift only makes the front rear a bit higher.

Can I put a body lift and a suspension lift?

Yes, it’s okay to put suspension and body lifts for trucks. Together they can provide better height for large wheels and provide more clearance from the ground.

Such extra height can’t be achieved by the suspension kits alone. Your truck will also be capable of handling heavy loads.

Does the suspension lift affect the ride?

Yes, it can indeed affect your ride. The main reason for using suspension lift kits is improving ground clearance and making more room for larger tires.

Such articulation increases the off-road capability of your truck or SUV. A full suspension lift also allows getting enough handling characteristics.

Does a suspension lift increase ground clearance?

Yes, suspension lift kits increase your vehicle’s ground clearance. Though it requires more labor-intensive installation, it can increase the front-end height from 2 to3 inches.

You can easily traverse taller obstacles on off-roads after installing the suspension lift kits because it keeps the bottom of the vehicle higher from the ground.

How long does it take to install a suspension lift kit?

Typically, installing a suspension lift kit takes longer than other lifting kits. You may need 3 to 5 hours to complete the installation.

Sometimes it might take more than six hours if you are a newbie at such work. Depending on seeking help from the experts, you can complete the installation within 3 hours.

Can I raise the suspension on my car?

Yes, you can raise the suspension of your car. You can use larger tires, coil spacers, or suspension lift for the job. But the best one is the suspension lift.

With the suspension lift kit, you can increase your car’s ground clearance to ride on rough roads. It also gives easy access to the front part for quick repair.

Common Question About Leveling Kits

Here are some common questions about leveling kits you might need while getting one of these:

What does a leveling kit do for your truck?

A leveling kit is another type of suspension kit that can increase the height of the front part to match the level of the rear part of your vehicle.

It can quickly raise the height by a couple of inches for an improved stance. This can make room for slightly bigger wheels for your truck.

Are leveling kits a good idea?

Yes, installing leveling kits is a pretty good idea as long as you are not up to installing bigger tires or increasing the height rapidly.

With the leveling kits, you need to use some high-quality aftermarket shocks for better off-road performance. But it doesn’t affect the stability of different vehicles.

Are leveling kits better than lift kits?

It depends on your driving style. If you are an enthusiast of regular/often off-road riding, you need to install the lift kits instead of leveling kits for better performance.

But when you don’t need to change into large tires or are not a fan of off-road driving, you can efficiently work with level kits.

Do leveling kits wear out ball joints?

Yes, a level kit can wear out the ball joints of your truck. As a result, it will wear out everything along with the outside of your tires.

But it can be avoided if you make proper alignment of the level kits. Otherwise, the ball joints will wear out faster because of poor alignment.

Why do trucks sit lower in front?

Obviously, there’s a valid reason behind keeping the front part lower than the rear part. The primary reason is towing.

Trucks may need towing something anytime, anywhere. It would work best when the front part is a bit lower because the hitch receiver’s height would change due to the weight.

What is the leveling kit installation cost?

A typical leveling kit can cost you from $200 to $1000. But in this price range, you need to install it yourself.

If you need any professional help or mechanic to install the level kits, you must spend $400 to $2000. The installation cost is pretty lower than the suspension and body lift.

How much will a 2-inch leveling kit raise my truck?

The answer is within the title. A two-inch leveling kit can raise your truck’s height to two inches for ground clearance. You can use it to increase the height of your truck’s front or rear part.

Do I need an alignment after leveling the kit?

Yes, it would be best to use an alignment after installing leveling kits. You need to centerline the steering wheel to ensure flexibility in the control arms.

There’s also a need for caster adjustment for road manners and proper handling. Otherwise, it will affect your ride quality. 

Do you need new shocks with a leveling kit?

There’s no need to use new shocks with the leveling kits. Typically, a level kit can raise the front height to 2 to 2.5 inches. You don’t need to install the new shocks in such minor changes.

Though new shockers would be beneficial, the factory-made shocks will be enough and easily compatible with the level kits.

What are the pros and cons of a leveling kit?

The pros of a leveling kit are: more extensive tire compatibility, increased ground clearance, reduced braking pressure, increased equipment capabilities, etc.

On the other hand, the cons of a leveling kit are: increased wear on suspension, decreased fuel economy, can void the warranty, no drastic change in overall appearance, etc.

Does Discount Tire do leveling kits?

Yes, the discount tire does level kits. However, they don’t provide alignments with their service. They provide both suspension and leveling kits.

Their factory-made leveling kits are higher in quality than other kits on the market, and they are compatible with your discount tires.

Does leveling kit affect gas mileage?

Yes, a level kit can affect the gas mileage of your truck or car or other different vehicles. That’s because the lift of the front part changes the vehicle’s aerodynamic design.

Therefore, wind resistance increases, and the engine needs more power to exert. However, such an amount of change in gas mileage is insignificant.

Do leveling kits void the warranty?

A level kit won’t void your truck’s warranty as long as you don’t damage other vehicle parts, such as suspension or ball joints.

Most manufacturers might say the problems appear because of the stress of leveling kits and your mods are the root cause. So, it’s better to use company referred level kits.

How much does an any-level lift kit cost?

An any-level lift kit can cost you from $100 to $500. However, the price will vary according to quality and capability.

To get the max out specs, such as boosting the clearance and improved off-road performance, you need to get the kits that cost from $1000 to $5000.

Final Words

Manufacturers deliberately provide a height difference at the front and rear sides for their own reasons. But when you want to drive on some rough roads, install larger wheels, or balance the height for a better look, you need lifting kits to adjust the height.

Hopefully, the discussion on body lift vs. suspension lift vs. leveling kit has provided enough information for you. So, if you want to install a lift kit to raise the front end of your truck, you can choose one of them. But choose wisely based on your suitability. Best of luck with your adventure ride!