Will 37s Fit on a Leveled Ram 2500?

I am an auto repair shop owner, and I have come across many customers who wanted bigger tires on their Ram 2500 pickup trucks.

Quite a few of my Ram 2500 owner clients wanted tires as big as 37 inches. But they didn’t want to install a lift kit that would lift both the front and the back of their truck.

Then what?

Well, as you can’t install bigger tires in your Ram 2500 without making an aftermarket modification, you might have to level your pickup using a leveling kit, which will only lift the front of your truck.

But will 37s fit on a leveled Ram 2500?

Yes, if you level your ram 2500 by lifting the front to align with the rear, it is very much possible to fit tires the size of 37 inches. But you need around a 2-inch to 2.5-inch leveling kit if you want to run 37-inch tires on your Ram 2500 pickup truck.

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How Is It Possible to Fit 37s on a Leveled Ram 2500?

How Is It Possible to Fit 37s on a Leveled Ram 2500?

It is possible to fit 37s on a leveled Ram 2500, depending on the size of the leveling kit you have installed.

Here’s the thing!

With a 2-inch leveling kit, you can expect to be able to fit at least tires that are 2 inches taller than the stock ones.

This is because when you use a leveling kit of 2 inches, it will lift the front of your truck 2 inches from the ground and add more ground clearance in the front.

What that does is it expands the wheel wells of your vehicle enough for you to be able to fit bigger tires.

For example, if your pickup truck has tires as tall as 35 inches, installing a 2-inch leveling kit will let you run 37-inch tires easily.

There’s a but!

The models of Ram 2500 ranging from 2011 to 2023 have tire sizes ranging from 30.5 inches to 33.5 inches tall.

So if you go two sizes up from 30.5-inch tires, it would mean you can only fit 32.5-inch tires. And for Ram 2500 with 33.5-inch tires, you can run 35.5-inch tires.

Don’t worry!

First off, you can go higher up than just two inches taller tires because the manufacturers of stock Ram 2500 are usually very conservative when it comes to the size of tires they fit in.

You can even fit tires as big as 35 inches on your Ram 2500 without having to lift the front or the rear.

So if you want to run 37-inch tires on your Ram 2500 with 33.5-inch stock tires, you can easily do it after installing a leveling kit.

And smaller stock tires?

Well, I have a quick fix for this!

I recommend you alter the backspacing of your tires by 5.75 inches to fit larger tires the size of 37 inches.

And to measure it with the offset, you can go with a +18 offset to make sure you can run those 37-inch tires on your Ram 2500 truck.

Even then, if you face your tires rubbing on the fenders or other suspension components, I have a solution for this too!

Just trim the fenders!

Other than these two solutions, there are more ways to fix the issue of tire rubbing, which I’ll explain in this article soon enough.

What to Do If 37s Gets Too Big for a Leveled Ram 2500?

What to Do If 37s Gets Too Big for a Leveled Ram 2500?

If installing tires as big as 37 inches becomes too much for your Ram 2500, it could lead to some ominous, disturbing sounds.

What’s this sound?

This sound is caused by your new tires rubbing!

And this tire-rubbing can be of three types, tires rubbing against the fender arch’s metal sheet, against the fender liner, or your truck’s suspension components.

Why’s that bad?

First of all, if your tires rub against the fenders, you could possibly end up damaging your fender liners, which are important parts of your vehicle.

Too much tire-rubbing can also cause your tires to get damaged eventually, like getting sliced or worse.

But that’s not what I’m worried about!

If it’s the suspension components the tires are rubbing against, you have a bigger problem on your hands!

This can cause your suspension components like these to wear out or get damaged:

  • Struts
  • Springs
  • Tie rods
  • Steering linkage

And if this is the case, you would want to avoid your tires from rubbing against any parts of your Ram 2500.

I will be discussing how to fix these issues in a bit!

How to Fix 37s Tire-Rubbing Issue for a Ram 2500?

As I have already mentioned, tire-rubbing can be of three kinds. And each of these types will need different measures to fix the issue.

I’ll tell you how!

Rubbing Against the Fender Arch

After you install your new 37-inch tires on the Ram 2500 pickup of yours, you might face this kind of tire-rubbing.

In this case, the outer shoulder of your new tires will rub against the space inside your truck’s fender arch’s steel sheet.

There are three ways to fix this:

  • Guard Rolling the Fenders: This is a method where you heat up the fenders of your vehicle and widen them by reshaping them in a way that they won’t touch the tires when you’re making turns.
  • Adding Negative Camber: When you angle the top of your tires inwards, it is called negative camber. Doing this will make sure your tires don’t rub against the fenders.
  • Using Fender Flares: Fender flares are a type of protection component for your fenders used after installing bigger tires.

If none of these methods work, you might have to go down a size to keep your tires from rubbing.

But it’s more likely these solutions will fix the issue!

Rubbing Against the Fender Liner

The fenders liner made out of plastic on the front of your pickup truck can easily get rubbed against by the outer shoulder of your 37-inch front tires.

Usually, this happens when you make a full-lock turn!

How to prevent it?

Well, I have the solutions you can try out if this problem occurs after installing 37-inch tires on your Ram 2500 right here:

  • Adding Negative Camber in the Front: As this problem occurs on the front of your tires, you could simply add negative camber on your front tires.
  • Removing the Fenders: You could always remove the fender liners of your vehicle to solve this problem altogether, even though it can come with problems of its own.

Like with the other type of tire-rubbing issue, you can always downsize to make the problem go away.

However, you didn’t install 37s to downsize again! So you might not want to go back to smaller tires, which is why you should try out the other solutions mentioned above.

Rubbing Against Suspension Components

This kind of tire-rubbing is the most problematic, as it might damage the components of your suspension.

Don’t you worry!

I have the perfect solutions for your problem down below:

  • Adding Spacers: To fix this issue, you can try installing wheels spacers on the new and larger wheels of your leveled Ram 2500.
  • Changing Springs: You can change the springs of your suspension by using shorter springs or changing the configuration of your springs to fix this problem.
  • Altering Ride Height: Even if you might not want to go for a lift, adjusting the ride height of your leveled ram 2500 with a lift kit or just lift spacers can really make a difference.

As I keep mentioning, you can always go for shorter tires, like 35-inch tires, to fix this issue of tire-rubbing.

Now you know it is possible to fit larger tires, like 37-inch tires, on your Ram 2500 pickup truck if you know what to do.

Final Words

Will 37s fit on a leveled Ram 2500? The answer is yes! You can fit 37s on your leveled Ram 2500.

I suggest you fix the alignment of your Ram 2500 and fix the wheel offset after you install your new 37-inch tires.

Take the advice!

And if you fall into trouble with tire rubbing, you can always take the measures I have explained in this article.

So, good luck!