Will 37s Fit on A Leveled F250

The new Ford F250 is one of the most hyped trucks manufactured by Ford. It is a really good-looking, cool beast for truck lovers. However, some F250 owners sometimes prefer to level their trucks for a higher front to make them look more appealing.

The leveling kit not only gives you more ground clearance but will also let you fit bigger tires into your truck.

Usually, people prefer 35s tires in their Ford F250, but you can fit up to 37s tires if you have installed a leveling kit to it. You can go for 37s only if you want to use it for more than just normal traveling and want to go on a lot of off-road adventures. It will elevate its capabilities and also will help you deal with difficult obstacles and tougher terrain.

it is a big investment, and you are adding a lot more weight to your vehicle, so think carefully before putting those bigger tires into your truck.

Pros of Putting 37s Tires on A Leveled F250

Pros of Putting 37s Tires on A Leveled F250

There are reasons, of course, F250 prefer 37s for their truck. The benefits you can get from 37s tires are the following:

Bolder Look

Larger wheels are always a good idea!

A Ford F250 is already a very cool truck, and leveling it and putting bigger tires on it will make it look bold and aggressive.

Better Traction

Larger wheels help with better traction. They also offer you a better grip because they have more rubber.

They also reduce the distance of braking and improve it, ensuring more safety.

Improved Cornering

Wider tires mean more road contact and stiffer sidewalls resulting in better cornering. So your 37s will help you in crucial cornering situations.

Improved Off-roading

The 37s wheels on your F250 will give your truck better traction, and you will be able to cross rough roads, even hillside roads, with better control.

Cons of Putting 37s Tires on A Leveled F250

Cons of Putting 37s Tires on A Leveled F250

There are some cons of putting larger tires on your leveled F250 too. Such as:

Fuel Efficiency

Larger wheels and tires make your fuel consumption go down a bit.

The bigger wheels have more weight, and the engine will have to work harder than before to move the wheels. As a result, your truck will use more fuel.

This will decrease the fuel efficiency and mileage of your truck.

Wheels Wear out

When you put a 37s on a leveled F250, your truck will suffer the weight difference.

The tires will start wearing out faster around the sidewalls due to heavier steering.

You should keep this in mind when going for a bigger set of tires, especially when they are as large as 37s.

Less Power

Sometimes a few F250 owners face significantly more sluggish wheels when they are more than 35s.

But you are going to face fewer difficulties if you want to tow and carry heavy weights. It will result in less power but in a very small amount.

Rims Cutting

As 37s are quite wider tires, it will affect your rims. Often the rims you used for 35s may work with 37s.

However, this will not always happen because 37s are much bigger tires, and they may not adjust to your 17 inches rims. So, your existing rims may not cut it.

How to Fit 37s on A Leveled F250

How to Fit 37s on A Leveled F250

A leveling kit should give you the clearance you need to fit 37s wheels. For this, you will need a spacer kit of around 2.5 inches.

After leveling the front of your truck, simply pull off the old tires and replace them with your new 37s.

One thing about these wheels, even though they are bigger in size, they do not stick out oddly. They also maintain factory ride well

Although 37s will make the ride a little bit stiffer, they fill up the wells perfectly.