Will 35″ Tire Fit with Leveling Kit f150, Ram 1500, Silverdo

Leveling kit balances your truck’s front with the rear. That means your vehicle will be totally proportionate and give you an off-road-like feel. Manufacturers are making more and more powerful leveling kits every year. So the question is, can you fit 35-inch tires on a leveling kit?

Like you, we were also contemplating this question and decided to take the matter into our own hands. And so, we tried to fit a 35-inch tire with a leveling kit and found some pretty interesting facts. If you are trying to make your vehicle a few inches higher, I am sure our findings will come in handy.

Overview (30 Sec)

In this article, you will know how 35s tires work coupled with a leveling kit. Whether you own an F150, RAM 1500, or Silverdo, we have discussed if you can fit 35-inch tires in the front and rear.

You will also know some rare distinctions, advantages, and disadvantages of 33s and 35s wheels. Read ahead to know whether 35-inch tires really fit your truck if you use a leveling kit.

can you fit 35 inch tires on a leveling kit?

35-inch tires have their own advantages. You get better ground clearance, grip, load capacity, and not to mention nice looks. Aside from several benefits, the 35-inch wheels will also provide superior surface contact and thicker sidewalls that enhance endurance and an anti-puncture function. That is why the tires are becoming more and more popular among car truck enthusiasts.

So, the question remains: can you fit 35-inch tires on a leveling kit? The thing is, you can. In fact, if you level your truck, it will be easier for you to install 35-inch tires with leveling kit.

With a bit of trimming, leveling kits can handle tires up to 35 inches on some trucks. To install 35-inch tires, you’ll need a minimum of 6 inches of lift from the ground. Then again, it depends on both the offset and backspacing of your vehicle’s tires and how broad your wheels actually are.

Best Tire Size For Leveled F150

Best Tire Size For Leveled F150

The Ford F-150 is one of the best trucks out there. Some modifications here and there will be the perfect partner for you. In terms of tires, different experts have different opinions. Some prefer 33 inches and some 35.

But does the 2-inch difference make any significant changes? Well, 33 vs. 35″ tires F150 comparison mainly happens in terms of clearance. When compared to a 33-inch tire, a 35-inch tire provides roughly 1-inch extra space at the axle.

It’s not much I know. But this one inch makes a whole lot of difference. It’s like you are perfectly balancing on the surface vs. you barely hanging on. Normally you won’t see any difference. They will perform just the same on any smooth surface.

But it’s the off-road trip that you need to worry about. There are times when 35-inch tires will outperform the 33-inch wheels on unsmooth terrain. So we would recommend you to get the biggest tire size for f150 with leveling kit (35 inches). The 35-inch tires will equally shine on on the road and off-road trips.

Will 35 Inch Tires Fit F150 with Leveling Kit

Will 35 Inch Tires Fit F150 with Leveling Kit

To be honest, you will need a 2.5 to 3-inch leveling kit to accommodate a massive tire. You need to trim some areas around the front wheels for the tire to balance with the back. In short, get an f150 2.5 leveling kit with 35 tires, and you are good to go.

If you plan to use the factory wheels (Stock tires) and not use a wheel spacer, you’ll have to cut the crash bars on the 2015-2019 F150s. In that case, be ready to say goodbye to adding a Coilover kit, UCA, or complete lift kit with knuckles!

Whether you keep your original wheels or not, you’ll have to trim the tires’ front valance and well liner. If you’re using wheels with a low backspace or offset, you’ll probably need to reduce the rear area of the front tires.

What Size Tires Can I Put on My Ram 1500 with Leveling Kit

The first thing every car enthusiast does after buying a car is customize the tires. If you are one of them, then you have come to the right place.

RAM 1500 is definitely a top-rated truck of modern time. The stock tire ranges from 17 to 22 inches here. In its stock form, the car can only fit specific sizes of the tire. In case you don’t use the correct size, the wheels may rub on the front and back fenders and damage the vehicle’s handling.

Now then, what is stock from? A stock car is an old car where some modification and customization has been done to some extent. In the stock form of RAM 1500, the truck can only accommodate only 33-inch rims.

Can You Fit 35s on A 3 Inch Lift Ram 1500?

Well, If you want 35-inch tires to go with your car, you’ll also need to install a leveling kit to boost the vehicle at least two inches. But keep in mind this will definitely put too much pressure on your car.

The 35 inches can only give you some aesthetic look and some better performance in off-road trips. So decide wisely whether you want to invest in it or not.

Can You Fit 35 Inch Tires on A Leveling Kit -Silverado

Can You Fit 35 Inch Tires on A Leveling Kit -Silverado

Silverados are among the best-selling vehicles, and it’s not hard to see why. Because it is such a popular purchase, most drivers are eager to enhance and personalize their Silverado vehicles.

The first significant change you can make is to upgrade to more extensive, thicker wheels. In general, adding a 3 to 4-inch leveling kit to your Silverado allows you to run up to 35-inch tires on the front and back.

Will 35″ Tires Fit Stock Silverado

Although the Silverado 1500 is a big truck, most automakers restrict the tire arch clearance. This is what prevents you from using wider tires, such as a fat 33″ or a larger 35″. Anything larger than a 33-inch tire on stock suspension and rims will almost certainly rub.

Some Question about 35″ Tire and Leveling Kit

1. What Does 35s Mean in Tires?

The 35′ s indicate that the wheels are 35′′ in diameter. This is how most 4×4 vehicles are measured. The larger the diameter, the higher the tires rank.

Most 315 / 70 – 17’s are referred to as 35’s. However, they only measure up to 34″. The same may be said for a 35 x 12.5 -17, or 35″ tire. It generally measures 34 inches or less.

2. What is The Difference between 33 and 35 Tires?

The main difference between 33 inches and 35-inch tires is that A 35-inch tire will provide you roughly an inch more clearance at the axle than a 33-inch tire.

That being said, a 35-inch tire looks more solid and aesthetic. Not to mention it is durable so that the tires can take a heavier load than regular 33-inch tires. On off-road travel, the 35-inch tire will give you an edge.

3. What Size Rim Do You Need for 35-Inch Tires?

If you want to improve your truck’s performance, you need to get the right rim. 33-inch wheels perform well with 15- or 16-inch broad rims. 35-inch tires need bigger rims. You need to get a 17-18 inch rim for that.

4. How Much Does A 35 Inch Tire Weigh?

The weight of the tire mostly depends on what type of tire or what company you are planning to get. The 35s tires weigh roughly 65 to 68 IBS.

5. Are 315 Tires The Same as 35?

Yes, they are mostly the same. 315 is the thickness of the 35s tire. It mainly indicates 315 millimeters. This is basically a mathematical term to measure a 35-inch tire—nothing else.

6. Can I Fit 35s with A 3 Inch Leveling Kit?

With little modifications, a 3-inch raised F150, RAM 1500, Silverdo can fit 35-inch tires. Rubbing will occur due to the size of the tires. When you install larger custom tires, there’s a good chance you’ll encounter friction between the tire and the body.

7. Can You Fit 35s on A 2 Inch Leveling Kit?

35-inch tires with a 2″ lift are possible on a sturdy forward axle suspension configuration. Whether you should do it or not is a whole other matter. Some fraction will occur between the tires and the fenders. Especially if you are doing this modification on a truck, so be prepared for that.


So, can you fit 35-inch tires on a leveling kit? To give it to you straight, you can fit 35-inch tires in any new model of the truck— especially the F150, RAM 1500, and Silverdo.

A 2.5 to 3-inch leveling kit can easily accommodate 35s. A leveling kit is the most affordable and accessible option to follow. I hope this article was helpful for you and answered all your questions.