Will a 2.5 Leveling Kit Hurt My Truck

The leveling kits are normally installed at the top of the truck’s shock strut. They are used to level up the front end with the rear end of a truck. However, the leveling kits won’t give you a performance upgrade. Rather, it’s more like a cosmetic upgrade.

However, that doesn’t mean the kit won’t give you any extra features at all. Most of the leveling kits will give your truck’s front about  2 to 2.5 inches increased lift, Most popular being 2.5 inches. But the thing is to get this lift you will have to do heady modifications.

Now then, if you were wondering will a 2.5 leveling kit hurt my truck! We have the most authentic answer for you.

Will a 2.5 Leveling Kit Hurt My Truck


A leveling kit is definitely a good addition for your truck. Even so it’s always better to analyze the risk factor before buying and installing the kits. In this article we have gathered some key factors like whether the kit hurts your vehicle , or if it’s actually bad for the overall health of your car. Let’s discuss the whole answer in detail.

 Will a 2.5 Leveling Kit Hurt My Truck (The Truth)

Stock trucks don’t have any leveling kits installed in them. On top of that, the manufacturers often suggest against the idea of installing one. Now, you must be wondering why they would suggest against it? There must be a reason, right? So, 2.5″ are leveling kits bad for your truck? Let’s find out-

The truth about leveling kits: As we stated earlier, the truck leveling kits are a cosmetic upgrade to your truck rather than a performance upgrade.

Your truck can work well enough even without them. But if you want an even look for your truck then you can go with the leveling kit. However, installing them in your truck contains certain risks. For example, the leveling kit can wear out your truck’s suspension faster.

Apart from that certain damage can be done to many parts of your truck. Also, it can affect your ride quality ( Though rarely happened).

So, it’s up to you if you’re willing to take those risks and can deal with the truck leveling kit problems. Keeping in mind the risks, if you’ve already decided to install a leveling kit, we suggest consulting a specialist. At least you can reduce the risk factors to a bare minimum in that way.

Are Leveling Kits Bad for Trucks?

Are Leveling Kits Bad for Trucks

Modifying your truck’s suspension with a leveling kit carries a number of risks. The good news here is that It’s possible to avoid any permanent harm to your truck by installing a quality leveling kit with the help of an expert.

However, to some people, a truck with leveled suspension simply looks better than one that isn’t. Some of the reasons you may want to level your truck include accommodating wider tires, boosting ground clearance, or supporting a snowplow.

Even with all these great features, the leveling kits are not without any drawbacks. Sometimes they can be severely harmful to your truck and its performance. Before installing a leveling kit, you should at least take all these risks into consideration. Here are they-

Fuel Efficiency

A leveled truck consumes more fuel than an unleveled truck when towing a trailer, especially while driving on two wheels. A hefty weight in the truck bed is expected to level the truck’s suspension, thus the back of the truck is elevated.

However, a leveled truck’s front will be a bit higher than the rear when carrying a hefty load. As an aftermath of the elevated front, the truck will have more wind resistance. Thus, the fuel efficiency will be decreased.


Adding a leveling kit to a truck increases the risk of suspension wearout. The suspension parts will stop working sooner than you expect it to . The manufacturer designed it to perform in a certain way. So, changing anything in your car might increase the amount of wear and tear on your vehicle.

Changing the front suspension can put a lot of strain on the Ball and CV joints. Needless to say, these parts will exhaust more quickly if you change the suspension height too often. However, your truck can handle  smaller alterations like 2 or less than 2 inches. You can go for the safer option in this case.

Now one question may arise here, will a 2” leveling kit damage my truck in any wayTo be frank, yes, it will do some damage to some extent. But not as much as the 2.5 or 3-inch one.


Another drawback of installing a leveling kit is that it may void your car’s warranty. The dealer or manufacturer might be reluctant to provide warranty repairs if you’ve altered the stock suspension on a newer model. However, this isn’t an issue if your truck is already out of warranty.

For example, if you install a lift kit or a leveling kit on your Ford, the warranty may still be valid. However, Ford will not pay for any damage that occurs after the vehicle leaves the company’s care. Ford parts that fail as a result of later-installed parts are included in this category.


Installation of a leveling kit is not that hard. Basic instructions are usually included in most kits. You have the option of doing the installation yourself or hiring a reputable mechanic to do it for you. But we suggest getting an expert’s help. Installing a leveling kit by a mechanic can cost a little more. Don’t get offended, we know you can install it yourself. But the fact is, even a little misstep during the installation process might damage your whole truck.

So, are leveling kits bad for your suspension? Well, it depends on how precisely you can install it. It doesn’t matter if you buy a top-of-the-line suspension system, If you don’t install it correctly as your entire vehicle’s weight rests on the suspension.

Is a Leveling Kit Bad for Towing?

When used in isolation, a leveling kit has no effect on your vehicle’s towing capacity. Your vehicle’s suspension may be able to move more freely with the help of a leveling kit. However, increasing the size of your vehicle’s tires can reduce the vehicle’s ability to tow perfectly.

Many people use Silverado trucks for towing purposes. They often ask are leveling kits bad for Silverado? Well, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. The Silverado is a beast in this regard. If you’re one of those people who use their Silverado for towing and wish to upgrade to a leveling kit, don’t panic! A kit will have no effect on the truck’s towing capacity whatsoever.

Pros and Cons of Leveling Kits

The front end of stock automobiles is almost always lowered by manufacturers. Using a front-end leveling kit, you may raise the front of your car and bring it into alignment with the rest of the vehicle.

Pros and Cons of Leveling Kits

However, there’re several drawbacks to this low-cost kit, but no modification is completely risk-free, right? When considering a front-end leveling kit, you should consider these advantages and disadvantages.

Now then, let’s talk about the pros and cons of leveling kits-


Increased Ground Clearance: Most vehicles have more rear clearance than the front. Therefore, clearance is usually only as high as the front end. However, a leveling kit will raise your front end 1 to 3 inches, increasing your ground clearance.

Furthermore, the leveling kit moves the truck’s body farther from the axles. So, you can install larger tires. With the leveling kit installed, the tires won’t hit the bumper when turning.

Off-roading and Towing: A leveling kit is ideal for improving off-road capability. Mud, dirt, pebbles, sand, and other terrains require more ground clearance and larger tires. And the leveling kit can provide that ground clearance. Also, it will protect the front bumper from pebbles and debris.

Furthermore, a leveling kit will raise the vehicle’s front end back to its appropriate height, improving the vehicle’s overall performance.


Decreased Fuel Economy: The front suspension is purposefully lowered by the vast majority of automobile manufacturers. Reduced wind resistance and improved fuel economy are the results of this design.

However, installing a leveling kit will heighten up the front end and the wind resistance will increase. More wind resistance will cause a heavier aerodynamic drag and the fuel consumption will be higher. This is especially true if you’re transporting a large amount of weight after installing a leveling kit.

Increased Wear on Suspension: The suspension system will be subjected to more stress and strain as a result of installing a leveling kit.

But the good news is that skilled installation and routine maintenance can help you avoid these issues. Because the suspension carries the vehicle’s whole weight, improper installation will result in premature wear and tear. Shocks and an alignment need to be installed in addition to the leveling kit.

Are leveling kits bad for Tacomas?

The overall performance of a Tacoma will not be affected by installing a leveling kit. However, the body roll may increase and steering may become a little less precise as the vehicle rises in height.

Will a 3 leveling kit hurt my truck?

Well, no matter which sizes of leveling kit you use, it will eventually wear off the suspension. However, the more your truck’s height is the faster it’ll wear off the suspension. So, yes, a 3-inch leveling kit can hurt your truck. In fact, a lot quicker than a 2-inch one.

Are leveling kits bad for jeeps?

Lift kits can damage Jeeps if not installed properly. Even a well-installed raise kit can degrade ride quality. Lifts will also need regular maintenance to avoid damaging the car.


Most of the trucks have nearly 2-2.5’ height drop in the front end. However, this unevenness can be dealt with by installing a leveling kit. A leveling kit normally gives a 2-2.5” increase in height. But this tool can damage your truck to some extent. Consumers often get confused about installing the tool. So, we get the question : will a 2.5 leveling kit hurt my truck?

Using our comprehensive study on various truck models and manufacturers, we have identified some crucial things to look after while installing a leveling system. We sincerely hope you found the article helpful!