Do you need Wheel spacers with a leveling kit?

It is a very common and interesting topic to discuss the lift kit and the leveling kit and which one performs better with the wheel spacers. A leveling kit performs exactly what it sounds like just level up the truck or vehicles.

A leveling kit will raise the front or rear side of the vehicle by a few inches. In this way, the user can eliminate the factory rake in the truck and bring up both levels.

Now if I answer this question, do you need wheel spacers with a leveling kit? It depends on the situation. If you like to raise the wheels a bit high and fix up some immediate problems you can use wheel spacers with a leveling kit.

Now, let’s move to the details description!

How do wheel spacers work?

How do wheel spacers work
wheel spacers

Wheel spacers are widely used for changing the wheel bolt pattern and eventually, it will widen the offset of the wheel.

Now you might have a question back in your mind why you will do that? Simply, after increasing the offset you will place more stress on the axle’s studs. Besides that, it will create the front axle application in the unit bearing and ball joint on the axle.

Is wheel spacers help you to stop tire rubbing? 

I know that wheel spacers are widely used for high-performance and fitment purposes. Spacers will help us to fit a larger wheel without rubbing. They have done it by providing clearance to interior wheel well components.

If i will put a wheel spacer on the car, it will put the tire further out and almost away from the hub assembly.

In this way, it will protect tires from rubbing against fender flayers or various types of suspension components. These suspension parts can create hitting bumps for the tires. As a result, it is essential to use wheel spacers to protect your car from any kind of mishaps.

I must say that using wheel spacers is the most cost-effective solution for a vehicle.  

Leveling kit

Leveling kit
Leveling kit

Two major kits use frequently that is lift kit and leveling kit. It depends on how much height you want to lift the vehicle and where you use it. As I have discussed above a leveling kit will aid us to raise quite a few inches and solve an issue for the vehicle.

By using a leveling kit, The user will have a small amount of ground clearance to the front of the vehicle.

In this way, you can add a giant tier. The leveling kit will raise the front by using strut extensions, torsion keys, and sometimes coil spacers, etc.

The leveling kits can be installed without having to jack up your vehicles.

The major problem is the leveling kit will only raise the front gear. In some cases, it will create panic among the users.

It will not work for lowering the rear. As a result, the payload capacity remains unchanged. The user can put as much weight as he wishes without rethinking suspension bottoming out.

Merits and Demerits of a leveling kit

Thousands of drivers around the world are using the leveling kit. Even though it is not effective in many ways. It will provide us with a sharper appearance with some great benefits.

  • It will offer us a taller look without hindering the user’s ability to get in.
  • Keep the weight of the truck easily and carry it in a different style without any problem.
  • The price is reasonable.

Bad points of using a leveling kit 

  • Increase wear on the suspension
  • If the front-end leveling kit was installed properly, it will cause heavy wear and tear on the suspension system.

My Suggestion Regarding Using Wheel Spacers with a Leveling Kit

My Suggestion Regarding Using Wheel Spacers with a Leveling Kit

Normally, I am suggesting you use a lift kit instead of using a leveling kit for wheel spacers. I believe it will provide you with more facilities for changing the tiers, wheel spacers, and some other necessary items. Whereas leveling kit will provide you with fewer facilities.

However, you can use a leveling kit for wheel spacers in some cases like for the front part of the trucks or some other vehicles.

Final few words | So, Do you need wheel spacers with a leveling kit?

I hope you got the key points here. While using a leveling kit for wheel spacers, you have to be choosy and take your decision according to the problem. Leveling kits can be used but there are some limitations too.