What is a Leveling Kit for a Truck – what does it do

A leveling kit is used to adjust the height of the front and keep the truck’s front further away from the axles. Therefore, it’s pretty handy to increase ground clearance and fit the tires.

Those who don’t know what is a leveling kit for a truck should learn more about its use.

truck leveling kit after before

A leveling kit is mainly needed for ground clearance at the front of a truck. You just need to use the equipment along with the OEM suspension to raise the height from the axles. It’s possible to change the height to 2 inches and give the truck an even stance. The kit is helpful when your vehicle is about to handle higher loads.

This is a must-have tool if you are a truck enthusiast. But don’t mix the leveling kit with the lifting kit. There are pretty massive differences between them.

An Overview Of Leveling Kit

Trucks usually come with the perfect balance from the manufacturers. But if you want to do some modification and alter the height of the truck’s front end for better aerodynamics, you can do it with a leveling kit. But what’s a leveling kit exactly?

Most trucks have lower top parts for a raked stance. But a leveling kit provides a lift to alter the body away from the axles.

It can give the much-needed ground clearance if you have rough roads or for your off-road activities. You can also get some fancy front look to your truck.

The leveling kit also gives enough OEM suspension so that the rake can easily be offset. On top of that, your truck will have a more even stance than usual. The even stance helps to install bigger tires so that the truck can handle more oversized loads.

When the altered height is enough, you can add a snowplow at the front end of your truck. Therefore, it’s a must-have tool for off-road enthusiasts.

How Does A Leveling Kit Work?

The stock height may not be preferable for some people. That’s why they use leveling kits. But what does a leveling kit do?

Well, the mechanism of a leveling kit is pretty simple. It’s designed for increasing the front height up to two inches.

You just need to lose the removed front parts like the spindle and spring plate. Install the leveling based on your preferable height and reassemble the pieces.

Do an alignment after installing the leveling kits to check whether the modification has been successful or not. And that’s all you do.

Then, give your truck a test drive to check the new modification. You can also add new tires with larger diameters after using the leveling kits.

The new height at the front end increases the wind resistance of your truck. Therefore, you will get aerodynamic changes to your vehicles. However, the changes in mileage won’t be significant to notice.

Different Types Of Leveling Kits

Lifting the stock height is not always necessary. It’s required to know what does a leveling kit to a truck.

However, it’s helpful to learn the leveling kit types and their function because they are not one-size-fits-all equipment. What if they might be needed in the future?

Here are the three basic types of leveling kits for a vehicle:

Coil Spring Spacer

Vehicles that use coil springs are suitable for installing the coil spring spacers. You can add these coil spring spacers to the upper or lower spring seats. And then the rising height can move the truck’s body away from the axles.

However, you will get shock extensions if you install the coil spring spacers. When the spacer lifts the height slightly, the vehicle will receive more shocks than usual.

The shock extensions can compensate for this height. And your truck will be saved from several potential damages.

You might need to remove some parts, such as springs, from the vehicle while installing the coil spring spacers. However, other removals will depend on your truck.

Torsion Key

Trucks that use torsion bar suspension systems can install the turkey key leveling kits. You can replace your factory or stock torsion bar keys from the car with these leveling kits and use them to lift the height of the front side.

The most significant advantage of using the torsion keys is that they are superior in durability compared to pre-installed factory torsion bar keys. So, the quality is top-notch. According to the experts, it’s not preferable to use the factory keys to adjust the front height of your truck.

That’s because they can enhance extra pressure on the load, leading to vehicle damage. So, use the torsion keys to adjust the front height because it’s cheaper and a better alternative than using the factory keys.

Torsion leveling kits will also protect your truck from such potential damages.

Strut Extension

Most leveling kits used in the vehicles are strut extensions. Truck that use Coilover struts at the front suspension. You can use these strut extension spacers at the top or bottom of the factory strut.

It can raise the suspension a couple of inches. If you use the strut extension leveling kit, you won’t need any original strut of the vehicle.

On top of that, it’s pretty easy to remove whenever it stops working. These kits are made of steel, billet aluminum, and PPA plastics.

The elements make the kits robust and durable enough to sustain longer than others. You even install the kits by yourself. All you just need is some DIY project tools. So, install the strut suspension kits and play with the height of your truck.

Pros Of Leveling Kits

Why install leveling kits when the manufacturers have already taken care of the front design? Well, there are many benefits of installing leveling kits on your truck. And these bright sides attract off-road enthusiasts.

Take a look at the advantages of using these kits-

Feasibility Of Equipment Operation

Front raise is essential when you occasionally run a plow to prevent sagging. That’s because sagging can give extra pressure or push the front bumper. Therefore, the truck can have several damages.

If your truck is used for heavy-duty operations, the front height needs to be high enough for decent ground clearance. Leveling kits help truck owners with such equipment operations.

Fit Larger Tires

When the front-end height of your truck rises, it allows installing new larger tires. Most trucks come with enough clearance to fit larger wheels.

But if you need some extra space, you can use these kits to get an extra couple of inches of space at the front. On top of that, you will have the freedom to adjust the front or rear height according to your wish.


What’s a level kit do compared to a lift kit? Well, it doesn’t cause many changes like the lift kit. However, the changes due to a level kit can provide a significant eye-catchy look.

Not only does it enhance the flexibility of the performance, but it also adds some aesthetics to your truck. It’s pretty easy to change the front appearance of your vehicle with the level kits.

Improve Overall Handling

It can also help in handling the four corners after lifting their noses. However, the improvement won’t be noticeable when your truck is fully loaded.

But you can notice the improvements when the truck is weightless. If there’s no intention to use the car for carrying loads, you can enjoy a better driving experience by installing the level kits. 

Easy Installation And Removal

Worrying about the front height of your truck? You can quickly solve the problem by installing leveling kits and increasing the front height up to 2 inches.

Just use your DIY tools to modify the height with the level kits. Though experts prefer to change the height by professionals, it won’t hurt to try if you have enough knowledge about your truck parts.

Reduce Braking Pressure

The leveling kits also help with the brake balance. There’s a lot less pressure on the front bumper and suspension as it increases the front height.

Therefore, when there’s a need for an emergency brake, it increases efficiency and reduces braking pressure.

But the kits may create new stress points for your truck. It would be easy to overcome higher bed issues and cornering weight capabilities.

Don’t Impact Weight Balance

Some people might think that leveling kits can affect the weight balance and decrease the truck’s performance.

But that’s not true. It’s usually a breeze to your vehicle. Therefore, no additional replacement is needed. As a result, there’s no effect on the static weight balance. But an alignment check would be great after installation.


The leveling kits are not very expensive. Any car or truck owner can easily buy some level kits. Even if you choose high-quality kits for trucks, you won’t need to break a bank or make a hole in your wallet.

However, such affordability brings fake products into the market. So, you need to be careful while buying some leveling kits.

Increase Ground Clearance

The most obvious advantage of using a leveling kit is increased ground clearance. Most vehicles come with higher ground clearance from the factory. That means it’s high enough for the front end.

But you might need some extra lift when you are carrying some heavy loads or want to install new larger wheels. So, the leveling kits will increase the front height from 1 to 3 inches to ensure you have enough ground clearance for your desired operation.

Improved Off-Road Capability And Towing

Level kits help with off-roading. But how? When you increase the ground clearance and install larger tires, your truck can easily ride on rocks, sand, mud, and other rough terrains.

Sometimes you might also need to add heavy features like a winch or a snowplow, and it would cause sag to your truck. But with the leveling kits, your vehicle will be adequately under control. You will get improved handling capability.

Cons Of Leveling Kit

Despite having tremendous benefits, level kits have several drawbacks that might force you to rethink before getting some of them.

Well, no equipment or parts are perfect. You just have to deal with them and make the most of it in your favor. Here are the common drawbacks of a level kit:

Void Your Warranty

As for your knowledge, installing leveling kits is not legal. It’s an unauthorized modification to your truck. So, if the leveling kits cause damage, the company won’t take responsibility.

Though the chances of potential damages are pretty low if you are a professional or have enough knowledge, it won’t be wise to install these kits under your truck’s warranty period. Some companies even warn about level kits that stock truck parts can wear out quickly if you install level kits.

But if you are so eager to adjust the front height, consult with your manufacturer or a professional.

Less Alter To The Appearance

The level kits can only increase the front height up to 2 to 2.5 inches. So, if you ought to change the front appearance of your truck significantly, you will be disappointed.

It helps only to improve stance and control. So, be prepared to get a better-enhanced balance rather than a considerable height increment.

Reduce Fuel Economy

Though there’s no effect of level kits on your truck’s design, they alter various changes to the overall profile, and fuel economy is one of them.

The wind resistance becomes higher due to level kit installation. As a result, your truck’s engine needs to work harder than before to give the usual output. So, the fuel consumption increases because of this fact.

However, it won’t be a drastic change. But you will eventually notice the difference in terms of long drives.

Affect Suspension

The level kits can affect the truck’s suspension by providing more pressure and load to the suspension.

They can quickly wear out the suspension quicker than usual. When you adjust the height to the front suspension, it increases the wear and tear rate of the ball joints. So, it would be better if you don’t use the level kits at their entire length.

Inaccurate Readings

The reading on the speedometer, odometer, and other devices on your vehicle is based on the size of the wheels and tires. So, if you adjust the height of the front and rear panels and install new large tires, it can affect the reading of the devices.

These readings are crucial to completing the revolution and maintaining the vehicle’s performance.

Considerable Cost

The level kits won’t cost you much if you ought to install one. However, if there are damages due to level kit installation, the cost would be greater than your imagination.

If you want a three-inch ground clearance, you will need a custom level kit, and it would be more costly than other regular ones.

Difference Between A Leveling Kit And Lifting Kit

Don’t mix up the level kit with the lift kit because they are not the same. There are some slight differences between leveling kit and lift kit. Take a look at the differentiating facts and judge yourself:

Ground Clearance

A level kit can only provide 2 inches of ground clearance at max. On the other hand, a lift kit can give much more ground clearance compared to a level kit.

That’s why it’s preferable when a significant appearance change is needed on a vehicle. So, it’s a perfect choice for off-road riders who enjoy less explored paths and rock crawling.


Regarding price, level kits are comparatively cheaper than lift kits. The lift kits are pretty expensive, and if you are on a budget and want to do some height modification, lift kits are not suitable choices.

Balancing Truck’s Stance

The level kits are more helpful in balancing the truck’s stance. That’s because massive height change at the front end of your vehicle can cause total imbalance. It could be the case in terms of lifting kits.

Therefore, you will get a less balanced output with the lift kits. On the other hand, the level kits can provide smooth balance and proper handling.

Compatibility With Larger Wheels

In this section, the lifting kits will be way ahead of the leveling kits. That’s because you would need a more significant increment of front-rear to install large tires.

And the lift kits are suitable for providing higher height increments than the level kits. That’s why the lifting kits are more compatible with larger wheels.


When it comes to the installation process, a leveling kit is the winner. That’s because it’s pretty easy to install a level kit. You just need some DIY tools and space like your garage.

On the other hand, the installation process of lift kits is complicated, and it won’t be wise to handle it by yourself.

Which One Is Better for a Truck: A Lift Or Leveling Kit?

As you have learned the differences between a lift kit and a level kit, which one will you choose for your truck? Well, it depends on your preference.

For example, if you want to increase the front height by more than 2 or 3 inches or install larger tires, you must choose the lifting kits.

But in situations like when you want to increase the front height a bit just to give some stylish look to your truck, you should install the leveling kits.

Lifting kits are suitable for those who like to drive on rough roads. But for regular drivers, leveling kits are enough.

Lastly, the installation of leveling kits is way easier than lifting kits. They also improve overall stance balance and aesthetics.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are leveling kits bad?

No, leveling kits are not bad for your truck or any vehicle. They help adjust the front height and provide a stylish look to your car.

According to your preference, it can increase up to two inches of front and rear modification. But the kits can decrease the towing capacity of larger tires.

Does a leveling kit void warranty?

If you install a leveling kit, it won’t void your truck’s warranty as long as you don’t damage the front.

However, the kits may void suspension parts. It’s due to the stress of the wind or something. The manufacturers can say that using the leveling kits is the real problem, but they have to prove that.

Does a leveling kit affect ride quality?

Yes, a leveling kit can affect your ride quality. It changes the stock height and can give excellent articulation.

Suspension lifts also alter the vehicle’s suspension and provide improved ride quality. However, if you install the leveling kits properly, there won’t be any adverse effects on your ride.

Does a leveling kit affect mpg?

Yes, it can affect the MPG. The front-end leveling kit can equalize the truck’s suspension. As a result, the car increases wind resistance, and the fuel economy decreases.

But such changes won’t be so significant to notice regularly unless you pay serious attention.

Does a leveling kit affect towing?

Typically, just a leveling kit won’t affect car or truck towing. If the leveling kit allows more ground clearance and adjusts the suspension, it can only aid towing.

When you add and install larger tires on your truck, it will decrease the towing capacity instantly and lead to potential damage.

Do you need wheel spacers with a leveling kit?

No, there’s no need for wheel spacers with a leveling kit. However, you might need one to use after leveling the front end.

The front suspension moves lower because of the lift. As a result, the front rack will narrow, and the front wheel will move inward with the suspension.

Do discount tires do leveling kits?

Yes, the discount tire doesn’t do a leveling kit as well as a suspension kit. On top of that, they also have various collections of wheels and tires for your vehicle to match the maximum lift. So, you can be ready anytime to lift the entire body of your truck.

Does discount tire install leveling kits?

No, the discount tire doesn’t install the leveling kits. Their store and employees don’t have any training to install the leveling kits. Rather than that, they focus on wheels and tires to satisfy their customers based on their needs.

How to level a truck without a leveling kit?

There are many ways to level a truck without a leveling kit, such as coil springs spacers, lowering bump stops, add-a-leaves, more extended shackles, and one-inch blocks. All you need to do is just use these body-lift kits on your truck’s suspension and adjust the front-end height.

Where to get a leveling kit installed near me?

You can’t get leveling kits in regular stationary stores. You need to go to a store or super shop where the truck accessories are available.

Typically different brands open their retail shops in popular areas. You can get a leveling kit from their retail stores. If there are no shops nearby, you can order some of the leveling kits on Amazon or any online shops.

Can you stack leveling kits?

Yes, you can stack leveling kits. However, experts don’t prefer to stack.

That’s because if your leveling kit can’t handle the extra lift or the heavy load at the increased height, it will put you and your truck’s other parts in danger. Therefore, you need to determine the quality of the leveling kits before buying. 

How to install a leveling kit?

First, you need to remove the upper ball joint of the spindle and remove three nuts from the spring plate. Remove the bolts of the lower control arms.

Apply some thread locker and attach the three supplied strut extensions. Then, tight them properly and slide the spacer provided into the place. Reassemble the other parts.

Do leveling kits wear out ball joints?

No, the leveling kits don’t wear out the ball joints as long as you assemble the alignments correctly. But if there are any poor alignments during the installation, the three-ball joints will wear out faster. Within no time, the ball joint won’t be able to handle the weight. 

Do I need an alignment after leveling the kit?

Yes, you would need an alignment after installing the leveling kit at the front bumper. That’s because you are changing the actual geometry in front of the vehicle that comes intact from the factory.

So, when you change the suspension, you would need an alignment after leveling kit installation.

Will leveling kit decrease mpg?

Yes, the leveling kits decrease the mileage (MPG). Leveling kits work to equalize the suspension. As a result, it reduces the fuel economy by affecting the wind resistance.

The entire heavy loads work on the rear tires and lift the front ones higher. Therefore, aerodynamic drag is created.

Bottom Line

A leveling kit is a well-known product for car or truck owners who don’t want to stay bound and drive with stock front height. It helps with equipment feasibility, reducing brake pressure, aesthetics, improving towing capacity, etc.

Hopefully, the discussion on what’s a leveling kit for a truck has covered all the facts. It’s an excellent option for height modification. The equipment also saves your time and money. However, we strongly suggest consulting a trusted professional before installing a leveling kit.