Torsion Keys Lift Vs. Cracking – A Complete Guide

If you own a truck, are planning to own one, or are simply an enthusiast, you have probably given some thought to precisely what kind of ride you would prefer. And you probably want to check out all the options at your hand.

Perhaps you’re confused between torsion keys to lift vs. cracking for your truck. The answer to that query would be pretty evident at one glance.

Both torsion keys and cracking will adjust the height of the truck. But the torsion keys allow you to crank the torsion bars further.

But despite that, there are some pros and cons to both of those options that you should keep in mind before committing. Let’s take a deeper dive and check out both of our options at hand.

Is Cranking Torsion Keys Bad?

Torsion Keys

Cranking torsion keys generally mean the method to increase the truck’s height. This is done by cranking the torsion bar. They’re located at the front suspension.

You may conduct a torsion key lift by turning the vehicle’s current adjusters up or by substituting the standard keys with a set of keys to enhance ride height. This ensures that the truck stays at the desired height despite the default build purposes.

But doing this may entail many problems, especially if you crank up the torsion bars without using any leveling kit. These problems may include a more rough or bumpy ride, squeaking noise, and tires not being aligned.

Is A Torsion Key Lift Bad?

Torsion Key Lift

Using a torsion bar lift via a lifting kit is a solid option for some truck owners. With a piece of lifting equipment or a torsion key, you can adjust the desired height of your front suspension.

Often trucks come in a higher height on the rear. The reason is that carrying weight will eventually level the front and the back.

But some truck owners might not use their ride as an actual weight-carrying unit but more for day-to-day use. In that case, they might want to adjust the height of their truck immediately.

Torsion keys are a great help to that. Using this as a replacement for the truck’s default torsion keys allows for fewer issues. That’s because it is designed to be of higher overall height.

Torsion Key Lift Pros And Cons

You can typically get torsion keys for your ride as an aftermarket purchase. You can find your leveling keys on the suspension.

But compared to them, aftermarket keys come in different sizes and shapes. This allows you to adjust the suspension to even higher than the default ones.

Some pros and cons of torsion keys would be:


  • Provides you with more height options than the default lifting keys
  • Gives you more control over your desired height
  • Safer option and causes fewer issues
  • You can have your car’s front and back at the same height


  • You need to buy aftermarket keys differently
  • Your truck will need to be readjusted after leveling the height

Cranking Torsion Keys Vs. Leveling Kit

Leveling kits for the tensor key work similarly to “cranking” the tensor bars. Installing new keys makes it possible to tweak the torsion bar more than the standard key.

On a typical 1–2-ton truck, you’d get about a one-inch increase in the height of the suspension. On the other hand, some aftermarket tensor keys can provide a three inches increase. They also make the unit less stiff compared to the stock keys cranking.

Here’s a brief refresher on the significant comparisons between the two:

Torsion KeysLeveling Kit
It makes the ride stifferNo such things experienced
Gains about an inch in heightIt can get up to three inches
It doesn’t require extended purchaseAftermarket purchase necessary

Torsion Keys Vs. Cranking

Torsion keys are objectively better than just cranking up the bar. You must make an aftermarket purchase to get a torsion key for adjustment. But it will provide you with extra height.

According to some truck owners, installing the torsion keys makes the ride less bumpy and provides a much smoother riding experience. If you can afford an aftermarket purchase, you should use torsion keys.

Below is a concise comparison chart to help you grasp the differences better:

Torsion KeysCranking
Prevents bumpy riding experienceMight experience discomfort
It doesn’t harm the unitIt might cause suspension damage
Extra purchasedComes as stock

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do torsion key lifts affect ride quality?

For the most part, no. Torsion keys will not affect your ride quality. But increasing the height beyond the default might cause some stiffness.

How much lift can you get from torsion keys?

You can get about 3 inches of height from the torsion keys, which is more compared to cranking. Cranking can get you about one inch of lift.

What happens when you crank your torsion keys?

Cranking your torsion keys makes the front height of your truck to be on a level with the back. It gives you some extra height on your suspensions.

What’s the difference between stock and aftermarket torsion keys?

Aftermarket torsion keys provide more height and control over that height compared to the stock keys.

Should I crank my torsion bars?

If you want your truck for casual use and have the frontal and backward height adjusted, you can. Using Torsion keys is suggested instead of just cranking the bars.

Are all torsion keys the same?

Factory-set torsion keys and aftermarket torsion keys are different because one gives you more height and overall more control over it. It also allows the unit to be less stiff.

How do you tell if your torsion keys are turned up?

Check below the truck. If the bolts are inserted where the torsion bar attaches to the cross-member, your keys are turned up.

Will torsion keys hurt my truck?

No, torsion keys won’t hurt your truck. But some truck owners have stated that leveling the truck’s ride with cranking torsion keys made their ride stiffer. Using an aftermarket kit would prevent this from happening.


In short, if you’re using your truck more as a day-to-day vehicle, you might want to adjust your unit’s rear and front height. And you might be wondering which to choose in the battle of torsion keys lift vs. cracking. Which one is better and safer for your truck?

This discussion holds up some critical points that should help you decide and choose how you want to tweak your tensor keys. Cheers!