Torsion Key Lift Problems – Are Torsion Key Leveling Kits Bad

Torsion key lifts are a type of front suspension that uses torsion bars to raise the height of a vehicle. In the case of carrying a heavy load, a driver can use a torsion key lift on both the front and back sides of a vehicle.

Torsion Key Lift Problems - Are Torsion Key Leveling Kits Bad

But, drivers face torsion key lift problems while using it. The main problem with a torsion key lift is that while carrying a lot of load in your vehicle, the torsion bar can face additional pressure. As a result, your ride could be rough. Though there are several problems that we will discuss in the article.

To reduce the problem, some drivers prefer to use a torsion key leveling kit. A torsion key leveling kit is an inexpensive way of lifting your vehicle. Unfortunately, a few drivers also consider torsion key leveling kits as bad. According to them, the aerodynamic character of the automobile changes when a leveling kit is installed in a car.

Though they both have issues, drivers cannot ignore using this equipment because lifting the height of a truck or car is essential while the vehicles are overloaded. So, before using a key lift, let’s have a look at its common problems with an overview of using a torsion key leveling kit.

Torsion Key Lift Problems: What Are They?

Torsion Key Lift Problems
Torsion Key Lift

Before finding out the problems, you should know how the torsion key lifts work. A set of jack stands and a torsion bar help the torsion key to raising. The hexagon slot of the lever key fits comfortably onto the torsion bar whenever it needs to move.

Furthermore, it holds the bar securely with zero gaps. In such a moment, the torsion key provides adjustable force to the torsion bar, helps it to rotate, and gives a lift to the vehicle.

While adjusting a key lift, a DIY adjuster can set it in less than two hours. On the other hand, a skilled mechanic can finish the job faster. But the key lift problems are not dependent on the duration of the adjustment.

It Degraded the Driving Quality

If you are concerned about do torsion keys affect ride or not, you should know that they actually do. When drivers use a key lift, they usually notice their ride quality becomes rough.

It happens because when the key reaches the peak with the massive weight of the vehicle, it stops rotating. Don’t be confused by the question, do torsion keys make your truck ride rough? Because the query is really true.

The Short Shock Absorber Reached Its Lowest Position

Some people believe that a torsion key lift is more cost-effective than purchasing a lift kit. However, changing ride height without shock extensions or longer shock absorbers may cause suspension issues, and because of the shock absorber key lift can go to the lower position.

Creates a Whining Noise

After using a torsion key lift, the driver can experience a whining noise from the vehicle’s front end. When the vehicle is riding at high speeds, engine and road noises may block out these sounds, but the noise becomes more audible when you slow down the speed.

The drive axles may be making these noises because a torsion bar adjustment increased the recommended CV angles on the axles.

Misplaced Tires

Lifting the vehicle height can affect the position of the wheel. A torsion key lift can cause irregular tire wear by changing the alignment angles. Even if the torsion key was not replaced, it’s a good idea to complete a wheel alignment after lifting the vehicle.

What Are Torsion Key Leveling Kits?

A leveling kit provides additional space for your vehicle’s structure to become set or adjusted with extra weight. Some people say the leveling kit adjustment idea is not something good for your car. But the reality is that, if you maintain clear instruction, using a leveling kit is not really a bad idea.

Are Torsion Key Leveling Kits Bad?

Leveling kits are generally not recommended by specialists because they change the front-end configuration of a car and they provide a limited amount of lift. But a leveling kit may provide extra space for your vehicle’s suspension to move, which will benefit when towing or adding larger tires.

If a driver uses a leveling kit with proper instruction, then he will not find it bad.

Torsion Key Lift Pros and Cons

Before using the torsion key lift, you should keep an eye on a few aspects. You must check if the height of your vehicle is the same on both sides. It’s possible to balance your car once you’ve adjusted it with a torsion key. It’s a good idea to ignore any type of hassle.


  • Aftermarket torsion key lifts offer greater height than a factory-installed leveling key to your vehicles.
  • The torsion key lift controls the height of a vehicle’s front end
  • A driver can modify the car’s front height to match the back height with the help of a torsion key lift


  • Torsion keys for aftermarket vehicles must be bought individually.
  • After altering the height using the torsion keys you will need to align your vehicles.
  • Adjusting the height will not solve problems with the ride or suspension.

Is It Bad To Raise Your Torsion Bars?

It actually depends on the situation. When the vehicle is hung down, raising the torsion bars can push the shocks into the bottom very quickly. This put impacts the dampers’ capacity and can create damage.

Torsion Keys Lift Vs Cranking

The torsion key lift actually lifts the car height, and cranking reduces the extension.On the other hand, cranking is related to the fact of rotation.

How Much Lift Can You Get From Torsion Keys?

Most people believe they can obtain a 1.5-inch lift by installing torsion bars. If your torsion bars are not very floppy, you may be able to accomplish 2.5 inches sometimes.

Do Torsion Keys Wear Out?

The answer is yes, but a proper adjustment can reduce the possibility of wearing out.

What’s The Difference Between Stock And Aftermarket Torsion Keys?

When your stock keys are not indexed enough to provide a good amount of lifting, then an aftermarket key with extra indexing will increase your front end.

Not all aftermarket keys are creates equal effects and some provide higher indexing than others. While using simply spin your bars to make your ride smoother and for stock do the same.

How Can I Make My Torsion Key Lift Better?

The torsion key lift develops ride height and makes suspension qualities better. Drivers can easily adjust the key by rotating the torsion-bar adjuster bolt.

Though the adjustment of the key lift has no effect on the ride height. If you want to make it better, use aftermarket keys. But in these cases, aftermarket control arms are better than aftermarket keys.

Is Torsion Bar Suspension Good?

The major benefits of a torsion bar suspension include smooth-riding due to the flexibility of the bar longevity, easy ride height adjustment, and a short view over the width of the vehicle. Moreover, it takes less space in the interior of the vehicle compared to the coil springs.

How Do You Tell If Your Torsion Keys Are Turned Up?

Follow up the area under the vehicle where the torsion bar connects to the cross member. If the bolts are entirely in, you can consider everything good.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Torsion Keys?

Torsion bar replacement typically costs between $350 and $377. Labour expenses are likely between $106 and $133, and parts cost $244.

This budget does not include taxes or fees, and it does not consider your specific car or location either.

How High Will Stock Torsion Keys Go?

In the case of stock torsion keys, the common assumption is that you can safely obtain 1.5 inches via torsion bar lift using factory keys. Unless your torsion bars aren’t too loose, you could possibly get up to 2.5 inches to fill out screws, but your CV joints can be cracked because of this.

How Do You Lift a Truck With Torsion Keys?

Adjust the torsion bar, lower the car, and take the jack away when you’re done. Take measurements of the ground clearance and the height of the wheel. Compare them to other measures that have been taken in the past. And then lift the truck.

Bottom Line

To conclude, the Torsion key lifting mechanism controls how far the bar is from the ground, making sure the car stays at the right height or not.

Torsion key lift problems and disadvantages are obvious, but drivers cannot deny its necessity. Moreover, some people may consider the torsion leveling kit to be bad. In reality, it is inexpensive equipment that helps your vehicle lift with limited problems.