How Much is it to Get a Leveling Kit Installed

While lifting a truck is raising your truck more than it requires, leveling it will rather make the truck look better. It allows you to install bigger wheels to clear more ground resulting in less damage when driving through rough roads.

The leveling kit will lift your diesel truck a few inches; however, that little lift brings huge changes. So, if you’re planning to install a leveling kit, go for it soon, friend.

Now that you are thinking about installing a leveling kit, you must have the question “how much is it to get a leveling kit installed” in your mind. Let’s know the answers below.

How Much is it to Get a Leveling Kit Installed

How much is it to Get a Leveling Kit Installed

How much to install a leveling kit? It is a frequently asked question by truck owners who want to modify their vehicles. Don’t worry; we will tell you everything about the installation cost. You can install a leveling kit all by yourself, but the best thing is to get a professional installation.

However, if you have the necessary tools for installing a leveling kit, you can do the job on your own to save more money. Generally, professionals’ leveling kit installation cost is between $200-$400; the average installation cost is $300. While a lift kit installation costs more, we think leveling kits are a cost-effective way of lifting your truck a bit.

Installing a Leveling Kit Yourself

Can you install a leveling kit yourself? Whether your answer is a yes or a no, you still have a lot to know about it. Since you’re reading the article, you probably have not installed a leveling kit by yourself.

If you wish to do so, you can, but only when you have the correct tools for the leveling kit installation. Different tracks require different leveling kits. The installation cost is fixed depending on the truck’s model and leveling kit.

Do you have the floor jack, different size wrenches, torque wrench, hammer, screwdriver, pliers, and other leveling kit installation tools? If yes, you can try the DIY installation. If not, it’s a must to get a mechanic to do the work for you. Because without these tools, it’s impossible to get a leveling kit Installed in your truck.

Now, if you are thinking about where you can install the leveling kit, we have got you covered. Next, we will tell you where you can go to install a leveling kit.

Where Can I Get a Leveling Kit Installed?

There are several good places where professional car mechanics do various car modifications. Many truck owners who don’t know how to install leveling kit take their services. These professionals can do both levels and lift your truck.

To find trustworthy auto mechanics, you can ask other truck owners who usually take auto mechanic services for leveling trucks. You can also look on Google for suggestions.

Google will give you a list of the top auto mechanic services, but you should carefully choose one. Always pick the one with positive reviews.

Different Leveling Kit Installation Costs

The most basic inquiry about leveling kit installation is how much does it cost to lift a truck 2 inches? Does the cost depend on what kind of leveling kit you want to install? For example, if you want to go with the average leveling, it will cost you between 60-100 dollars.

Advanced leveling kits will cost you between 125-1000 dollars to Install. If you like leveling kits by professionals, it can cost you around 500 dollars which is honestly reasonable compared to 3000 dollars lift kit installation.

While the cost to install leveling kit ram 1500 is only between 200-1000 dollars, a 6-inch lift kit installation cost is up to 1200 dollars, and a 3-inch lift kit installation cost is up to 4000 dollars (depending upon the vehicle model). This proves the leveling kit is better for truck leveling and for saving cash.

How to Install a Leveling Kit?

Since professional leveling kit installation costs a good amount of money, many want to do it themselves. If you’re one of them and you have all the necessary tools for installing a leveling kit, we will share with you the easiest way to install it in your truck.

First and foremost, you need to measure the truck’s wheels. Take a measuring tape, and while the truck is on the surface, we will mark at 40 inches on the fender flare to know the height.

Now, remove from the spindle the upper ball joint. Three nuts are holding the spring plate, which you need to remove next. Make sure to loosen these nuts only and not the center ones to avoid problems.

After loosening the strut, we will move to the base to remove the bolts there. Now take out the spring plate for installing the leveling kit you bought.

Apply some thread locker. Take the stud extensions and thread them. Using a torque tight them is good. After installing those, add the strut spacer to its proper place. The only thing left to do is reinstall the spring plate through the reverse process of removing it. Congratulations! You have installed a leveling kit by yourself.


Are leveling kits hard to install?

While it’s somewhat simple, it’s still pretty hard since it’s a mechanical procedure. Also, you must have to have the tools to install a leveling kit. If you thoroughly go through the whole process cautiously, it will not be that hard.

What does a 2-inch leveling kit do?

The motive of a leveling kit is to lift the front of a truck a little. A 2-inch leveling kit can lift the truck’s front portion 2 inches to level the vehicle.

Is leveling a truck worth it?

Leveling a truck is worth it because it not only levels the front side of your truck to its rear but also has better off-roading capabilities.

Final Words

Now that you know, “how much is it to get a leveling kit installed?” You can easily decide whether or not to install a leveling kit yourself or take the professional’s help. If you ask us, we will suggest you take auto mechanic service because they will install the leveling kit perfectly in your truck, and there will be no risks as well.