Does A Leveling/Lift Kit Increase Ground Clearance

Yes, a leveling kit does increase ground clearance. Most cars have more clearance in the back than in the front; therefore, clearance is usually limited to the front end. A leveling kit will raise the front end of your vehicle by 1 to 3 inches, and increase overall ground clearance.

Almost all manufacturers lower the front end of their standard cars. A leveling kit raises the vehicle’s front end and aligns it with the rear. In this article, I would like to share my expertise on, Does a Leveling Kit Increase Ground Clearance.

This affordable upgrade enhances the appearance and performance of your car. But no alteration is without drawbacks. These advantages and disadvantages will help you decide whether or not a front-end leveling kit/ lift kit is correct for you.


Some people may prefer the leveling kits. However, there is a price to pay for everything excellent. In this article, I tried to share my expertise on a leveling kit and lift kit increasing ground clearance or not.

Can Ground Clearance Really Be Increased?

The Big question is, Can Ground Clearance Really Be Increased?

The ground clearance of a factory-issued vehicle can be increased using three methods, installing coil spring spacers, using suspension lift kits, or fitting larger tires and wheels.

If you install coil spring spacers, they will sit on the coil springs of your vehicle’s suspension system and increase the ride height, which will increase the ground clearance.

A suspension lift kit will also increase the ground clearance of your vehicle when you install all the components of the kit.

And when you install larger tires and wheels, the height between the underbody of your vehicle and the ground will increase, raising the ground clearance.

Does A Leveling Kit Increase Ground Clearance?

Does A Leveling Kit Increase Ground Clearance

I think, a leveling kit is an excellent investment if you want to boost your off-roading skills. More ground clearance and wider tires are preferable when traveling into mud, dirt, rocks, sand, and other terrains. It will keep pebbles and dirt from damaging the front bumper and other elements.

Adding a heavy item to the front end, such as a snow plow or a winch, will cause the vehicle to droop. A leveling kit will raise the front of the car to its correct height to improve handling.

Does a Lift Kit Increase Ground Clearance

Now you know if a leveling kit would increase the ground clearance of your vehicle. But what about a lift kit?

It depends on what kind of lift kit you are using. If you are using a spacer lift kit or a suspension lift kit, the ground clearance of your vehicle will increase up to 3 inches or more. Using a coilover lift kit will do the same.

But if you are using a body lift kit, it will not add extra ground clearance to your vehicle. This is because a body lift kit doesn’t increase the height of the chassis. It only puts more space between the body and the chassis.

Does A Suspension Lift Kit Raise Ground Clearance?

Another option for increasing your vehicle’s ground clearance by 2 or 3 inches is to purchase a suspension lift kit. Because the vehicle’s bottom will be higher off the ground, it will be easier to navigate more enormous barriers and uneven roadways.

Furthermore, a suspension lift kit will allow you to install wider tires, which will improve your vehicle’s ground clearance even further.

Do Strut Spacers Increase Ground Clearance

Strut spacers can increase the ground clearance of your vehicle by 1 to 3 inches, depending on the size of the spacers.

Usually, strut spacers are used in leveling lift kits to lift the front of your vehicle, making it align with the rear end.

They are generally very affordable and can make the appearance of your vehicle better by letting you be able to install bigger tires and wheels.

However, strut spacers can affect the ride quality of your vehicle in a negative way and make it harder to handle your vehicle. So you might have to make other modifications to fix that after installing the spacers.

Car Ground Clearance Increase Kit

To increase the ground clearance of your car, you need to make aftermarket modifications to it. Otherwise, you can’t get the additional ground clearance you want.

And to add the extra ground clearance of 1 to 3 inches, you need to use a lift kit. Now there are different types of lift kits that will do this for you, like a suspension lift kit, a spacer lift kit, a leveling lift kit, or a coilover lift kit.

A suspension lift kit can alter the geometry of your car and affect the factory ride quality if you replace most of the suspension components of your car. But a spacer kit, leveling kit, and coilover kit don’t usually do that.

There’s another way to increase the ground clearance of your car a little. And this is done by installing bigger tires after lifting the body of your car using a body lift kit.

How Many Inches Does A Leveling Kit Raise Your Truck

A leveling kit consists of hardware that raises the vehicle’s front end to match the stock height in the back. A leveling kit is often meant to boost the car’s front end up to 2-3 inches.

A 2′′ body lift or leveling kit will typically allow for a 3-4′′ increase in tire size, while a 3′′ body lift might allow for up to 35′′ tires! If your suspension lift is tall enough, you may just go to your neighborhood tire store and get the giant pair of tires available.

How To Increase Ground Clearance

How To Increase Ground Clearance

Depending on the challenges you want to overcome, and off-roading vehicle’s ground clearance should be between 8.8 inches and 10.8 inches or higher. Consider applying these simple strategies to boost your vehicle’s ground clearance if it’s lower than you’d like.

  1. Purchase Larger Tires,
  2. Invest in a Suspension Lift Kit,
  3. Install Coil Spring Spacers.

This also implies that you may install bigger tires on all four wheels. When turning, larger tires would generally strike the bumper, but the leveling kit raises the vehicle’s body away from the axles.

Common Question About Ground Clearance

How much will a 2-inch leveling kit raise my truck?

You’re leveling with a 2-inch leveling kit if you merely lift the front 2 or 2.12 inches. It evens out the front and rear tires and raises the face. A front-and-center gaze replaces the truck’s nose-to-the-ground appearance.

How much ground clearance does a leveling kit add?

A leveling kit will provide you with an extra 1-3 inches of ground clearance. This is important if you want to go offroad since it protects the underbelly of your car from pebbles and debris. On steep driveways, a taller front-end will defend you from bottoming out.

Is it safe to increase car ground clearance?

On uneven roads, more ground clearance is desirable on bumpy roads since it protects the vehicle’s underbelly. Each vehicle body type has a set ground clearance. Sedans and sports cars have modest ground clearance. SUVs have the tallest riding height.

Increasing the vehicle’s ground clearance might alter its stability and driving characteristics. Only do it if you need more ground clearance.

Will bigger tires increase ground clearance?

It’s easy to see how a more extensive set of wheels and tires can result in a higher vehicle. The distance between the road surface and the car’s lowest point can be increased by raising the vehicle a few inches off the ground.

Are Bigger Tires Better?

Do Larger Wheels Increase Ground Clearance?

Yes, increasing the size of your vehicle’s wheels will increase its ground clearance. But you would have to increase the size of your tires as well to make them fit the wheels.

When you use larger wheels with larger tires on your vehicle, the height between the underbody of your vehicle and the ground increases. This is what increases the ground clearance.

For instance, if you install a body lift kit on your vehicle, it won’t increase the present ground clearance, as mentioned earlier. But when you are able to fit bigger tires because of a body lit, it will add some extra ground clearance to your vehicle.

How much ground clearance is enough?

An off-roading vehicle should have a maximum ground clearance of at least 8.5 to 10.8 inches, depending on the challenges you want to overcome. If your vehicle’s ground clearance isn’t as high as you’d like it to be, try leveling kits as a fix.


Some advantages, such as higher ground clearance, wider tires, and improved brake pressure or equipment capabilities, may be gained by installing an engine leveling kit in your vehicle, but it is still not recommended. It’s based on one basic principle: ensuring your safety while driving.

We hope this article answers your question on does a leveling kit increase ground clearance. Drive safe!