Is a 3 Inch Leveling Kit Bad or Too Much (The Real Truth)

There is nothing complicated about the leveling kits. Installation is a breeze, and they’re an excellent value for the money. The leveling kit, of course, is intended to improve the quality of your ride. There are different leveling options for you.

Experts often recommend going for 2.5 inch. But what if you want to go a step further and get a 3 inch lift? Would that be such a bad thing? Is a 3 inch leveling kit bad for your truck?

Is a 3 Inch Leveling Kit Bad

You see recently we are seeing a popularity rush of 3 inch leveling kits. With that we get many queries about the good and the bad sides about this high lift. A lot of other components are largely connected with the leveling kit so we get why you must be so anxious. So before installing any external part in your truck read our article to get rid of your confusions.


Although leveling kits are a minor change to your truck, they can create several problems. As you might expect, we attempted to respond to some of the most often asked concerns regarding Is 3 Inch Leveling Kit Bad or too much. You can determine whether or not to install a leveling kit by examining these responses.

What Does A 3-Inch Leveling Kit Do?

1 to 3 inches of additional height is the default in most leveling kits. The kit gets installed between the truck’s chassis and the top spring perch. The consequence is that that amount raises the truck’s chassis without changing the geometry of your vehicle’s suspension.

Is A 3-Inch Leveling Kit Bad For Your Truck?

Yes, they are. To give you an honest answer, if you like to give your truck an added height for a better offroad experience, you should look for a complete 2-inch leveling kit. Those are way better than the 3 inches.

Addition to all this a 3 inch kit can put  more cv angle in your truck. This will have a more chance of tearing in the boots of the truck.

How Much Does a 3-Inch Leveling Kit Cost?

Yes, we know that leveling or lift kits installation are not that cheap. But they provide good value for your money if you wish to install them. In the $400-$2,000 range, you can buy and install a leveling kit on your own. Between $800 to $4000 to pay for a professional.

Lift kits may cost anything from $400 to $4000 to buy and install if you do it yourself. If you hire a professional, expect to pay anything from $800 to $12,000 for their services.

Will a 3-Inch Leveling Kit Hurt My Truck?

To give a simple answer, yes, installing a leveling kit will hurt your truck in some ways. In most circumstances, installing a leveling kit appropriately will not impact your ride quality. However, a cheap leveling device acquired online and intended to be installed at home might backfire.

Most automobile manufacturers purposefully reduce the front-end suspension due to this design’s lower wind resistance and more excellent fuel economy. On the other hand, the leveling kit will bring the front and back ends of the vehicle to the same height.

This is where things go wrong. The increased wind resistance and aerodynamic drag result from the equalized suspension. It results in low MPG. Not to mention installing a leveling kit voids your warranty claims.

Do I Need New Shocks With a 3-Inch Leveling Kit?

Many owners choose to install a leveling kit because it is cost-effective. Adding shocks depletes the mod’s economy. You should add longer shocks, but 2″ is the most distance you can go without adding shocks.

As part of specific leveling packages, new performance shocks are included. If your standard shocks are frayed out, and you want to drive this way, you should replace them when installing a suspension leveling kit.


Do 3-Inch Leveling Kits Require New Shocks?

Not necessarily new if your old ones are in satisfactory condition, but yes, they require socks. You see, the socks give a performance boost in your ride and ensure safety.

How Much Will A 3-Inch Lift Affect Gas Mileage?

While a leveling kit should not affect the economy and a body lift kit should only have a negligible effect, a suspension raise kit can significantly influence mpg. In addition, the bigger the lift, the more significant the impact. You’re exposing more surface area to flowing air by raising the suspension components to their full height.

How Much Does It Cost For A 3-Inch Lift?

A leveling kit can cost anything from $400 to $2000 to buy and install. You may spend anything from $800 to $4000 on a professional.


It is entirely up to you whether or not you choose to use a leveling kit. If you do decide to install one, though, the topic of whether or not a 3-inch leveling kit affects ride quality is sure to perplex you.

So, to clarify the air of ambiguity, we gave the most truthful responses in this post on Is a 3 Inch Leveling Kit Bad. Before installing a leveling kit, we recommend that you read the answers carefully. After weighing the risks and rewards, decide whether or not to install a leveling kit. We simply want you to enjoy yourself while altering your vehicle.