How To Lift A Car Without A Lift Kit?

Many car owners wish to lift their vehicles. But upgrading your car shouldn’t put you in poverty. Without investing in a market lift kit, you may give your truck a new look and improve its usefulness. But how to lift a car without a lift kit?

How To Lift A Car Without A Lift Kit?
How To Lift A Car Without A Lift Kit?

A car jack is the simplest method to lift a car without a lift kit since it’s reasonably priced. Add-a-leaves is also an option, but the most typical approach is using bigger tires. However, it would be best if you didn’t get your car’s tires too big. You can also use coil springs, rigs, or torsion bars to lift your vehicle.

Lifting enhances the car’s performance as a whole. So, let’s explore it in depth to determine the most practical approach!

Why Lift Your Car?

A tall profile looks fabulous and improves ride quality on any car. Lifted cars have certain additional advantages. Here are a few to think about:

Improves Handling

Your car will have additional clearance, which is one of the top car lift advantages. The extra height the car lift provides makes it simpler to pass over road barriers safely.

Cracks, ripples, and irregularities won’t be an issue with a lifted vehicle, especially while traveling on poorly maintained roads. It becomes simple to navigate around humps, obstacles, and train tracks.

Additionally, a lifted vehicle makes it simpler to navigate rugged terrain if you enjoy off-roading. An elevated truck enables you to travel to almost any place.

Improves View

An elevated vehicle ensures you can see the highway more clearly because of its increased height. This makes it easier for you to identify traffic issues and steer clear of any road hazards.

That’s not all, though! You can see over other cars and farther down the road from a higher vantage point. This can help to anticipate traffic congestion and quickly divert to avoid them.

Boosts Pulling Capability

You’ll probably occasionally pull something as soon as you have a car. In general, lifted cars are capable of drawing more than stock vehicles.

This is due to the more significant load and stability benefit these trucks provide over the hauled load. When carrying large weights, a stock car might crouch down. Pulling your carriage, kayak, or trailer is no problem with a raised vehicle.

5 Ways To Lift A Car Without A Lift Kit

5 Ways To Lift A Car Without A Lift Kit
5 Ways To Lift A Car Without A Lift Kit

When trying to figure out how to lift a car without a lift kit, you have a variety of possibilities. Considering convenience and utility when deciding how to raise a car is essential.

So, without using a lift kit, here are several methods for raising a vehicle:

1. Using Car Jack

It’s reasonably easy to use a car jack. The equipment you need to complete the task is inexpensive. Having the proper jack, a few jack stands, and a box of wheel chocks is critical.

Additionally, you need to be in the appropriate setting to securely hoist your car into place.

2. Using Add-A-Leaves

Add-a-leaves is one method for bigger cars and trucks to lift a vehicle. Your suspension coil springs’ height will be increased as a result. This usually results in an increase of up to three inches.

Setup of Add-a-leaves is also a reasonably straightforward process. The elevation of your leaf-spring pack can be increased by adding arching leaves to your suspension.

3. Using Coil-Spring Rigs

Another choice for increasing height is coil-spring rigs. They are comparable to add-a-leaves and are inexpensive. These spacers separate the suspension coil and the pressure canister. They might also make things more accessible than they are currently.

They don’t significantly increase height, though. The most extra space it can provide is two inches.

4. Using Larger Tires

Buying wider tires is one of the simplest and most common ways to enhance the height of your car. Just install a fresh pair of tires, and you’ll see that your car’s ground clearance has increased by one or two inches right away.

It would be best if you kept your enthusiasm in check. If you equip your car with too-large tires, they may scrape against the interior of the wheel arches. Too-large tires can also restrict a vehicle’s cornering grip.

It will have a detrimental effect on how well it handles. As a result, you should refrain from increasing your car’s tire size by more than a few inches.

5. Using Torsion Bar

Trucks’ torsion bars reduce impact. The torsion bar may be quickly and easily turned several times to lift a car.

However, sustaining the handling requires achieving height balance. Investing in torsion keys within the $100 to $200 level is a brilliant idea to ensure a level lift.

How To Lift A Car With Car Jack

The simplest method for lifting a car is to use a jack. Only a few tools are necessary. The procedure is as follows:

Step 1: Setting The Car Jack In Place

Aim to position the jack at the vehicle’s designated jack points while positioning it under the frame. The instruction manual has information on these points.

The next task is to lift the jack until it meets the jack point gradually. It gets a little more challenging to raise.

 When raising the jack for the first time, ensure the head and jack point haven’t moved. You may proceed if everything is completely okay.

Step 2: Elevating The Car

The more compact rod tool, typically present in your automobile, can be spun in addition to pushing the handle to raise the jack. Lift gradually, as it will be more challenging as the jack bears more weight.

You must pause when you reach the desired elevation. Lift the jack higher and higher until you can reach the area of the car you have to complete the task.

Never perform any type of work on a vehicle’s underside. When it is just supported by a jack, do not even attempt to climb underneath.

Step 3: Securing The Car

Put jack stands below non-articulating places under the car when you’ve got it at the ideal height. It would be best if you raised the jack stands to the proper height to keep the vehicle in the air.

Now, carefully lower the jack by rotating on the more typical spare tire jack or the pump-action lever. You should already have plenty of space to deal with because the frame should capture the jack stands.

Verify that each jack stand is securely in place. You can ensure it is firmly in place by giving the car a slight shake.

Factors To Consider Before Lifting A Car

Before you start the procedure, know precisely what you’re searching for. Your preference for your car may influence the strategy you use. But before moving on, think about the following:

Lifting Height

Spacers could be helpful if you need a lift from one to three inches. On the other hand, you may need to go all out with stronger shocks and longer springs if you want four to five inches of lift.


You can choose a level lift, rear lift, or front lift. Your choice in this matter will rely on your preferences and needs. The majority of car users want level lifts. A level lift seems to be more suitable for them.

Mechanical Aptitude

Consider your mechanical aptitude as well. Ask yourself honestly if you have the skills necessary to lift your car. Your high-riding fantasies could quickly become nightmares if you do not even know what you’re doing!

Pro Tips To Follow

There are many justifications for raising your vehicle. But you must adhere to some pro tips first. Your work will be safer and more convenient as a result.

  • If you notice any pops or cracks from the jack, jack supports, or the automobile itself, stop raising them immediately.
  • Never put anything below the vehicle while it is being lifted, including body parts. Once the car is adequately supported with jack stands, you may only work below it.
  • Double-check which side should be towards the vehicle before lifting with a scissor lift. The lift’s base, which is the bigger, smoother surface, should ideally reach the ground.
  • Even the best car jack may not be able to lift a bigger vehicle. Find a robust, sturdy item to enhance your job better.
  • Any substantial object that can be slid behind the wheel will work if you don’t have a wheel chock. Just ensure you cram it all the way in.


It’s a good idea to lift your car. You shouldn’t let a lift kit’s hefty price cause you to reconsider it. There are secure substitutes. You can get the advantages of a kit without the costs if you use lift substitutes.

Hopefully, we could explain how to lift a car without a lift kit. Don’t hesitate to do it. You should select the appropriate approach based on your choices. Lift your vehicle to experience a fantastic ride with better styling!