How Much Does A Leveling Kit Lift Your Truck?

Leveling kits can increase your truck’s ground clearance and provide an aggressive look. However, some people prefer lift or suspension kits over leveling kits because of the small height increment. So, how much does a leveling kit lift your truck?

A leveling kit can lift your truck for about 1 to 3-inches at maximum. You must go for lift kits if you want more ground clearance for your vehicle. But such an increment is suitable for improving the off-road experience, installing more extensive tires, and towing capacity.

You can quickly get a leveling kit for your truck. However, it would be best to clarify your purpose first because the height increment might not match your expectations.

Leveling Your Truck

Leveling Your Truck

Typically, most trucks are designed to come with a nose-down stance. It helps with your performance and fuel economy. In addition, putting some weight on the back accounts for the weight on the bed.

But with the leveling kit, you can adjust the height at the front of your truck and increase the ground clearance. Usually, a leveling kit acts as a suspension kit that helps to match the stock height of your vehicle. It increases the height a bit to improve the stance of your truck.

On top of that, you can install bigger tires because of the leveling kits. That’s because it gives more room to fit the larger tires. And you don’t have to rub the fending walls or remove them. The leveling kits also help with the heavy custom winch or bumpers. As a result, it increases the towing capacity.

However, leveling kits might decrease fuel economy. And sometimes, it can void your warranty.

How Much Do Leveling Kits Lift Your Truck?

Leveling kits are mainly used to increase the front height of your truck and level it with the stock height. However, the height increment has a limit of about 1 to 3 inches.

How Much Do Leveling Kits Lift Your Truck?

You can’t go above the range to increase the front mount height. Typically, leveling kits adjust the height by about 2-inches on average, which improves your truck’s ground clearance.

If you want more than the range, you must install a lift or suspension kit on your truck. That’s because lift kits can increase the height from 2 to 10 inches. Therefore, if you need to adjust your truck’s height for a better look and improve the off-road experience, you can go for the leveling kits.

You can install bigger tires with two or three inches of ground clearance. It will also give aggressive looks and retain factory driving dynamics. 

Facts To Know While Using A Leveling Kit

Facts To Know While Using A Leveling Kit

When you install a leveling kit on your truck, you should know some facts that might bother you in the future. Let’s talk in some more detail:

Extra Weight At The Back

When you put the excess weight at the back of your truck after installing a leveling kit, it might take down the rear side a bit and uphold the front end.

Then your vehicle will be like facing the sky, not at the front. The aesthetic look will be gone. Therefore, it would be best if you don’t carry too much heavy stuff on your truck.

Larger Tires And Shocks

As mentioned, leveling kits create space for installing bigger tires. Again, that’s because you get enough ground clearance.

But it’s also a downside as it exposes the engine to dust and mud. On top of that, you will need shocks to maintain the proper suspension on your truck.

Therefore, you must be careful, or else you might need to go to the repair shops now and then for minor fixes.

Is Leveling Kit Worth It For Your Truck?

Is Leveling Kit Worth It For Your Truck?

Well, it depends on your purpose. You can use the leveling kits to give your truck a good vibe and be happy with just a few inches of ground clearance.

On top of that, the leveling kits are always under your budget. So within the affordable range, you will get better off-road experience and towing capacity.

But suppose you want significant changes on your truck, and the budget doesn’t matter. So, get the lift kits. It will cost you 4 to 5 times more than the leveling kits. But they will provide more service than leveling kits.

However, with the leveling kits, you will get a chance to install bigger tires. So, it will be worth a shot.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do leveling kits increase the rear side height?

No, leveling kits increase the height at the front mount. That’s because factory-made trucks have uneven front and rear side level balance.

In addition, the rear side is a bit higher than the front end to improve the aerodynamics and load capacity. So, there’s no need to increase the back end height as it’s already higher than the front.

Do you need an alignment after installing a leveling kit?

Yes, your vehicle would need an alignment after installing a leveling kit. That’s because leveling kits alter the center of gravity. So, alignment helps with the handling of your vehicle.

For example, the axle and the steering wheel need adjustment, or you can’t drive straight. After a few miles, you will notice the symptoms.

Do leveling kits affect fuel economy?

Yes, leveling kits affect the fuel economy of your truck. As the front end is increased a bit, it changes the aerodynamics and wind resistance.

Therefore, you will need more gas or oil to cover the same distance. If there’s a load on your truck, the decreased fuel economy will be noticeable soon.

Which is more costly: a lift kit or leveling kit?

Obviously, a lift kit is costly compared to a leveling kit. And there are valid reasons behind it.

The leveling kit installation is pretty easy, and you can do it at home with the proper tools. And it needs fewer components. But lift kits are expensive, and you will need professional help with the installation.

Final Words

Leveling kits are used for ground clearance and height increment at the front. But when it comes to the truck, most people argue as you use it to carry loads and other stuff. That’s because of its lower height increment than lift or suspension kits.

Hopefully, you have learned how much a leveling kit lifts your truck in the passage. Within the affordable range, you will get various services. So, decide what you need for your vehicle. Enjoy your ride!