How Much Does it Cost to Lift a 4wd?

Are you interested to know the details of a truck? There are hundreds of advantages for performing on lifting a truck.

Higher performance is ensured through lifted 4*4 which means 4wd. To do that we need help with different kits like leveling or lift kits.

How Much Does it Cost to Lift a 4wd

In this article, we will discuss “How much does it cost to lift a 4wd?” As a user, you can expect between $1k to $5k. However, the price might vary depending on the situation and the lift that you are using here. Let’s go for a detailed discussion.


A 4WD is known as the 4-wheel drive or 4*4. They are capable of providing torque to all their wheels simultaneously. It can be used full-time or on demand depending on the situation. There is an additional drive shaft and gear-changing facilities for the driver. In short, we call it a special vehicle used in special terrain.

The 4WD can be lifted with the aid of a longer shackle. They will provide you with 50% lift and help you to raise 1 inch.

Lifting a 4WD

Lifting a 4WD

Buying and installing a leveling kit for your truck will cost you around $1k initially. We can say that an aftermarket leveling kit is the most effective solution for upgrading a 4wd. It is simple and inexpensive and at the same time easily reversible to the clients. In this way, the user will enjoy a more dynamic and accurate performance to the users.

Cost of the 4wd Lift Kit

When we are planning to lift a 4wd, it takes some extra preparation. The cost of the leveling kit to install it on a 4WD will be starting from $500 to even more than that. The leveling and body kits are the most affordable option for drivers. It is widely used among truck owners. Now, if you are searching for an advanced option, choose a suspension kit rather than a leveling kit.

When you are searching for a quality kit for your vehicle. You need to do some field research and eventually, take the decision.

The labor time to install a kit is an important factor always. While you are installing a normal kit like a leveling kit or a lift kit, it will take almost 10 hours or even more than that. Installing time is depending on the expertise of the technician that you are hiring. The only solution to reduce cost is to do it by yourself. In that case, you might need a lot of practice to do it perfectly.

Does it cost more to install a kit on a 4WD?

Does it cost more to install a kit on a 4WD?

The price of the kit is almost the same as other vehicles or trucks. However, the installation cost will be more than that. In that case, ask the technician if is he compatible to work with a 4WD or not. You might find very few technicians who can do that. Expertise is the key here. A 4WD vehicle is a special one and it needs special maintenance too. You should keep your budget for its maintenance.

Why would you lift a 4WD?

In a general sense, we love to lift a truck for different reasons. Let me tell you some of the common reasons that you do this very often.

  • Vehicle manufacturers design their suspension for smooth on-road comfort with few off-roading facilities. When you will upgrade a kit that will improve the car’s performance in hard terrain. You can drive the car smoothly in different conditions. So, durability is a key factor here while changing a kit.
  • The second most important thing that I would like to mention here is load carrying. There is a GVM (Grass Vehicle Mass). It ensures the maximum loaded weight. By adding an extra kit we can upgrade that facility and you can carry more weight than previous times. The practical example of this event is, sometimes we need to deal with a fully loaded truck. In this case, the weight is a little more than the previous times. If you upgrade those facilities, it will be helpful.
  • let me tell you the most interesting facts about listing a 4WD, to lift it 2 to 6 inches. As a result, you can adjust a big tier with the vehicle as you wish.

Final few words | How much does it cost to lift a 4WD?

To wrap up, we must say that lifting a 4WD needs some preparations, and the cost could be $500 to $3k depending on the kit that you are using. If you have any more queries regarding lifting a 4WD and some other relevant topic just leave your comments or directly mail to us. We like to hear from you. Have a great day!