How Much Is A Suspension Kit?

Lift kits are suitable if you like off-road adventures, especially suspension lift kits. That’s because they improve the overall suspension and geometry of the vehicle to provide a smooth experience. However, it’s pretty costly to install these kits. So, how much is a suspension kit?

You will need $400 to $1500 to buy a two or 3-inch suspension lift kit. But the tire size would be limited. A 4-inch suspension lift kit will cost about $1000 to $1500. But a 6-inch kit is expensive, around $2000 to $2500. On the other hand, a 7-inch kit will cost you $800 to $2000.

The cost of a suspension lift kit depends on various facts like brands, determining height, etc. Knowing the details while buying a suspension lift kit would be better.

Cost Of A Suspension Kit

Full Suspension Lift Kit
Full Suspension Lift Kit 

The price of a suspension kit is a bit different and higher than other lift kits. It would be better if you knew the prices according to their sizes. Before going into a detailed pricing breakdown, here is a brief overview:

Type of Lift KitAverage Price
2-Inch$400 to $1500
4-Inch$1000 to $1500
6-Inch$2000 to $2500
7-Inch$800 to $2000


The cost of a 2-inch suspension kit is around $400 to $1500. You can also get a 2.5-inch or 3-inch suspension for just $1000. That way, you will get some extra space to install bigger tires.


The price of a 4-inch suspension lift kit is a bit higher. It will cost you around $1000 to $1500. They come in different colors. Sometimes prices may vary because of color demands.


When you want to install a 6-inch suspension kit, it will cost you around $2000 to $2500.


The cost of a 7-inch suspension kit is about  $800 to $2000. You will need much bigger tires with the suspension kit, or you might not be comfortable with the off-road rides. You can also get an 8-inch kit in a similar price range.

Installation Cost

Besides the kit’s prices, the overall installation cost depends on related expenses like labor costs and additional tools like shocks.

For example, labor cost is a big concern when installing lift kits. Typically, the repair shops charge around $90 per hour on average. It will vary based on the region. And it takes more than 24 hours to install a suspension lift kit. As a result, the cost of the installation gets higher.

Factors Related To The Price Of A Suspension Kit

Suspension kits are necessary if you don’t want to feel dangerous bumps on rough roads. On top of that, it will give you more space to install bigger tires. However, various types of suspension kits are available in different price ranges. It would be better to consider these factors when you ought to buy one:


Brand value is always crucial when you buy a product. The same goes for the suspension kit. You might regret it if you purchase cheap ones from local or affordable brands just for the low prices.

That’s because they are made of low-quality materials that will wear out quickly and harm your vehicle, like the mounts, inner fenders, suspension, etc. So make sure you buy from a renowned brand even if it costs you extras.

Retail And Online Price

The price varies because of online and retail stores. If you know an excellent retail store that will give you authentic suspension kits, you can get them from the shop with some extra money.

But online, there’s no scope for checking the products. So, don’t buy unless the e-commerce is reliable. Sometimes online stores give discounts at an unbelievable rate and trick customers with the wrong products.


As discussed, the suspension kit price range varies based on their lift capabilities. So, before buying a suspension kit, you must determine the size and height you want to change or the new tire’s diameter.

Otherwise, wrong measurements will cost you extra bucks and waste your time. For example, if you wish to increase front height to 6 inches, go with the 6-inch suspension lift kit and regarding tire sizes. Don’t decide like a blind man.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to install a suspension kit?

Installing a suspension kit will take about 8 to 17 hours on average. However, it depends on the size of your suspension kit. That’s because when the suspension kit is a bit large, it will need more components and bigger tires to set the equipment. So, you will need more time, sometimes a couple of days.

Is a suspension kit worth it?

It depends on the choice of your vehicle. If you want to raise your vehicle’s height, install bigger tires, and improve the smoothness of your ride on off-roading, you can go with the suspension lift kit. But if the look is the only thing you want, go with the body lift or leveling kit.

Will it cost higher to install in a professional repair shop than myself?

Yes, it will definitely cost you higher when you go to a professional repair shop. The main reason is labor costs. It’s because the more time you need to install the kits, the more will be the cost. Labor charges their fee at the hourly rate.

Are suspension kits costlier than body lift kits?

Yes, suspension kits will cost you higher than body lift kits. That’s because suspension kits have more features than body lift kits. On top of that, suspension kits come with various components to install. And it increases the overall cost of the suspension kits compared to the body lift kit.

Bottom Line

Suspension lift kits boost performance during off-road rides or adventures. However, their cost deprives people of installing suspension kits. But you need to spend a bit if you want suspension improvement along with the looks. Hopefully, the discussion on how much a suspension kit costs has provided information about the prices. But first, clarify your height requirements and then decide on the perfect-sized suspension kit