How Much Does It Cost To Lift A Jeep?

Who doesn’t enjoy driving Jeep trucks, right? They offer incredible performance along with comfort. The look of Jeep vehicles is also elegant and eye-catching.

Cars manufactured by Jeep perform and look even better when they are lifted. It will also prevent damage to the base of the vehicle from higher grounds. So, how much does it cost to lift a Jeep?

To lift a Jeep truck, you must spend anything from $4,00 to $12,000. The cost of lifting a Jeep varies depending on the model and the type of lift kit. If you want to raise the vehicle to a significant height, it will cost you more or less ten thousand dollars Who doesn’t enjoy driving Jeep trucks, right? They offer incredible performance.

The cost will increase with any additional modification you might do. However, it is worth it as you will have better traction and an excellent off-roading experience.

How Much To Lift A Jeep?

The cost of lifting a Jeep can go as high as 12,000 dollars. You will have to spend a minimum of four hundred dollars raising the Jeep’s height. It varies depending on the type of lift you are going to use on your Jeep.

So, let’s find out how much a lift kit for a Jeep from this nifty table before we jump into more details:

Lift Kit TypeCost
Body Lift$150 to $1,000
Coil Lift$150 to $1,000
Long Arm Kit$500 to over $4,000
Suspension Lift$500 to $8,000

Body Lift

Body lift kits allow the Jeep to maintain its original suspension and wheel setup while raising the body. These kits are the least expensive solutions for lifting your Jeep. They add 1-3 inches of lift for aesthetic purposes but don’t provide much benefit to the truck.

Standard Jeep bushings are inch-thick rubber rings that protect the car’s body from the frame. The body is raised a few inches in a body lift by replacing the stock components with thicker and higher-quality bushings.

Body lift kits are the most accessible to assemble and have the most fundamental parts. There are many body lift kits for Jeeps under $100. However, the majority cost $150 to $1,000.

Coil Lift

With a coil lift kit, the stock coils are replaced with new, longer, stiffer springs and strut assemblies. These lift kits range in price from $150 to more than $1,000, and they provide a lift of 2-3.5 inches.

Coil spring raise kits offer better articulation and increase off-road performance because they replace the shocks rather than add to the factory springs.

Long Arm Kit

For more movement and a smoother ride along with lifting, a long arm kit uses a long arm between the axle and frame. In order to lower the wheels without compromising the suspension angle, long arms connect to locations that are further back. 

These kits are the most expensive, ranging in price from around $500 to over $4,000 for high-end goods.

Suspension Lift

A suspension raise kit might be more challenging to install but adds more clearance space than a body lift kit. It also offers a significant amount of traction for off-roading. It costs anything from $500 to $8,000, depending on the quality of the suspension lift kit.

How Much Does It Cost To Lift A Jeep Wrangler?

You can lift a Jeep Wrangler either with a body lift or a suspension lift. If you already have the necessary tools, the body lift shouldn’t cost you more than $1000. A suspension lift will likely cost you between $1,400 and $2,000. It is more expensive.

Lifting a Jeep Wrangler can be handy for driving on off-road and incredibly bumpy roads. It will also create more friction with the road, and the additional traction will keep your Jeep Wrangler in place on slippery roads.

Final Words

Lifting a Jeep truck will make your driving experience unforgettable. It will ensure that the car doesn’t drift on wet or icy roads as the traction of the Jeep increases with lifting.

After going through this article, we hope you clearly understand how much it costs to lift a Jeep. If you have been wondering how much to lift a Jeep Wrangler, you probably have your answers too!