How much does it cost to lift a 4runner?

The toyota4runner is renowned as an SUV-manufactured car in Japan. It is known for its outstanding service since the year 1984. A famous copywriter Robert Nathan named it 4runner.

It is recognized as the longest-lasting vehicle in the United States according to the statistics of “iSeeCars”. Sometimes we will upgrade this car according to our needs.

How much does it cost to lift a 4runner?

So you might have a question back in your mind “How much does it cost to lift a 4runner?” Well, it might cost near around $1k or even more. The costing is depending on various factors and the vehicle that you are using. Let’s go for a detailed discussion.

Is it worth lifting a 4runner?

If we lift a 4runner that will definitely, enable us to upgrade the wheels and tires for targeting larger or meatier ones. We have noticed an upper limit is fitted to the stock 4runner. In this case, a lift kit will help us to upsize the tires and wheels.  Yeah, I think so lifting a 4runner is worth it.

How much lift is good for a 4runner?

Well, it is an interesting question that we often received from customers. There are some clearing issues for the cars like steering, headers, and sometimes bumpers. When you will calculate all these factors it will be a smart idea to lift a 4runner up to 1 to 1.25 inches or even more than that.

The cost of lifting a 4runner

The cost of lifting a 4runner

Normally, most suspension kits will cost near around $1000 or even more than that. On the other hand, the labor cost will be around $300. So in total, we might say the cost will be $1300 or even more than that.

If you use the lift kit, that will allow you to do various types of things. Initially, you can increase the suspension, activate your 4runner to go for high-speed driving, lift the trim, etc.

If you want to engage in high jumping and try to drive over an uneven terrain that would be good. In total, we can say, you can do pretty much everything that you wish to do.

Let me tell you the most important things that you need to check out while purchasing a lift kit.

  • Type of kits
  • The vehicle’s model for 4runner
  • Decreasing fuel efficiency
  • Insurance rate is a vital factor here.

Let me tell you the different types of kits that are available to lift a 4runner

different types of kits that are available to lift a 4runner

We must say that 4runner is a special vehicle and you can do a wide range of things to do with different types of kits. Firstly, start with the cheapest one the leveling kits.

Leveling kits are great when you are planning to go for off-road driving. In that case, it can be used just for pavement use only. These kits can be placed in the spacers just right above the factory struts.

Sometimes these spacers will provide the added trim that you are expecting as a user. However, none of these will adjust the suspension of your vehicle.

These kits will cost you around $150-$300 and the user can adjust the front and back trim. So we can say that it is the most affordable kit on this list.

Suspension kit

Let me tell you another popular kit that is used widely in 4runner. It is a suspension kit. The interesting thing is you need to pay for its Coilover. The Coilover will adjust depending on what you are looking for when driving in uneven terrain.

No, you are thinking what would be the cost for these kits? Well, it could be $250 to $3k.

One of the most interesting suspension kits is “rear shocks.” It will determine how the rear of your vehicle will travel and simultaneously holds the oil reservoir of your suspension.

Effect of the lift kit on an insurance rate

Let me give you an important message. While you are investing thousands of dollars in buying a good leveling or suspension kit. On the other hand, somehow if it will damage, the car insurance provider company will not pay for this service. In that case, you need to pay on your own. 

Wrapping up | How much does it cost to lift a 4runner?

If you buy a lift kit for your 4runner that will need a plethora of homework and consultation. No, sometimes you need to use a simple leveling kit or a suspension kit depending on the condition of your vehicle and budget. So, choose your decision wisely while buying a kit for your 4runner.