How much does a body lift cost a truck?

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Let’s discuss a new topic “how much does a body lift cost a truck?” Well, it might cost around $2k or even more depend on the situation and the kits that you are using here. Stay with me and dig into the details of it.

Does a body lift affect the ride?

Well, when we are thinking of lifting a truck, the very first thing that will come to our mind is what will be the sequence of this event? The expert answer is, body lift might cause an indirect impact due to the increased height. In this context, the stability of your truck will be affected.

When you are planning to take your vehicle off-roading, a suspension lift will be a good choice for the users. For off-road driving, a suspension lift will be a good choice.

What is the impact of a body lift on gas mileage?

A lift kit can make a negative impact on fuel economy from different perspectives. The very first thing that will hurt you badly by adding some extra weight. Now, if you have found that your vehicle weighs more after this installation process, there is a good chance of reducing the mileage.  

After that, it will increase the wind resistance, and certainly, it will be a negative point for you.

The cost of lift kits

It actually depends on the type of kits that we are using here. The cost will start from $100 to $500 for leveling and body kits. These are the most affordable and good options for users.

Now, if you wish to add a performance-enhancing suspension lift kit, the cost will be too high. It might cost around $1k to $5k.

The installation time for these kits will be near around 7-15 hours and you will need an expert technician to do that. In that case, the charges are high obviously. Well, the labor cost will be $150 to even more than that. The only way to reduce the installation cost is to do it by yourself.

Lift kits vs. Leveling Kits

We know that lift kits and leveling kits are the basic two options that we choose frequently for a truck.

Leveling kit 

The major purpose of using a leveling is to solve the inconsistencies in the truck’s suspension. In this case, a leveling kit will be the immediate solution. Normally, we use it when there are some heavy goods or accessories weighing down on a single end of your truck.

A leveling kit will help you out with these perspectives. They will help you to raise the part of the truck up to 2-4 inches as you need to solve this issue. It can be an instant solution the interesting thing is you can easily afford it. A leveling kit will be the cheapest solution for the truck.

Lift kits 

Basically, they will serve you with two main categories. The first lift kit is the basic one. They will help you to raise your truck up 2-5 inches. Here, the cost is a little bit low. The next one is the premium kit. It is used for 6 inches or above. A lift kit is significantly expensive and the cost will be almost twice that of a leveling kit.

Now let me discuss the body lift and suspension lift

Body Lift

When we will install a kit on the truck’s body? Our next task is to choose a perfect lift. It could be a body lift or a suspension lift. The body lift is significantly important for a truck. It will create a big room for entering a large tier into the truck.

On the other hand, a suspension lift will help the user to make significant changes to the vehicle’s original equipment. It could be the different OEM parts and the integrity of the vehicle.

What will be the possibly significant changes when you will lift a truck?

There is a sequence of effects that you will notice when you will lift a truck. Have a look at the basic changes that you will notice immediately after changing the lift kit!

  • As a user, you will enjoy superior ground clearance facilities. It is simply awesome for solving a small problem.
  • We can say that the shock absorber will work great than the previous times.
  • You can easily set up bigger tiers and that will make an impact on the truck’s performance.
  • There is a chance that you can increase the MPG.

While adding a new kit you just need to check out these facilities and think about how it will make significant changes in the truck’s performance.

Final few words | How much does a body lift cost truck?

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