Do Leveling Kits Affect MPG

MPG stands for miles per gallon, and it refers to how much gasoline you use concerning the distance you go. The brand and type of the automobile and whether it’s new or old all influence MPG. There are many additional factors to consider, such as the size of the vehicle, engine, and driving conditions. The most significant factor is your driving style.

So now comes the most awaited question, Do Leveling Kits Affect MPG? Let us get into the answer and more relevant topics in this article.


MPG or miles per gallon is the standard we follow to ensure fuel economy. However, many factors can affect your MPG score. We will try to find if leveling kits hurt MPG or Do Leveling Kits Affect MPG in any way. If yes, how. 

How Can Leveling KIts Hurt MPG

Do Leveling Kits Affect MPG

You see, most car manufacturers intentionally lower the front-end suspension because the reduced wind resistance and improved fuel economy are both possible with this design.

On the other hand, the leveling kit will equalize the suspension and bring the front and rear ends to the same height. That’s when the problems start. The increased wind resistance and aerodynamic drag will result from the equalized suspension.

Higher aerodynamic drag implies your automobile will require more power to overcome the wind resistance. And more muscle equates to increased fuel usage.

So, yes, the leveling kit can hurt the MPG of your truck with higher aerodynamic drag.

Does a Leveling Kit Affect Fuel Economy?

Each truck will lose a different amount of MPG. Let’s be honest: not every vehicle is constructed differently. However, practically every car will suffer a 1-2 mpg loss in fuel economy.

To address the question straight, yes, leveling kits will have an impact on your truck’s MPG. Does leveling kit affect gas mileage? Yes, it does!

What is the Effect of Aerodynamic Drag on Fuel Efficiency?

The power needed to overcome aerodynamic drag is proportional to the square of velocity. If you minimize aerodynamic drag by 10%, your highway fuel efficiency will improve by 5%. As a result, your city’s fuel efficiency will improve by 2%. However, if you raise the aerodynamic drag, your fuel efficiency will suffer.


Will a Leveling Kit Hurt MPG?

Well, to answer simply, yes. The installation of leveling kits hurts the MPG of your truck. There’s a science behind it too. The much your truck faces aerodynamic drag, the lower MPG scores.

How Much Does a Leveling Kit Reduce MPG?

The designs of the truck’s rake/stance and height from the ground are part of the aerodynamics. Air is pushed from one place to another when the front is raised. Turbulence can occur around the body, frame, and underpinnings due to this.

Even though it appears insignificant, it may quickly build up. In most situations, you’ll lose 1-2 mpg on a level since you’ve changed the way the air circulates about the truck.

After that, its wheels and tires cause the most MPG loss. Some vehicles lose 5-7 mpg due to their large wheels and tires.

Do leveling kits ruin your ride?

In most circumstances, properly fitting a leveling kit will not affect the ride quality. However, buying low-cost, low-quality equipment from the internet might backfire. If you’ve never installed a kit before, we recommend seeking professional assistance.

You should always see a skilled technician regularly, when it comes to ride quality,. When it comes to riding quality, Untrained mechanics can occasionally degrade the quality of your ride.

What is a Good MPG for a Truck?

Standard pickup like Ford F150 Pickup 2WD Diesel gets 25 mpg on average. And to be honest, it is a relatively good score considering trucks don’t get a better score. So we can say that 25 mpg is generally good for a Truck.

Is a 56.5 MPG Good?

The industry norm rose from roughly 8.1 to 7.1 liters per 100km (35-40mpg) in the past to 5.6 to 5.1 liters in recent years (50-55mpg). We believe vehicles with an MPG of fewer than 6.0 liters/100km are ‘good’ MPG. So yes, 56.5 MPG is a pretty good number.

Is 18 MPG Good For a Truck?

It is dependent on the type of vehicle. 18 MPG is insufficient for a hybrid car, but 18 MPG is decent for a vast pickup vehicle. In reality, We think 16-18 mpg is relatively decent.

In 2008, the EPA estimated that this vehicle would get 14 mpg. In the city and 19 mpg on the interstate, with 16 mpg. So far, you’ve exceeded our expectations.


In this article, we tried to answer your questions regarding do your Leveling Kits Affect MPG and other relevant topics. Keeping a good MPG score is beneficial for both you and the others. Not only because it helps you financially, but as for a concerned citizen, you must. Be safe on the road and always follow the traffic signs.