Do Leveling Kits Affect Ball Joints

A leveling kit is a helpful device that raises the front of a vehicle. It allows the body to move away from the axles. Leveling kits function by lifting the vehicle’s front end to match the stock height in the back, resulting in increased ground clearance.

Though the leveling kits show some positive attributes regarding low bumpers or off-road driving, we’ve also seen some significant backlashes. One question we always got from our readers is that do leveling kits affect ball joints? Well, we carefully analyzed all the data and came up with a detailed answer.


The leveling kits may be a good choice for some. But all good comes with a cost too. In this article, we tried to answer your questions about leveling kits, whether they cause problems like worn-out ball joints or such. 

Do Leveling Kits Affect Ball Joints?

Do Leveling Kits Affect Ball Joints

Ball joints are a crucial part of your suspension. In other words you can say that both the suspension system and ball joints come hand in hand. So both can take the same  damages from any disruption.

So the bigger question is, how exactly do leveling kits affect ball joints? While the leveling kits give you more space for larger tires, they make the brake and steering parts hot. This heat wears the ball joints and suspension system simultaneously. So, yes, leveling kits do affect ball joints.

Do you know which ball joints wear out first? The lower ball joint absorbs the most pressure and wears out fastest. It not only has to support the vehicle’s weight, but it also has to absorb the shocks of potholes and other bone-jarring road dangers.

Do leveling kits cause problems?

Yes, leveling kits can cause you some discomfort if not installed correctly. The most common problem you can face is your suspension wearing off sooner than it should be.

Putting leveling kits in your 4*4 trucks can add strain to your truck’s suspension components. This additional strain causes your ball joints to go bad and make the suspension system weak.

Although a leveling kit does not entirely affect the look of your truck, it does alter its overall profile. Increased wind resistance means your truck’s engine will have to work harder, which will result in higher fuel usage.

How Long Ball Joints Lasts

Though a ball joint should last around 70000 miles or more, its lifespan varies depending on your driving habits, road conditions, and exposure to dirt and debris. Lift kits are also a reason for your ball joints to make that cranky sound.

Lift kits make your truck disproportionate by changing its default height. Ball joints will wear out faster if they are misaligned since they overload in one way or another. The use of a lift kit is a reason for premature degradation of the upper ball joints.

So how often should ball joints be replaced? Between 70,000 and 150,000 miles of driving, you can anticipate replacing your ball joints. Excessive motion in the joint can lead to further wear, and if a ball joint breaks, your car’s suspension might collapse, causing you to lose control.

What Causes Ball Joints to Go Bad?

There is a lot of reasons for this. Ball joints deteriorate when dust, grit, and particles get inside or grease leaks, resulting in a loss of lubricant. Furthermore, oxidation and normal wear and tear can destroy your suspension parts.

Furthermore, oxidation and normal wear and tear can destroy your suspension parts.  Excess mobility and looseness (beyond the company’s requirements) are also the results of this degradation.  One thing you have to keep in mind is that healthy ball joints provide a smooth sideways movement. They are not supposed to wriggle or jump upwards. This is a definite indication that you should change the ball joints.

Keep an eye out for the following signs of damaged ball joints:

  • Knocking or clunky noises, especially when traveling over bumpy roads
  • creaking or scratchy sounds as the suspension shifts
  • Too much sideways shift.
  • Steering wheel feels loose or unstable
  • Premature flat tire


1. Will a Leveling Kit Wear Out Front End?

If a front-end leveling kit fits incorrectly, it might cause the suspension system to wear out faster. Yes, a leveling kit can wear out your front end, but there is a catch. The great news is that you may avoid this issue by having the leveling kit installed and maintained correctly. Complete alignment and new shocks are part of routine maintenance.

2. Are leveling kits bad for ball joints?

Leveling kits have a reputation for quickly wearing out the upper ball joints. But a good leveling kit and installation will save you from this problem.

3. Do leveling kits cause problems?

A badly installed Leveling kit in the trucks can put additional strain on your suspension.  This increased tension from the change may cause them to wear out faster than normal.


Having a leveling kit installed in your truck might hook you with some advantages like more ground clearance, larger tires, better braking pressure, or increased equipment capabilities, it’s still not advisable. The logic behind it is simple, your safety behind the wheels.

You have the answer to your question “ do leveling kits affect ball joints” in front of you. It does in some cases. In its perfect condition, the Ball joint helps the suspension run smoothly. Keep that in mind while installing a leveling kit. Till then Drive safe.