Do I Need New Shocks For A Leveling Kit?

Shocks provide an extra boost to the suspension and an extra jump on an exciting adventure. It gives a vehicle a cool look with great features. But do you need new shocks for a leveling kit?

No, you don’t need new socks for a leveling kit. However, you can enjoy the extra help shocks provided on a rough and bumpy surface. But it’ll hamper your car’s fuel economy significantly. So, using shocks for a 2-inch leveling kit is the best option.

Some experts recommend using a 4 to 6 inches leveling kit, but they only increase the suspension gap. Knowing the pros and cons of using shocks for leveling kits is crucial for selecting the right shock for your car.

Do You Need Shock Extension For Leveling Kit?

Shock extensions are not necessary for leveling kit. It only decreases the down travel while lifting. But you can use longer shocks for a slight lift. Minimum bum stops per longer shocks provide more travel distance.

Don’t forget to use an extension kit for leveling depending on how many miles you’ve left on your vehicle. It also depends on for which purpose you want to use the car.

You should use shock extension when you plan to drive off-road, have a car race competition with your friends, and move on rough roads. The original shock extensions of your vehicles must have 20,000 or more miles on them before you install the new ones.


Shock extensions for leveling kit provide better security if you’re driving a truck. If you have to use shock extensions, use them in the front shocks. It’ll increase the shock’s lifespan through high bumps. Then, align them properly for optimum performance.


However, attaching new shock extensions come with some drawbacks. For example, it cranks up the car’s T-bar. As a result, the angle increases to an extreme level. Eventually, it puts excess pressure on ball joints, tie-rods, and crap.

Do I Need Shocks For A 2-Inch Leveling Kit?

Do I Need Shocks For A 2-Inch Leveling Kit

Installing shocks doesn’t change the whole appearance of your car, even if you use a 2-inch leveling kit. Using a 2-inch leveling kit depends on how you want to use your vehicle.


A 2-inch leveling kit can increase the extension shock lifespan following simple adjustments. For example, putting spring kits will increase the spring pressure. Consequently, the extension shocks will last longer.

Adding a strut bracket or brace intensifies the spring pressure of the car’s extension shocks. You can also compromise your suspension alignments for longer shock and strut lifespan.


You’ve to use longer shocks for a 2-inch lift. But a 2-inch leveling kit can make sinks in the back of the car. So put some weight in front of the vehicle to balance the weight. It’ll decrease the hole creation probability.

Remember to restore the shocks and struts before you insert the 2-inch leveling kit. New shocks and struts will balance the height after the leveling kit’s installation.

Do You Need Shocks With A 2.5-Inch Lift?

Do You Need Shocks With A 2.5-Inch Lift

Again, it depends on where you’re driving your vehicle. If you’re going on a bumpy road, you might need some shocks with a 2.5-inch lift.


Generally, an extension shock of a 2.5-inch lift adds 3 inches in the front and 2 inches at the back of the vehicle. You must install new shock absorbers that can endure the pressure of rough driving.

Many people use 4 to 6 inches shocks with 2.5 inches lift kits. As a result, the bumper won’t hit the ground early. Plus, it provides extra flexing. Most importantly, a 2.5-inch lift kit offers more than a 2.5-inch lift.


A significant drawback of using shocks for a 2.5-inch lift is the spring falling while driving. You’ve to fix the lower and upper front frequently so that the springs stay set to their positions.

Lots of brands manufacture shocks for 2.5-inch lifts. But cheap extension shocks affect the spring health and degrade the strut faster.

Do I Need New Shocks For A 3-Inch Leveling Kit?

You don’t have to add new shocks for a 3–inch leveling kit. But you can add a 3-inch leveling kit to make the car look fantastic. It compensates for the gap between the shock’s top and bottom positions.


The installed 3-inch leveling kit installed between the chassis and perch changes the height without affecting the suspension.

Generally, you don’t need to insert new shocks for a leveling kit. However, new shocks accelerate the overall performance and guarantee safety.


The worst result of using a 3-inch leveling kit is it hampers the vehicle’s fuel economy since it levels the jeep’s front and back height. As a result, vehicle producers keep the front-end suspension low for less air resistance and better fuel economy.

Your vehicle will display poor mileage when using a 3-inch leveling kit. Since you’re using shock for big lifts, wind can enter through the large open suspension area. As a result, the car’s mileage reduces to a significantly level.

Do You Need Longer Shocks For Leveling Kit?

Many leveling kits don’t need longer shocks. Popular brand leveling kits include performance shocks aiding in controlling the heavy, bigger tires over bumpy roads.

If your car already has better stock shocks and is in good condition, but you want to spend most of your time on the street, use shock extenders for maximum performance.

Some inexpensive leveling kits come with shock extenders and have optional shocks. However, installing good quality shocks is better for a longer and better service.

Bottom Line

Shocks can be of great help for nail-biting wild adventures. But they aren’t a great feature regarding regular driving. It costs a chunk of money to install shocks in your car, including the mechanic’s charge.

So, do I need new shocks for a leveling kit? We hope the discussion has cleared all your doubts regarding shock inserting.

A 2-inch lifting kit will do the job most if you want to drive it on smooth and rough terrains. Check out the suspension, spring, and strut before putting shocks in the vehicle.