How Much Does it Cost to Lift a Toyota Tacoma?

Are you thinking of lifting your Toyota Tacoma? Does the cost of all the components required for the lift scare you? Who can blame you when the sky-high prices of lift kits are enough to make you go broke?

Lifting your Takoma by yourself will cost you anywhere from 500 to 5,000 dollars, as you’ll only have to pay for the cost of the kit. Take it to a professional, and you may have to spend up to 8,000 dollars. Remember, the higher you lift your truck, the more it’ll cost you.

Don’t let all this complicated stuff bother you because I am here with the details for you on how much you’ll have to spend to lift your Toyota Tacoma, depending on your preferences.

True Cost of a BUDGET Lifted Toyota Tacoma Setup

How Much Will it Cost You to Lift Your Tacoma

The cost to lift a Toyota Tacoma will vary greatly depending on several factors, including how high you want to lift it, where you get your products, whether you do the mods yourself or hire a professional, and so on.

In my opinion, it’s always better to leave it to the professionals if you’re not an expert yourself, and maybe that’s exactly why you’re here.

Here’s an overview of how much you might have to spend if you wanted to lift your Tacoma. The minimum cost is set assuming you’d do it yourself, and the maximum cost includes the mechanic’s bill.

Lift HeightMinimum CostMaximum Cost
2 inches$100$1,000
4 inches$400$3,500
6 inches$1,500$5,500


2-inch Lifting Cost of Toyota Tacoma?

Using a leveling kit

The most basic leveling kits will allow you 1-2 inches of lift on the front. This will already allow you to put in slightly bigger tires.

Leveling kits that come with spacers for both front and rear can lift the front 2-3 inches while lifting the rear 1-2 inches to make it level. So, you can get away with spending as low as $100 for a kit like this one, to get around 2 inches of lift, A pricier leveling kit will cost around $500.

Using Spacers

The cheaper body lift kits use spacers between the frame and the body, or strut spacers that sit above or under the suspension coils. These spacers are fairly straightforward and easy to install.

So, using strat spacers and/or body spacers, your probable cost would be $100-$150 and it can range up to $400 depending on if you’re doing the installations yourself or by a professional.

Using a 2″ lift kit

You can still use a lift kit for a two-inch lift if you wish, though I wouldn’t recommend it yet, at least not for such a small amount of lift. A kit along with installation cost would total around a thousand dollars.

4-inch Lifting Cost of Toyota Tacoma?

4-inch Lifting Cost of Toyota Tacoma?

This height is a sweet spot to lift for improving a Tacoma’s looks and feels as well as for costs and conveniences.

You can use a mixture of different small lifting methods or you can put a 4” lift kit but that’ll make the cost higher.

Cheaper options

You can go with the 2” body spacers, costing as low as $50, (like this one) and combine them with strut spacers, your Tacoma will already have more than three inches of lift.

Now, you can tweak the torsion bar to raise the suspension height, and done! You have around 4 inches of lift to turn heads on the road, spending only around $400 for the body lift kit/leveling kit and the strut spacers.

But, keep in mind that raising the suspension height this way will make them stiffer and less jumpy on uneven tracks.

You can add bracing where the bars connect to the frame, lifting it quite a bit. But, that will raise the costs a little.

You can also change the torsion bars for sturdier ones that can handle the extra weight that comes with the mods on a lifted truck, but you can skip this if your budget is tight.

With lift kits

For a better driving experience though, you should opt for a lift kit. You can either put a 2” lift kit and combine it with the methods mentioned above, or you can go all out and buy a 4” lift kit.

Let me remind you though, a 4” lift kit will cost you significantly more than a 2” one. Also, 4” lift kits usually achieve that height by combining suspension lifts with body spacers and other components that you can get separately for cheaper.

Typically, a 4” lift kit will cost you around $1,000 not including the installation charges, like this one on Amazon. The more expensive options come in as high as $3,000. Combining a 2” suspension lift kit with spacers can bring the cost down to $800 plus the installation charge.

6-inch Lifting Cost of Toyota Tacoma?

6-inch Lifting Cost of Toyota Tacoma?

To lift your truck more than six inches, a suspension lift kit is a must. You can find 6″ lift kits on the market. Their cost range from $1,100 to $4,000 without the installation cost. Here’s one of the cheapest options available on Amazon.

You should skip the cost-cutting options I’ve mentioned earlier because such a high amount of lifts come with a lot of complications and cutting costs will only work out for the worse.

Higher Lifts

With a suspension lift kit, you can lift your truck as much as a whopping 1.5 feet from the frame. But such a kit would cost a huge amount of money.

Lift kits that lift a Tacoma by a massive height, cost a massive amount of money, typically reaching as much as $8,000. But, if you are lifting that Tacoma that high, you’re probably more concerned about the looks than costs.

Typically, achieving an 8” lift is possible by spending on 6” lift kits and adding bracings where the bars connect to the frame. But, you have to change the torsion bars for sturdier ones that can handle the extra weight that comes with the mods on a lifted truck, which will add to the costs.

Buying a Lift Kit? Be Careful When Cutting Costs

Cheap suspension lift kits are never actually a good idea. While it may appear that you are getting the same thing from a dirt-cheap option because it does lift your truck, this is not really true.

A highly expensive kit will certainly include components that address the alignment and steering issues caused by such high lifts.

Also, these kits come with better shocks and adjustable suspensions to keep up with the weight of the bigger tires, the changed center of gravity, the larger wheel travel, and so on.

So, if you’re thinking of cutting costs while lifting your Tacoma, you can do so with a minimal amount of lift. Higher lifts have an impact on your truck’s aerodynamics and center of gravity, reducing fuel economy and balance significantly.

Things You Should Look Out For

  • The model of your car: Since the Tacoma has been continuing for over 3 decades, there are many editions. The aftermarket parts available will mention the models they will suit. So, be careful before you purchase any parts or kits to avoid any hassles later.
  • Talk to your mechanic: Before spending money on a lift kit, show it to your mechanic, explain what you’re looking for, and ask for advice. This might save you from inconvenient situations later.
  • Look at the spec sheet: Don’t jump in to buy a kit if it says 6” lift kit. The height is not the whole story. See what kind of components it comes with, if the height and width are adjustable, if all the components are necessary, or if you can do without some, etc.

Lights and mirrors: Lifting a lot will bring your headlights, indicators, and mirrors up. Do remember to adjust them after you lift your Tacoma for better driving comfort and safety.