Should You Consider Coil Spacer Lift? Pros and Cons to Consider

I have a lot of experience in lifting vehicles at my auto repair shop (Mechanicboss), especially using coil spacer lift kits.

They are really affordable!

My clients tend to want to lift their vehicles using this kind of affordable coil spring spacer lift kit not because they are budget-friendly but also because they are beginner-friendly.

So if you want to add a few inches to your truck or SUV and want some additional ground clearance but don’t want a full suspension lift, a coil spring spacer lift is a great option for you.

What about all the coil spacer pros and cons?

A coil spring spacer lift has a lot of advantages, but like most good things, it also comes with a few negative aspects.  So are coil spacers good or bad? I think the good outweighs the bad!

I’ll explain all these pros and cons of a coil spring spacer lift kit to you in this article in a bit. So stay tuned!

The Truth About Coil Spacers Lift

Pros of Coil Spacer Lift

Pros of Coil Spring Spacers

As I have already mentioned earlier, there are a few pros to lifting your vehicle using coil spring spacers.

And now, I will be telling you all about it!


Coil spring spacers are sold either with their own kits with extra components or just with the sets of spacers.

This is why different coil spring spacer kits have different price tags! But they are all usually cheaper than a suspension lift kit.

If you just want a pair of polyurethane coil spring spacers to lift the front of your vehicle, you might only have to pay as little as $30 to $50 for them.

The steel ones will cost a bit more, but they are much more durable because the material is stronger than polyurethane.

Either way, just a set of coil spring spacers costs under $100!

But two sets of coil spacers can set you back a few more dollars, as they can cost up to 150 dollars.

There’s a but!

If you want a lift kit of coil spring spacers that come with the necessary hardware, sway bar links, and other components, you might have to spend as much as $200 to $300.

So coil spring spacer lift kits are very affordable as long as you know what you are looking to buy.


Coil spring spacers are really versatile and user-friendly!

You can easily buy a set and install them to add a few inches to your truck or SUV, even with your factory suspension system.

Yes, it’s that good!

You don’t have to worry about altering other parts to install these spacers. Just buy them and set them on top of your coil springs!

And even if you have another aftermarket modification done to your vehicle, you can use these coil spacers with them.

Here’s a scenario,

Let’s say you already have a suspension lift kit added to your truck, but you want a little more height to add bigger tires or just for the added ground clearance.

What to do?

Get yourself some coil spring spacers!

Yes! You can install them even if you have a suspension lift kit or any other aftermarket modification done to your vehicle.

Spring Rates Intact

You might want to adjust your vehicle’s spring rates for a stiffer ride or to keep your vehicle from bottoming out.

What if you want a bit of lift after adjusting your spring rates?

In this case, you can’t go with a suspension lift kit with your eyes closed. This is because a suspension lift kit can easily disturb your preferred spring rates.

What now?

Well, you can always opt for coil spring spacers!

Coil spring spacers will not alter your spring rates after giving your vehicle a few inches of height and added ground clearance.

Fixed Lift

You might ask yourself why coil spring spacers are so affordable. Do they come off easily? Or do they shift the height once installed?

No, they don’t!

They only sit on top of your vehicle’s coil springs and add extra height to your vehicle. And they stay fixed there.

Easy Leveling

You might not like that sagging front of your vehicle if you don’t carry heavy loads on the back very often.

Want to level it?

If you want to level your truck or SUV but don’t want to spend much on it or alter the geometry of your vehicle, coil spring spacers are the way to go.

You can just buy a pair and fit them on the front suspension’s coil springs to level the front with your vehicle’s rear end.

Doesn’t Void Warranty

Installing a suspension lift kit might easily void the warranty of your truck or SUV. This is because your vehicle’s manufacturers don’t want the kit to change the factory ride quality.

So you can just use coil spring spacers to lift or level your truck or SUV, as they usually don’t void the warranty.

Cons of Coil Spacer Lift

Cons of Coil Spring Spacers

Now that you know all the benefits of getting coil spacers installed on your truck, you might want to know if there are any cons to them.

There are!

It’s very much possible to avoid or fix a lot of these cons, but you can’t fully ignore them. Here they are:

  • Even though it’s a good thing that your adjusted spring rate won’t change because of coil spacers, you still have the disadvantage of not being able to add stiffness after altering your vehicle’s height.
  • Installing coil spring spacers will add a few inches of height to your vehicle, but you can’t expect them to add travel to your suspension components.
  • Even though the coil spacers don’t come off easily, there’s a chance they might when you’re going on extreme off-road adventures if they are not completely attached to your spring tower.
  • As you aren’t adding longer coils, these coil spacers might hurt your wheel travel, decrease the clearance of your bumps stops, or even get too close to your control arms.

Final Words

There is a couple of coil spacer lift pros and cons you need to know about before you determine to get it done to your truck or SUV.

I say the pros outweigh the cons. But after reading about them, it’s completely up to you if you want to get a coil spacer lift or not.