Can You Pull A Trailer With A Lifted Truck?

Nowadays, lifting is quite popular and in trend among truck enthusiasts as it is really fun to drive a lifted truck and also brings a lot of perks. Now many of them wonder if they can pull a trailer with their lifted truck.

I am a truck owner, and I lifted my truck recently. But I often need to do towing. So I have researched it, and I’m here to give you some suggestions on this.

Although lifted trucks are not very suitable for towing, you can definitely use them to pull a trailer by installing a drop hitch and lowering the joint to a moderate height. You should also have smaller tires to avoid any kind of accidents.

Today I will discuss how you can pull a trailer using a lifted truck by keeping your truck secure and safe.

Things to Consider Before Pulling A Trailer with Your Lifted Truck

It is usually not encouraged to do towing with a lifted truck as it can bring a massive change to the performance of your truck. Pulling a trailer with a lifted truck can be unstable and may cause sagging in the rear end also, sometimes, the suspension can wear out faster because of this.

If you are confused between a body lift kit and a suspension lift kit, then in my opinion, a suspension lift kit can be a better choice for safely towing heavy weights, as this lift kit will bring a change in your truck’s shocks and springs.

As towing can cause sagging, the balance of the entire truck can be in

Consequently, you will no longer have your truck’s original towing capacity, as the suspension lift will change it.

A lifted truck has altered components and stability. There are basically two reasons why a lifted truck can be unsafe sometimes for pulling a trailer:

The Height

After lifting your truck, it will rise a few more inches from the ground. The added height of a lifted truck will make it difficult to keep the trailer stable.

When you change the factory structure of an original suspension, you change a lot of its components, such as the hitch.

And also, if the tongue of a trailer doesn’t align properly with the hitch on the truck, that’s a problem.

Suspension Squat

The load of the trailer will make the suspension squat, and this squatting will lead to a higher front than usual.

As a result, the front tires will gradually lose their traction, and there will be problems with handling the steering too.

Can You Pull A Gooseneck Trailer with A Lifted Truck

Yes, you can pull a gooseneck trailer with a lifted truck depending on the height of the neck from the trailer. It depends on the hitch adjustments too.

If you want to pull a gooseneck trailer, you have to watch out the neck and see if it can go under properly. Also, make sure the trailer sits lever.

Problems of Pulling A Trailer With A Lifted Truck

People prefer lifting a truck mainly for a better and more rugged look. There are other reasons as well, like clearer ground space and better off-road rides. But in the case of towing, your truck can face the following problems:

Imbalance on the Axles

Too much weight on the rear of the truck and too little on the front axles can create an imbalance. It may lead the front end to ascend from the ground.

So, you have to be careful and maintain traction and a good balance.

Higher Wheel Tongue

If you want to pull a 5th-wheel trailer, it can be a bit difficult to handle a lifted truck. It can also result in fishtailing.

Usually, you should not do towing with a 5th-wheeler because they are designed for stock trucks, and these trailers fix and rotate in the bed of the truck rather than in the bumper.

Decreased Towing Capacity

It is true to some extent that lifting a truck will decrease its towing capacity, but it mostly depends on what type of lift kit you have used to lift your vehicle.

With a lifted truck, you can tow by maintaining the manufacturer’s recommended capacity.

But I believe suspension lifts have quite an effect on a truck’s towing capacity because this kind of lifting raises the entire suspension of your truck and affects stability and handling.

How to Pull A Trailer with A Lifted Truck Safely

You can pull a trailer with your lifted truck by taking some safety measures such as the following:

Stabilize The Trailer

To stabilize the trailer, you will need a drop hitch.

Installing a drop hitch will lower the ball joint because of its shape. It is very easy to install and will allow the hitch on the truck to align properly with the tongue on the trailer.

Install Helper Spring

When you add weight to your truck, there is a possibility it will make the truck’s rear end sag. This can occur even if the load is within the vehicle’s original towing capacity.

Installing a suspension helper spring can prevent the sagging.

There are many types of helper springs on the market, such as air, leaf, and rubber. The rubber springs are comparatively the strongest and can be the most reliable too.

Lastly, it is always a safe option to use a leveling kit instead of lift kits if you want to pull a trailer with a lifted truck.