Can You Lift a RAV4- Answer From My Experience

RAV4 is a compact crossover SUV manufactured by Toyota, which is already designed for higher visibility and more cargo room. 

It has amazing engine power, dynamic torque control,  and it is the coolest SUV you can have!

But you can still lift your RAV4 if you are willing to give it a better appearance and better performance. 

Depending on your weather condition, off-road traveling, and budget, you can decide whether or not you will need a lift for your RAV4. 

If you want to give it a new look and more excelling capability, then you must go for a lift kit!

Lifting the RAV4 + New Wheels and Tires!

 Is it Possible to Lift a Toyota RAV4?

The answer is yes! You can lift a RAV4. 

There wasn’t enough lift kit in the market for a RAV4 back in the day, but as lifting got popular, a lot of aftermarket products are available nowadays. 

You can lift the suspension of a Toyota RAV4 up to 2.5 inches. So if you want to increase the ground clearance of your RAV4 or just want bigger tires, you should lift it.

Benefits of Lifting Your Toyota RAV4

Benefits of Lifting Your Toyota RAV4

Off-road performance

A Toyota RAV4 has the ability to ride off-road and on rough terrains. If you lift your car, it will have even better capability for handling all the bumpy and rocky terrains.

RAV4 is a multipurpose SUV, so with a bit of lifting, you will be using it for camping and traveling with a smoother experience. 

Ground Clearance

The ground clearance of a Toyota RAV4 is almost 8.6 inches

Still, you can lift it from 1 to 2.5 inches if you want more ground clearance. 

It will reduce the chance of getting stuck and crossing obstacles easily, just why exactly you want to lift it! 

Less Damage

As the ground clearance will be better and your car will be higher from the ground, there will be less chance of accidents, and you will be able to avoid damages as well. 

It will also avoid rubbing and knocks!

New Appearance

The lift in a Toyota RAV4 will give it a bold and more rough appearance.

You can change your tires to bigger ones also, which will give it a more adventurous look.

Disadvantages of Lifting Your Rav4

Installation Cost

If you want a lifted RAV4, you might want to spend some bucks on buying the lift kit and installing it properly.

Buying and installing the kits in a RAV4 might be costly. Usually, it ranges between $650 to $1500. 

The parts will cost around $400 to $1000.

Don’t forget about the charge of the mechanic, which ranges between $250 to $500.

And it is always wise to seek professional help when it comes to lifting a car, so getting it done by a mechanic is much easier than trying yourself and damaging your car. 

But if car parts are well known to you, and you know how to lift, you can do it yourself and save a few dollars.

Fuel Efficiency

A lift kit can affect the fuel efficiency of your vehicle as the lifting will make it weigh more than its original weight. 

Usually, the fuel consumption of a Toyota RAV4 is 4.7 to 7.5L/100km.

The fuel economy will slightly decrease in a lifted RAV4.

Decreased Mileage

Owners who lifted their RAV4 reported a slight change in mileage. 

You have to make this small sacrifice if you want better ground clearance and clearer visibility it will bring.

Gravity Center

As the lifting will raise your car, handling it will be a bit more complicated because a car’s turning depends on gravity, and the higher gravity will have some negative effects on it.

With changed gravitation, there’s a chance for your car to roll over.

That is why you must be more careful while turning after you lift your car, as it has less stability now.

Warranty Cancelation

By lifting your RAV4, you may risk the manufacturer’s warranty. 

Some warranty terms do not allow modification. Although it is also possible that the warranty only covers the original factory-issued condition, and the parts you modify will not come under this warranty.

So read your warranty well before making any changes to your car.

Can You Lift a RAV4 Hybrid?

You can also lift a RAV4 Hybrid. A RAV4 Hybrid is heavier than a normal RAV4; thus, the Hybrid one will need a stronger lift kit.

If you own a Hybrid RAV4, you might want to lift your car to elevate its look and, of course, for better visibility.

Although the gas mileage will be reduced a bit.

For example, If you get 35 mpg after buying it, it may be reduced to 30 mpg after lifting. 


A lift for this gorgeous crossover SUV is totally worth it!

It will give you better performance, more ground clearance, and higher visibility also with a fabulous lifted look for your off-road adventures.

Lifting your RAV4 will be reliable yet efficient if you are ready to take good care of your car.

So, go for it!