Can You Add a Leveling Kit to a Lifted Truck

Does your lifted truck feel a little out of place even after lifting? After installing a lift kit, many people want a bit of additional height. So, the question is, can you add a leveling kit to a lifted truck?

Much like a lifting, leveling kit corrects the sloping stance of your truck and raises the body from the ground. However, a leveling kit includes hardware to raise your vehicle’s front end to accommodate wider tires and improve ground clearance.

Now then, let’s take a deeper dive into the matter and discover whether it’s a good idea to add a leveling kit to a lifted truck

Can You Add a Leveling Kit to a Lifted Truck


Whether you can or really need to add a leveling kit to a lifted truck is entirely up to you. In this article, we have clearly explained to you what leveling and lifted kits are and what they do. You can easily differentiate them and decide which one you need

A suspension kit is another form of a lifted kit. It will also help you to lift your car. Is it a good idea to use a suspension kit with a leveling kit? But more importantly, can you use both lifted and leveling kits together? Find out the answers with us.

Can You Add a Leveling Kit to a Lifted Truck? ( The Real Answer)

The truth is, you need to consider different things while customizing your aftermarket suspension. So, as you can assume, there isn’t any definite answer to this question.

Adding a lift kit with a leveling kit requires immense modifying. This puts too much pressure on your truck. For this sole reason, the leveling along with the lift might not work as you initially want it to. That’s why manufacturers suggest against the idea.

But what if you’re okay with that risk and want to stack up a leveling kit anyway? Well, we’re not saying that it can’t be done. You can definitely install it. But before doing that consider the risks. Consult a professional and hire them to do the modifications. In that way, you can reduce the risks to a bare minimum and still get your desired height.

Does a Leveling Kit Raise Your Truck?

To answer it directly, yes, it does. You can stack up a leveling kit on top of the lift to increase the raise. For example, you can easily lift your truck to 8 inches by stacking 2-inch leveling kits on top of 6-inch lift kits.

A 2-inch body lift or leveling kit usually allows for a 3- to 4-inch increase in tire size. In comparison, a 3-inch lift could allow for 35-inch tires.

What Does a Leveling Kit Do for A Truck?

Trucks are built to carry high loads. Basically, the back and front are not perfectly aligned. If you don’t put any weight on the back it tends to be higher than the front.

So, what a truck leveling kit does is level out the vehicle’s overall stance. It includes hardware to lift the front end slightly.

How much does a leveling kit raise your truck?

Do you want to know exactly how many inches does a leveling kit raise your truck? Typically, a leveling kit is meant to raise the front of a vehicle by around 2 inches. A 2-inch leveling kit will allow you to install 33-35-inch tires.

This size of tires is extremely useful in sled pulling, towing, off-road use, and even daily driving. A 2-inch leveling kit is perfect for any pickup. It won’t do any harm whatsoever even if you’re towing or hauling.

Can You Put a Leveling Kit with A Suspension Kit?

Suspension kits are a form of a lift kit. It gives your truck extra height and ground clearance. As a general rule, you can stack up a leveling kit with a suspension kit. This will give you some extra ground clearance and the visual appeal you crave.

Can You Put a Lift on a Leveling Kit?

Now, here is the opposite question. To answer it simply, yes, you can. In fact, it is a very popular form of lifting your vehicle by combining a leveling kit and lift kit. This provides the benefits of a Suspension Lift without the need to modify your suspension. On top of that, all this comes at a very low cost.

Do You Need a Leveling Kit with A Lift Kit?

Frankly, you don’t need both of them. Most often either one of them will do just fine. Unless you want extra height even after installing a leveling or lift kit. Choosing between the two is usually a matter of what you intend to accomplish with your truck.

Simply put, you can skip the leveling kit if you’re a fan of off-roading or long camping vacations. But if you want larger tires, then you might want to install them both. The choice is yours!

Difference between Leveling Kit and Lift Kit

A lot of people have misconceptions about the working mechanisms of lift kits and leveling kits. Both of them get your vehicle off the ground. So, are they really that different? Let me clear the air about them:

Leveling kit: Leveling kit is used to raise your vehicle’s front end only. This inconsistency between height is known as Rake. The leveling kit usually puts blocks on top of the stock struts to enhance the height.


  • The leveling kit makes your truck’s appearance slightly higher.
  • Leveling kits are less expensive than the lift kits, by a wide margin!


There are no performance advantages or an increase in ground clearance.

Lift kit: The lift kit raises either the suspension or the vehicle’s overall height. There are two kinds of lift kit-

  • Suspension lift kits; and
  • Body lift kits

Suspension lift kits modify or replace your stock suspension. Whereas body lifts raise the truck’s body by putting blocks between the frame and the body. There


  • The lift kit provides a smooth rock crawling and off-road driving experience.
  • It gives your truck an aesthetic appeal.
  • Lift kits help you to have larger wheels and tires.


The additional strain that a Lift Kit places on other suspension components may need more costly repairs in the future.

  • Lift kits cost more than leveling kits.
  • As compared to leveling kits, lift kits are more difficult to install.
  • Installing a raise kit incorrectly will cost you money down the road.


Can You Add More Lift to a Lifted Truck?

Yes, you can. Simply install a leveling kit on top of the lift kit to achieve the desired height. It’s called a hybrid lift. A hybrid lift combines a suspension lift and a body lift. It involves raising the truck’s whole body and frame using a suspension lift. But keep in mind that it is rarely utilized.

Does a Leveling Kit Mess Up Your Truck?

A truck leveling kit has no effect on the vehicle’s weight balance. Just installing a leveling kit won’t put any extra strain on your vehicle. It’s perfectly fine.

Why You Should Not Lift Your Truck?

While lifting has its advantages, it also has some drawbacks. The truck’s handling will suffer due to its greater center of gravity. Higher vehicles have less cornering stability. This will make your drives a bit slow.


So, can you add a leveling kit to a lifted truck? Well, yes. But that doesn’t mean you necessarily need to. Even so, if you think you absolutely need to install them both, you should go to a professional garage and ask them to give a thorough check.

We hope you found this article helpful in deciding whether or not to add a leveling kit. In the end, it’s your truck, and your comfort matters most. It’s up to you how you want to build it.