Best Leveling Lift Kit for F250 F350 Super Duty- My Favorite

Adding a lift kit is a simple way to spruce up your ride. However, many people think that investing in a lift kit is a total waste, but it can actually help in a variety of ways.

A lifting kit is the ultimate solution, whether it’s for greater visibility, better off-road performance, or more towing capacity. And the height obtained by raising your truck will allow you to pass over most barriers without difficulty.

Although it may take longer to install, it’s worth it in the end. But then the question pops up, how would you pick the best lift kit for F250 / F350 Super Duty.

My Favorite Leveling Lift Kit for F250 & F350 Super Duty

With so many available options today, selecting the appropriate lift kit may be pretty tricky. No worries! To assist you in achieving the best results, I’ve compiled a list of the top lift kits for Ford F250 / F350 super-duty trucks. All of the following kits will surely satisfy your expectations.


I made every effort to cover every aspect of the topic to make it as simple as possible for you to choose the appropriate lifting kit for your Ford F250 or F350 super duty. I analyzed not only the product’s quality and customer experience but also the market value.

Finally, here are our top 14 picks for the best lifting kits, each of which has a broad range of valuable features.

I’ve included a concise buying guide to make it easier for you to discover the best shot for your needs. An info section will provide you with the necessary information regarding the most often-asked questions.

My Favorite 14 Best Leveling Lift Kit for F250 F350 Super Duty

A lifting kit that works with your F250 and F350 and is also great value for the money won’t be easy to find. With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of 14 of the best lifting kits based on their features, types, and price points. Any of the lifting kits listed below won’t let you down.

1. Readylift 2.5″ Leveling lift Kit

Readylift 2.5" Leveling lift Kit

Key Features

  • Compatible with 2011 to 2020 4WD F250
  • Includes a tracking bar relocation frame to correct track width
  • User-friendly installation with Readylift’s Smart Suspension Technology
  • Maintains OEM ride quality and quiet sound with a sound isolator

The Leveling Kit from Readylift takes the top spot on my list for plenty of purposes, and I think it’s the best lift kit for F250 super duty.

This 2.5″ leveling lift kit is an improved version of their standard 2.5″ leveling kits. For Ford F250 2011-2020 4WD owners in need of a lift kit, this kit works with wheels around 35 inches while maintaining smooth ride quality.

You can’t go wrong with this lift kit, which has a 2.5-inch design that will best suit any tire and lifting capacity, making your truck more thrilling to drive. As a bonus, Readylift offers a tracking bar relocation bracket that enables you to adjust the track width of your vehicle after raising the front.

Moreover, you’ll benefit from powder-coated coil spring spacers, a powerful shock extension, and a cast-iron sway bar chassis.

Another feature that contributes to the OEM-quality ride and performance is the inclusion of a sound isolator.

Not only that, but the Readylift 2.5″ lift kit also comes with a slew of other features that make it the best leveling kit for 2019 F250. With the lift in place, you’ll always have an improved view of what is ahead of you. Now is the time to drive confidently off-road or amid a traffic jam!


  • Supports around 35 inches of tires
  • Comfortable ride and handling
  • Straightforward installation
  • Suitable for even the most demanding tasks


  • Sometimes it needs to be aligned after installation

My Opinion

What makes me amazed about this product is its simple setup. It doesn’t have to be hard to install a lifting system.
With the user-friendly structure of this ReadyLift model, that is now a breeze to set up. This one is an excellent option for enthusiasts who want to level the front of their F250 super duty.

ReadyLift 2.5″ Leveling Kit Install Ford f-250 Super Duty

2. MotoFab Lifts 2-inch Front Leveling Lift kit

MotoFab Lifts 2 inch Front Leveling Lift kit

Key Features

  • Fits for the 2005-2021 4WD Ford F250 and F350
  • Proper 2-inch lift for the front of your vehicle
  • Crafted with billet aluminum and anodized black to suit your stock suspension
  • Takes just 1.5-2 hours to complete the installation process

Another low-cost and straightforward lifting solution is MotoFab’s front leveling kit, which is another best lift kit for F350 super duty, in my opinion.

In addition to being compatible with F250s, the MotoFab lift kit is functional with F250 & F350 super duty, unlike the Readylift 2.5″ leveling kit. So you’re going to get a massive range of compatibility.

At 2 inches, this MotoFab front leveler is great for a more adventurous appearance on your vehicle. With MotoFab’s CNC machined billet aluminum lifting kits, you can be sure you’re getting the best products available.

Even more impressive is the combination of this construction with a black anodized covering. To make it fit with the factory suspension, this is needed. After taking the kit out of the box, you’ll notice that the stuff is quite sturdy and tear-resistant.

Another excellent feature of this product is something I’d like to share with you now. You won’t need over two hours to put this kit together. The reason is you won’t have to dismount the coil system. This is a great time-saver. Your vehicle should be up and running in no time at all!


  • Outstanding construction quality
  • Affordable and convenient installation
  • A vast range of compatibility
  • No need for the coil to disassemble


  • A purchaser had to wait longer than expected for the products. It’s not like there’s anything else to worry about, though.

My Opinion

I’m pretty impressed with the MotoFab front leveling kit’s build quality. It looks fantastic and complements the color of my truck’s factory suspension thanks to CNC-machined aluminum and anodized black paint.

Look no further than MotoFab Lifts if you’re seeking a cost-effective and efficient method of lifting your truck.

How To Install Front Leveling Kit 2005 – Current Ford F-250 Pick-up

3. American Automotive 3″ F250 / F350 Super Duty Lift Kit

American Automotive 3"  F250 / F350 Super Duty Lift Kit

Key Features

  • Made of ¼ inches laser-cut US steel for heavy-duty applications
  • Suitable for 2005-2021 Ford 4WD F250 / F350
  • Straightforward bolt-on installation and maximum ground clearance
  • Installation takes about three hours

Third place goes to the American Automotive lift kit, an engineering marvel, it’s another best leveling kit for F250 super duty. You’ll be able to customize the front and rear truck heights with this suspension lift kit.

Enthusiasts who want to obtain a better sight from the top of their seat may consider this lift 3 inches in height. This one is ideal for the Ford f250 models from 2005 to 2021.

It’s compatible with more than one decade of Super Duty vehicles. You can set it all up within three hours with the accessories included. This Automotive lift kit is crafted with 1/4 inch laser-cut steel and can resist any challenging scenarios you can imagine.

The package’s carbon steel spring spacers, shock extenders, tapered lift blocks, and brake relocation bracket will give you superb resilience. They’ve even incorporated sound isolators, which contribute to retaining the stock riding experience.


  • Restore factory-quality riding
  • Incorporated sound isolator
  • Simple and quick setup
  • Elevates the truck by 3 inches


  • You may have to pay more for hardware
  • Models from 2011 to 2016 will require a track bar bracket

My Opinion

The ability to boost your Super Duty’s front and back height is one of the kit’s best features. There’s no denying that your truck will gain three inches in height, which is why it’s the best suspension lift for F250.
Manufacturers should, however, make it clear that the kit doesn’t contain the 2011-2016 track bar so the customers can save unnecessary costs.


4. ReadyLift 2.5” Coil Spring Lift Kit with Bilstein Shocks 

ReadyLift 2.5'' Coil Spring Lift Kit with Bilstein Shocks 

Key Features

  • Provides 2.5-inch lift
  • Perfect addition to the 2011-2018 F250 4WD models
  • Bilstein shock absorbers provide a comfortable off-road ride
  • Better view with more ground clearance

Taking up the fourth place, this is another lift kit from Readylift with a remarkable set of Bilstein front shocks. With 2.5 inches of lift, the ReadyLift 46-2727 will hold your vehicle at the proper height and improve your overall driving experience.

It makes it possible to traverse rugged terrain without any fear. If you don’t want to invest a lot of money yet enjoy a good ride, this is an excellent option for you. Model years 2011 to 2018 are covered by this raise kit, making it the best lift kit for the F350 & F250 Super Duty.

This leveling kit stands out from the crowd thanks to the inclusion of Bilstein shock absorbers. Apart from these excellent features, the entire set will last longer as the pieces will be less likely to break down.

All tools you’ll need to complete the installation will be included in your purchase. This will save both your time and money, and you only require a couple of hours to assemble it.


  • Requires a bit of effort on installation
  • Comes with top-notch shock absorbers
  • Great height improvement
  • Enhances smoothness and control


  • May lack nuts for the sway bars

My Opinion

Nothing else on the market is superior if you want to spend that much cash for a new lifting kit and updated shocks.
This is the best lift kit for 2016 F250 super duty since it’s easy to install, improves the riding experience, and provides a better view.

How to install ReadyLIFT 2.5″ lift Kit with Bilstein Shocks on f250

5. MAXRACING 2-Inch Suspension Leveling Kit

MAXRACING 2-Inch Suspension Leveling Kit

Key Features

  • Compatible with 2005-2021 Ford models
  • Billet aluminum spacers restore the stock riding experience
  • Authentic 2-inch suspension lift kit
  • Protection against damage or deterioration

Crafted out of billet aluminum, this fifth kit by MaxRacing guarantees a long-lasting lift for your super duty. The level kit is an excellent addition to the 2005-2022 F250 and F350 4WD super duty.

Using the F250 in challenging situations won’t cause this kit to fail. Furthermore, they’re resistant to rust and other wear symptoms, making them the best leveling kit for F250.

Another benefit that we couldn’t ignore is the more leveled appearance of your truck. You’ll get a taste of a more adventurous voyage with a 2-inch front lift. Not just that, you’ll also have a better time on the road as friction is reduced to a minimum, which is why it’s the best riding suspension for F250.

A simple bolt-on installation allows you to build the whole kit without altering or cutting any part of your car. If you’ve any experience, you should be able to complete this design in less than two hours. If you don’t, mounting it should take no more than three hours. So you can say that it’s the best leveling kit for 2022 F350.


  • Improves the overall driving experience with your truck
  • Straightforward bolt-on installation
  • Won’t be damaged or worn out even in challenging situations
  • Flourishes the look of your autos


  • U-bolts are in the wrong size

My Opinion

Consider this lift kit by MaxRacing if you’ve to drive your vehicles through rough or challenging terrains. They’re built to support even the most extreme conditions. Even so, it’s a bonus that it’s completely shielded from wear and tear.

 6. Rough Country 2″ Leveling Kit

Rough Country 2" Leveling Kit

Key Features

  • Spacers with a slight lip to latch onto the factory seat
  • Fits 2005-2021 Ford Super Duty
  • Adjusts the vehicle’s front and rear axles to the same height
  • Included coil seat spacers and hardware

The Rough Country 2-inch leveling kit is the sixth product in this line that flawlessly combines design, performance, and safety.

With unrivaled ground clearance, you can conquer any on and off-road barriers. This kit adds 2 inches to the height of your F250 or F350 while maintaining OEM rides.

All Ford models manufactured between 2005 and 2021 can use this kit to improve the visual appeal of their trucks. What’s more, you won’t need to alter your vehicle because it’s a simple bolt-on installation. It’ll take only less than two hours to put it together.

Super Duty vehicles are likely to appear higher in the back at factory height, creating a “nose-down” aspect. Since the spacers include a slight lip, this lift kit is the best for the 2020 F250 Super Duty, ensuring a great match with the OEM seat.


  • Restores OEM ride quality
  • Excellent compatibility range
  • Greater ground clearance
  • Simple bolt-on assemble


  • The bolts come in the wrong size


It’s easy to change the appearance of your Super Duty with a Leveling Kit from Rough Country!
For a more aesthetically pleasing appearance and increased ride height, this simple-to-install kit lifts the front of your vehicle, allowing you to use up to 33-inch wheels. This is why it’s the best leveling kit for 2015 F250.

How to install a 2″ Leveling Kit on an F250 Super Duty

7. WULF 2.8″ Front Adj Leveling Lift Kit

WULF 2.8" Front Adj Leveling Lift Kit

Key Features

  • Compatible with 1999-2004 F250 / F350
  • Raises your truck by around 2.8 inches
  • Fits V8, V10, gas, and diesel engines
  • High-strength steel with anti-sagging materials for longevity

While WULF appears to be a manufacturer of tuning components, they also provide some of the most user-friendly suspension systems in the industry. Adding this 2.8-inch to your F250 can be one of the most spectacular upgrades you can make.

You can achieve a lift of up to 2.8 inches with this one. Older Ford truck owners can use this to improve their view of their vehicles, as it was designed for Ford models from 1999 to 2004.

When it comes to installation, the kit includes all necessary hardware, including plates, pins, and U-bolts, and assembly takes only a few hours. Despite its small size, it can handle so many applications.

WULF’s powder-coated steel frame doesn’t sag, wear, or tear. That prolongs its life even further. Using this lift is safe and easy thanks to high-quality alignment bolts that hold the kit in place and a sturdy structure that prevents any form of fracture.


  • High-quality and powder-coated spring packs
  • Excellent addition to earlier models
  • Defends from sagging and bounce
  • Increases handling stability


  • U bolts don’t match the 1999 January and February models

My Opinion

When lifting your 1999 to 2004 Ford F250/F350, the WULF leveling system is an option worth considering.

In my opinion, The WULF kit is the best lift kit for the 2001 F250 Super Duty, with many user-friendly features. Installing it is a breeze. It even has a powder-coated steel frame that will last for years.

8. Daystar Ford F250 2″ Rear Lift Kit

Daystar, Ford F250 2" Rear Lift Kit

Key Features

  • Lifts F250 without compromising ride quality
  • Easy way to install 20-22 inch wheels
  • Two inches rear block lift
  • No need to preload the stock coil spring

At number Eight on my list, I have the Daystar lift kit. If you pay attention, you’ll see that the prior selections are either front lifts or both front and rear lifts. This is the only pick that offers a rear leveling kit. And that’s what makes me include this one.

This elevates the rear part of the vehicle by up to 2 inches without compromising the ride quality, handling, towing capacity, and gas mileage.

Needless to say, installing this lift kit doesn’t require any complex accessories. You’ll need at least two hours to complete the process with some basic hand tools.

Moreover, the products are made to the highest standards and are subject to stringent quality control measures. There is no need to worry about the product’s durability or functionality.

With the Daystar lift kit, you’ll be able to experience a whole new level of emotion, whether you’re driving off-road or looking out the windows of your car.


  • Great quality control
  • Easy-to-install top mount
  • Promotes ground clearance
  • Fits the 2005 to 2017 models


  • Incorrect size of U bolts

My Opinion

Look no further than this if you’re looking for a rear lift kit for your Ford model 2005-2017.
Thanks to high-grade construction materials, you’ll enjoy superb ride quality, towing capacity, and handling, among other benefits.

9. Rough Country 3″ Leveling Kit with N3 Shock

Rough Country 3" Leveling Kit with N3 Shock

Key Features

  • Radius arm bracket to restore stock handling
  • Suspension N3 for the ultimate off-road experience
  • Maximum lifting height is up to 3 inches
  • Incorporated coil spring spacers and U bolts

This is the second leveling kit from the brand Rough Country. It makes your truck 3 inches taller and improves your off-road experience.

The 2017-2022 4WD versions that this lift kit is compatible with are the most recent F250 models, so if you have one of those, you should get it. You’ll always get the best out of your N3 shock absorbers, no matter where you drive.

On top of that, Radius arm brackets are included to ensure you have factory handling. You’ll receive everything from spring spacers to U bolts for the assembling process.

This one is a little higher than the Rough Country’s prior model. So if you’re a fan of Rough Country and want to add a little extra height to your vehicle, this 3-inch model is only for you. These excellent features make it the best leveling kit for 2017 F350 super-duty.


  • Excellent ground clearance
  • Maintains OEM ride quality
  • Quick and convenient setup
  • Perfect fit for the recent F250 4WD


  • Doesn’t fit F350 and dually

My Opinion

I’m impressed by how well it preserves the original ride quality. Indeed, the N3 shock absorbers are excellent for dealing with off-road issues.

10. ReadyLift 2.5″ Front Leveling Kit

ReadyLift 2.5" Front Leveling Kit

Key Features

  • Maximum lifting capacity up to 2.5 inches
  • Designed to fit the new Ford 2017-2022 F250 / F350 4WD trucks
  • Powder-coated coil spring spacers for heavy-duty applications
  • Patented with ReadyLift Suspension Technology for easy assemble

I’m back with Readylift once more. Since it has so many noteworthy characteristics, the 66-2725 front lift kit model had to be included.

You get the complete package with a 2.5-inch diameter and a simple style. This kit is more for leveling than lifting because of its front lift of 2.5 inches. Everything will be improved, from the performance to the aesthetics to the bump protection.

It’s hard to overlook how perfectly this package suits any F250 produced between 2017 and 2022. There’s no cutting or drilling required because it comes with all the necessary hardware and a distinctive design.

Even a novice can have them back in operation in a couple of moments. Besides, you’ll receive shock extensions, sound isolators, and sway bar spacers – all of which are constructed of steel and designed to last a long time.


  • Broad range of compatibility
  • Suitable for 35-inch tires
  • Achieves the same smooth driving experience as the original
  • Included steering stabilizer to optimize handling qualities


  • The front portion ends up higher than the back portion

My Opinion

I was pretty impressed by this 2.5-inch leveling kit. To be honest, it precisely levels the truck while retaining the OEM ride quality, which is why I can say it’s the best leveling kit for 2022 F250. The powder coating not only enhances its appearance but also ensures its long-term usability.

11. Supreme Suspensions 2″ Front Leveling Kit

Supreme Suspensions 2" Front Leveling Kit

Key Features

  • Crafted to install on 1999-2020 2WD F250 / F350 models
  • Simple two to four hours installation
  • 2 inches front spring spacers
  • Engineered to maintain a high degree of structural integrity

If you’re looking to install a lift on your 2WD car, this Supreme Suspensions 2-inch front leveling kit may be a decent option. Leveling your vehicles has never been smoother with this lift package!

The level kit includes high-density CNC-machined Delrin spring spacers to ensure a proper alignment for your trucks. When using these Delrin spacers, there is no need to worry about stiffness, dimensional stability, or friction.

Also included are stud extenders, hardware, the Supreme Suspension Pro pack, and instructions on installing the product. One of the best features of this kit is that it only requires a few hours of your time to get it up and running. And you’ll need only a few simple hand tools to complete the job.

This is not the end! It improves the quality of your ride, but it also makes it more comfortable and lasts a long time. The innovative materials provide excellent tensile strength to withstand even strenuous driving.


  • Heavy-duty material with a maximum tensile strength
  • Good ground clearance for 2WD vehicles
  • Maintains factory handling while sporting a more elegant appearance
  • Accommodates custom tires and rims


  • Getting the alignment right after a height adjustment has been difficult

My Opinion

Ford f250 2WD vehicles benefit most from this leveling kit. Hence, it’s the best lift kit for 2002 F250 super duty.

It’s remarkable how well it tackles rugged terrain while preserving the original ride characteristics, thanks to its Derlin spring spacers.

12. Rough Country 4.5″ Lift Kit (fits)

Rough Country 4.5" Lift Kit (fits)

Key Features

  • A perfect combination of performance, style, and safety
  • Lifts your vehicle up to 4.5 inches
  • Anti-axle rear blocks to eliminate common issues
  • Radius arm drop bracket to retain stock handling

This 4.5-inch lift kit from the brand Rough Country is my favorite. You can use this on F250 / F350 4WD models from 2008 to 2010. You may need to pay more for this product. However, I can assure you it’s well worth the money.

This kit contains Rough Country N3 shock absorbers for a smooth ride on and off the road. In addition to maximum ground clearance, you get high-quality parts built to last.

Also included in this package are the fabricated blocks that last longer and are more durable than cast blocks. The radius arm drop bracket helps make the car easier to drive.

Installing this kit will take a little longer. Nonetheless, once everything is done, you can equip your Super Duty with 37-inch tires.

Thanks to its anti-axle-wrapped rear block, you’re guaranteed a factory ride quality that minimizes common issues.


  • Unparalleled ground clearance
  • Excellent construction quality
  • Restores factory riding experience
  • Exceptional on and off-road performances


  • The installation may take a bit longer time

My Opinion

People love how effectively it handles off-road obstacles while maintaining smooth driveability. Lifting your Super Duty by 4.5 inches will make it look outstanding and ready to take on any circumstance.

However, you may need to spend at least four to five hours on installation. As soon as the installation is complete, you’re ready for a new sight from the top of your seat.

13. Superlift Suspension 4-inch Block Kit

Superlift Suspension  4 inch Block Kit

Key Features

  • High-quality and long-lasting construction
  • Lift kits for the Ford 1999-2010 models
  • Elevates up to 4 inches in height
  • Top-mounted overload leaf springs to support vehicles

People usually use lifting kits to make their vehicles look better and accommodate bigger tires. The additional shock absorbers and suspensions help improve trucks’ performance because these need to be able to carry a lot more weight than regular cars.

This Superlift Suspension lifting system is an excellent option to make your truck appear attractive while also raising its height. With Superlift suspension kits, your vehicle will have a bold and intimidating appearance. In addition, it’ll provide you with the high-quality ride you always desire.

For a wide range of trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps, Superlift has developed a suspension lift system that can meet a variety of applications. This is the ideal choice if you own a Ford F250 or F350 4WD vehicle manufactured between 1999 and 2010.

Superlift 4-inch lift kit comes with overload top-mounted leaf springs to support the automobile when it becomes loaded down while hauling or towing something hefty such as a trailer or truck camper. The high-quality products enhance your vehicle’s performance, comfort, and aesthetics.


  • Bold and aesthetic appearance
  • Fits Ford Super Duty 1999-2010
  • All accessories included
  • Improves payload


  • U-bolts aren’t always quite the right size

My Opinion

Those who want to give their vehicles a brutal and beastly appearance can pick this 4-inch lifting kit by Superlift Suspension. It is the best F250 4 inch lift kit you can get!
Functionality, comfort, and aesthetics are all improved thanks to the high level of craftsmanship.

14. WULF 3″ Front Leveling Lift Kit

WULF 3" Front Leveling Lift Kit

Key Features

  • Compatible with Ford 1999-2004 4WD F250 / F350
  • Customizable 3-inch leaf spring powder coatings
  • Works with V8, V10, gas, and diesel engines
  • Robust enough to offer the additional support required for any application

WULF’s lifting kit may be ideal for owners of earlier F250 and F350 vehicles, such as those produced from 1999 to 2004. With spacer-based stack systems, you may raise your truck by 3 inches and have a more level ride.

You’ll notice a significant difference in riding height, which will allow you to see more easily. As an added advantage, this best leveling kit for F250 super duty comes with an anti-sagging structure.

You can even install a pair of leaf springs on your Ford Super Duty to endure your vehicle’s weight and damage due to its superior steel construction. With about the same lifters, you can anticipate the pickup to last for many years and still function as if it were new.

They’ve gone to great lengths to ensure the raising kit can be implemented with no issues. It comes with all the gear you need, such as the U-bolts, to work immediately.

It’ll just take you a few hours to do the task independently. You won’t go through any pain, thanks to the step-by-step directions with the product.


  • Prevents breakage or tear
  • Change the appearance of vehicles with a simple modification
  • Improves the quality of handling
  • Needs little effort to install


  • This might cause some vibrations
  • Not compatible with the first generation of 1999 models


This 3-inch leveling kit is an excellent deal if you have an older Ford model. You’ll get everything you need for installation, from adjustable leaf spring packs to U bolts.
However, the quality of the provided equipment, such as the lock nuts, is subpar. F250 super duty models from January and February 1999 are incompatible with this lift kit.

Buying Guide

Not every lifting kit has been designed to give you the best results possible. Owning the best leveling kit for a Ford F250 or F350 requires proper product knowledge.

And for this, you’ll need to analyze many critical aspects that clearly distinguish the good from the bad. Here are a few features to look for in a lifting kit.

Types of a Lifting Kit

Before making a final choice, you must first determine whether the lift kit for F350 super duty has the type of lifting capacity you need. Lift kits are available in a vast number of styles.

Leveling Lift

Many F250s and F350s are built with an unleveled chassis. In another way, the truck’s front part is noticeably smaller than the rear end.

Typically, this leveling equipment lifts a car between one and three inches. It simply raises the vehicle’s front end and installs in a couple of moments.

Torsion keys or spring spacers are usually all that is needed for leveling kits. Your truck is likely to be leveled if you use it primarily for towing or utility purposes.

Body Lift

It raises the vehicle’s body away from the chassis. This allows for the installation of larger tires.

You may raise your truck to five inches with a body lift. However, a suspension package is better if you want to add more ground clearance.

A body lift kit may be the ideal option if you’re trying to raise the height of your seat in the truck.

Suspension Lift

Adding suspension lift kits makes the truck’s suspension longer, which raises every portion of the car.

As a result, you’ll have enough room to fit bigger tires and greater ground clearance. You also can drive on all types of terrains without causing damage to your truck’s underside.

Driving Style

How you drive your Ford vehicle significantly impacts the type and style of a lift kit you should select.

Whether you’re an off-road enthusiast, spend a lot of time on the highways, or enjoy traveling over the most challenging terrains, you should weigh your driving style before settling on one.


When it comes to choosing the best leveling kit for F250 super duty, you’ll have a variety of height options.

Some lifting kits may elevate the truck from one to two inches, whereas others may offer a total raise of up to 6 inches. It’s up to you which one you would prefer.

Those who want to add large tires or more ground clearance can choose a suspension lift kit. Usually, it’s advisable to select a lift kit based on the tire size you intend to install. Most manufacturers include the proper tire size in their lift kit specifications.

Installation Process

Nobody wants to spend much time on installation. A good deal would be to purchase the most straightforward lifting kit.

If you use leveling or body lift kits, the job will take less than one hour to complete. However, installing a suspension or coil spring raise kit may take up to three hours.

When you progress to more costly suspension kits, it’s critical to complete each installation step correctly. That’s when it starts to make sense to hire a professional to do the job.

However, you may not be able to perform the installation yourself if you don’t have the proper equipment. As a bonus, some lifting kits include all the hardware you’ll need to execute your project. But not all.

To get the best bargain, seek a lift kit that includes all the necessary installation tools, including spacers, nuts, and other components.


You must confirm that the kit you choose is compatible with the model of your F250 / F350. It makes no difference if your equipment has all of the desired features if it’s incompatible with your truck.

The lift kit for the 2011 F250 super duty may not be the same option as the lift kit for a 2001 ford F250. It would be best if you looked for compatibility according to the year of your truck and whether it’s 2WD or 4WD.

Build Quality

When selecting a lifting kit, it’s essential to consider the material. It’s advisable to get something that can withstand the most strenuous driving while also lasting an extended period.

Metal lifting kits may be a good option due to their high level of resilience. Other alternatives, such as aluminum, and cast iron, are also effective. However, steel is undoubtedly the best material available.

If you’re on a budget, polyurethane or rubber are good picks. It would be better if you also considered the coating or finish of your lifting kit. It’s more likely that powder-coated things last longer than uncoated ones.

What is a lift kit?

A lift kit is a piece of aftermarket equipment that raises a vehicle off the ground. These come with spacers to maximize the distance between your vehicle’s body and wheels.

Body lift and suspension lift kits are the two most common lifting kits—each of these functions uniquely and yield a different outcome. Anyone who wants to install a lift kit in their car, SUV, or truck should think about each option’s pros and cons and what they want out of the process.

How much does a lift kit cost for F250 / F350?

Lifting kits can be pricey, and installation may require the assistance of an expert.

If you own an F250 or F350, you may have contemplated installing a lift kit to boost your truck’s aesthetics or off-road abilities.

Lifting kits are also attainable at a reasonable price of $100 to $500 for those on a budget. However, if you wish to add a suspension system, you may need to invest between $1000 to $5000.

What is the best lift kit for Ford F250?

In my opinion, the Readylift 2.5″ Leveling lift Kit is the best lift kit for the Fords F250 because of how well it maintains the ride quality while increasing the ground clearance.

How much does a lift kit cost to install on F250 / F350?

It varies depending on whether you want to do it yourself or hire a professional.

Based on the structure of your lifting kit, the cost of purchasing and fitting a lift kit might easily range from $400 to $4,000 if you do it yourself. If you employ a professional, the cost may range from $800 to $8,000.

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Where to get a lift kit installed?

If you’ve recently purchased a lift kit or are looking for a company that can take an order and mounts one for you, a few custom car dealer shops can help you out.

Not only do they offer you the product at the best price, but they also assemble them for you.

How hard is it to install a lift kit yourself?

Installing a lift kit is quite simple if you’ve done it before. However, it takes a lot of time to do this.

It needs the use of a few specialized accessories. You’ll save money and time if you and your pals already have the essential equipment.

You’re going to need an excellent functional jack and jack stand. As soon as you’ve got the truck jacked up and the axles down and supported, accessing the pieces you need is much easier.

A skilled technician can install the kits in 5 to 7 hours with the right equipment. An amateur citizen spends most weekends tinkering with automobiles on the other side.

Does a lift kit void warranty?

In most cases, installing a lift kit doesn’t invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty.

On the other hand, a lift kit may void some of your warranty. It’s also possible for manufacturers to deny warranty claims if they think a lift kit led to the problem, even though the guarantee is still in effect.

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Does my truck have a lift kit?

If you’ve recently purchased a vehicle and are unsure whether a lift kit was installed, there are some ways to determine.

You can determine the lift by evaluating the shock’s length and comparing it to the stock shock’s length. This will allow you to subtract the diameter of the stock shock from the extra lift to get the total height.

Can you lift a truck without a lift kit?

Of course, you can elevate a truck without using a lifting kit. Most truck owners in the United States avoid using a Lift Kit to raise their vehicles.

In most cases, you can increase the height of your truck from two to six inches. You can raise both the front and back sides of the vehicle. Several methods can be applied to obtain a different range of heights.

One Inch Block

A one-inch block is the most efficient tactic to elevate the pickup without a lift kit. To add a six-inch height to your truck, you can place a one-inch block under the suspension spring.

Longer Shackles

If you do not wish to add a one-inch block, you can easily use a longer shackle. In this situation, the shackle must be reversed.


If your truck is equipped with a leaf-spring suspension, you can install an additional leaf to boost the height. You can increase at least three inches of height by having an extra leaf.

Coil-Sprung Spacers

You need to install it between the spring and coil-spring pad. As a result, the spacers will widen the gap and raise your vehicle.

Lowering Bump-Stops

A larger tire equates to increased height. Indeed, you can improve your truck’s lift by fitting larger tires. Just drop the bump stops to create additional space beneath the rigs.

What is better, a lift kit or leveling kit?

While leveling kits maintain the balance and appearance of your F250 truck, a lift kit increases the vehicle’s overall height.

A level kit may result in a minor performance boost but nothing exceptional. However, a lift kit will enhance the truck’s height, benefiting off-road handling and adding a slew of other options.

A lift kit can be the ultimate choice if you want to upgrade your tires, improve suspension reliability, or simply make your F250 / F350 seem better with a higher design.

But a leveling kit is good if you want to fix a little dropped front of your super-duty truck.

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Does a lift kit affect towing?

The towing capacity of your vehicle isn’t affected by utilizing a body raise kit, as the wheels and factory suspension remain unchanged.

Another simple and inexpensive way to make room for larger wheels and tires is to use a body leveling kit.

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Does a lift kit increase ground clearance?

Lift kits boost the ground clearance of the F250 /F350, giving it a sportier appearance and allowing you to run larger tires and go off-road.

Adding a suspension lift kit is an excellent way to enhance ground clearance by around two to three inches. The only benefit of a body lift kit is that it raises the vehicle’s wheel wells to accommodate larger tires.

Does a lift kit affect gas mileage?

Yes, all lift kits have an impact on your fuel efficiency.

More complicated systems can reduce fuel efficiency due to their added weight and higher wind resistance. However, a few options have a minimal effect on your truck’s gas mileage.

Every alteration you make to your vehicle will impact its performance.

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Does a lift kit affect transmission?

When it comes to transmission issues, the size of the lift often makes a difference.

If a truck is raised excessively high and the right components are not changed or replaced, the differential and transfer case seals and bearings will likely wear out. You’re also likely to experience U-joint wear.

However, this won’t cause any problems if you lift a small height.

Does a lift kit affect ride quality?

The addition of body lift kits to a vehicle doesn’t affect the ride quality because the vehicle’s suspension is not changed in any form.

However, the ride quality will be affected while using suspension lift kits. You’ll feel a noticeable difference in ride quality when you raise your pickup height.

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Does a lift kit affect handling?

You’ll have smooth handling if you consider installing a body lift kit. By contrast, the suspension raise kit provides the inverse scenario.

Body lift kits elevate the vehicle’s body a few inches when maintaining the original height of the wheels and suspension. This is implemented by installing spacers over the original body mount bushing on the vehicle. So, this kind of lift kit won’t affect your handling.

But suspension kits lift the total height of your truck’s suspension. This is a much more time-consuming process, but the outcome provides a maximum range of lift options for automobiles. The original suspension components of your vehicle are swapped out for the larger ones. Though it creates more ground clearance, this can affect the handling.

Does a lift kit affect the payload?

There is no impact on a payload with body lift kits. The consequences begin with installing suspension lift kits, which affect many mechanical components in your truck.


That’s all about the best lift kit for F250 / F350 super duty! As a truck owner, you’re always searching for the proper lift kit, whether you want to improve the look of your vehicle or install larger tires or take it off-road.

No doubt, there are plenty of options available on the market, but only a few of them can provide you with the best experience possible.

I’ve compiled a list of the 14 top lift kits for the F250/F350 super duty to ease your decision-making process. They’re all guaranteed to be the best kits available. Be sure to check compatibility before making a purchase, and take extra care during the installation process.

For those looking for the best-known and most popular lift brands, ReadyLift has taken the top three slots in this article, with one of them taking the number one slot. On the other hand, the remaining items are sure to satisfy your requirements. Simply pick one, and you’re ready to go!