5 Best Lift Kit for Chevy S10 – My All Time Favorite

I work at an automobile repair shop, and I love looking at the smiles of people when they get their lift kits installed.

It’s also the look they give, knowing very well how they can drive on rough terrain easily and get a smoother ride on both roads and off-roads.

You want one, don’t you?

I mean, that’s why you’re here! It’s good that you’re doing your research before getting a lift kit installed on your Chevy S10.

That’s because getting it installed isn’t the hard part. What’s hard is knowing which one is right for your vehicle and your budget.

You’re on the right path because Chevy S10, a compact pickup truck, is the kind of vehicle that usually needs a lift kit installed for better performance. Plus, it helps to make them look cool too!

Without further ado, let me teach you a thing or two about lift kits for Chevy S10 while filling you in on the 5 best lift kits you want.

Things to Consider Before Buying Lift Kits for Chevy S10

Take a look at the things you need to assess before you buy any lift kit for your Chevy S10:

  • Requirement: You need to think hard about why you need a lift kit installed. Let’s say you commute a long way to get to work. Then you wouldn’t need a 6-inch lift kit, as a 2-3-inch would suffice. If you’re always driving on rough terrain, you might need the 6-inch lift after all.
  • Budget: The budget decides all! If you don’t have a good budget, you might not get what your heart desires. But you could decide what takes care of your needs, even with a smaller budget.
  • Hidden Costs: I encountered a customer once who bought a lift kit because it was cheap, which turned out to have some integral parts missing. Be aware of these things, or you’ll need to pay for those hidden costs.
  • Categories of Lift Kits: You need to know what type of lift kit you really need according to your riding demand before you buy one.
  • Compatibility: Not all lift kits are going to be compatible with your Chevy S10. Look for those that are!
  • Changes in Vehicle Physics: A lift kit will change the way you used to drive your vehicle because it changes its physics. Keep that in mind before you get one installed.

My Favorite 5 Best Lift Kits for Chevy S10

Image Product Price
1 Rough Country 2.5″ Lift Kit  Check Price
2 Supreme Suspensions 2″ Rear Leveling Kit Check Price
3 RockTrix Adjustable 2-3 inch Lift Kit Check Price
4 Rough Country 2″ Lift Kit Check Price
5 Truxxx 2-3″ Front & 1-1.5″ Rear Lift Kit Check Price

Now that you know what you’re looking for, I’ll let you in on the best five lift kit for Chevy S10 that you can’t forget about once you see how good they are.

Trust me, if you see these kits, you won’t want to think about any other kits.

1. Rough Country 2.5″ Lift Kit for Chevy S10/S10 Blazer

Rough Country 2.5" Lift Kit for Chevy S10/S10 Blazer

I’ve had to install a good amount of Rough Country lift kits for our customers, as it’s just that kind of brand that you can’t help trusting.

Since 1975, Rough Country has been delivering quality products to each of its customers, and the 2.5″ Lift Kit is such a product.

The 2.5″ Lift Kit is one of the best suspension lift kits that I can get behind for its quality. But to ensure quality, you might have to pay a bit more. Yes, this one is on the expensive side.

Want style? You got it!

The design of this lift kit, after application, will give your vehicle such a dashing look that you won’t regret it.

Let me tell you about the ground clearance. With the added height of 2.5 inches, the bottom of your Chevy will avoid most speed bumps without hesitation.

You can easily handle your vehicle while driving with this kit. And the best part is the vehicle bottom will be protected from any scratches.

Moreover, you can’t deny the efficiency of the shock absorbers of this lift kit. They will ensure you a non-bumpy ride even on off-roads.

My Personal Opinion: I don’t say this about many lift kits, but this is honestly one of the best because of its performance. Trust me, the price is worth its functionality in all aspects!

UNBOXING Rough Country 2.5 Inch Suspension Lift For 82-04 Chevy Blazer and S10

2.5″ Rough Country Lift Install on ’00 S10 Blazer

2. Supreme Suspensions – Rear Leveling Kit – 1983-2005

Supreme Suspensions - Rear Leveling Kit - 1983-2005

I love this Rear Leveling Kit from Supreme Suspensions because it is not only of excellent quality, but it also comes cheaper than most lift kits.

As one of the cheapest rear leveling kits, this one pairs well with a Chevy S10, both in the case of 2D and 4D vehicles.

The kit comes with high-strength rear lift shackles made of steel, hardware for installation, instructions, a pro pack from Supreme Suspensions, and a can cooler made of premium neoprene.

What benefits do you get?

Your vehicle will look cool after installing this phenomenal kit and catch some looks from people on the streets.

Not only that, but you will also get the increased ground clearance you’ve been waiting for. And, of course, you get to use bigger rims and tires that custom-fit your newly lifted Chevy.

It doesn’t end there, as you will get better wheel travel and articulation compared to the stock shackles, which will boost your ride.

What else?

The rear of your Chevy will get a 2-inch lift if you spend just 1-2 hours installing this aftermarket modification, which doesn’t require you to get hold of any special equipment.

Moreover, the waterproof cal cooler that you get with the kit has a 3mm neoprene that will come in handy when you need a chilled beverage on a hot day.

My Personal Opinion: Honestly, just the price for the quality is enough for me to speak on behalf of this lift kit. But it also comes with a can cooler, which you have to admit is a great idea.

3. Rock Trix Adjustable 2-3 inch Lift Kit – 1982-2004

Rock Trix Adjustable 2-3 inch Lift Kit - 1982-2004

Even a 2-inch added height on a vehicle can change the way you ride so much that it’s noteworthy enough to get a lift kit installed.

But the RockTrix Rear Steel Rear Shackle – Adjustable 2-3 inch Lift can also give you a 3-inch lift if that’s what you want.

How does it do that?

Well, it comes with two rear shackles so that you get to adjust the lift of your vehicle to 2 inches or even 3 inches high.

And, yes, it’s compatible with your Chevy S10, as long as it’s a four-wheel drive. To be specific, the compatibility is well with the 1982-2004 S10 & S10.

There’s one problem with this kit, which is that it doesn’t have instructions for installation. But you could easily solve that problem by asking your mechanic.

All you have to do is make use of the bolts that come with the kit! And within 2 to 4 hours, you’ll find yourself with a 4WD that you can’t look away from.

What’s it made of?

Manufacturers use heat-treated carbon steel that makes for a fitment and durable lift that you can’t object to.

And to speak of the design that makes the kit so strong that you don’t have to worry about it bending or warning with stress.

It will last you as long as your Chevy S10 lasts!

My Personal Opinion: If the lift kit is so durable that it lasts you till you need a new vehicle, then why will you ever think of another airlift kit? Plus, It’s the cheapest of all the other kits mentioned here!

4. Rough Country 2″ Lift Kit for 82-03 Chevy S10 Pickup

4. Rough Country 2" Lift Kit for 82-03 Chevy S10 Pickup

I couldn’t help but add another Rough Country product to the list. This only goes to show how well they hold up their reputation.

A 2-inch lift kit can help you move through tough off-road terrains more easily. You won’t feel most of the bumps along the way when you drive through such hard ground.

Even on the road, you will experience fewer to no bumps as the new bugger tires that you have to install after the lift kit absorbs most of the shock.

Do you need better performance?

Then that’s what you’ll get from your vehicle using this lift kit!

I’ve talked about the protection against shock from this kit. Now you know that the Premium N3 Shock Absorbers will give you a smoother ride, whatever kind of ground you’re driving on.

And the ground clearance?

You will get a better ground clearance from this lift, which means you will get to see the road ahead from a higher angle.

This high-angle visibility can very well save you from colliding with an otherwise undetected vehicle.

Moreover, the front and rear parts of your Chevy will be completely leveled, which can help you to avoid going downhill when you reach a lofty driveway.

And the installation is easy. You can do it all by yourself!

My Personal Opinion: Even though this lift kit is on the expensive side, you won’t regret taking a chance on it because it will serve you well.

5. Truxxx 2-3″ Front & 1-1.5″ Rear Lift Kit– 1983-2003

Truxxx 2-3" Front & 1-1.5" Rear Lift Kit- 1983-2003

I have faced many clients that needed a lift to compensate for loading heavy equipment on the vehicle. This kind of lift calls for more lift on the front and less on the rear.

The Truxxx 401055 – 2-3″ Front & 1-1.5″ Rear Lift Kit takes care of that need for you if you’re carrying loaded equipment more often than not.

How much it lifts?

It can lift the front of your Chevy 2 to 3 inches and 1 to 1.5 inches on the rear end.

Furthermore, the ground clearance that this lift kit will give your vehicle is good enough to be able to access the underbody of your Chevy S10 without much trouble or having to use floor jacks and safety stands.

It comes with Alignment specs, and it is designed to hang on to the OEM ride quality that you’ve always wanted.

You don’t have to use new aftermarket shock absorbers with this kit, as you can just use the ones meant to work with the factory shocks and struts that come with your vehicle.

Why’s that good?

It’s a good thing because you might not have to worry about the warranty of your Chevy S10, which with other lift kits, can become nullified.

The Verdict: If you need to carry heavy loads, you might want this lift kit. And if you don’t want to nullify your warranty because, let’s face it, you might want a lift kit installed on a newly brought Chevy, you would want to try this kit out.

How Much Does It Cost to Lift a Chevy S10?

Lift kit installation cost depends on the type of lift kit you need to install. But if I had to make an estimation, I’d say it costs about $200 to $2,500 to lift a Cheviy S10. That is if the lift kit is an average one.

Both buying and installing a high-end kit for Chevy S10 could count up to 10,000-15,000 dollars easily.

Again, if you want to install an average one by yourself, you might be able to get it done by spending around $200-$1000. But hiring a professional will cost you about $400-$2,000.

Want an exact amount?

Honestly, you would need to know the exact price of the lift kit you want to buy, adding that to what your mechanic is asking for.

How to Lift a Chevy S10?

Yes, hiring a professional to lift your Chevy S10 can cost you more than doing it yourself. So if you’re up for the challenge, I say do it!

You might not know where to start! Don’t worry! I’ll get you there through these steps for installing a suspension lift kit:

  • First, undo the battery terminal and make sure it’s the negative one. It’s just a safety precaution.
  • Make the lug nuts loose without completely removing them.
  • Use a floor jack to raise the front of your Chevy so that you can get underneath.
  • Put up a few safety stands below every side of your vehicle. Make sure the safety stands are right for your vehicle’s weight.
  • Place another floor jack right under the axle.
  • Now take off all the wheels.
  • Extract the springs, shocks, and U-bolts and keep them because you might use them someday.
  • If your lift kit requires you to assemble the springs, follow the instructions on the box to set them up and bolt them.
  • Take out the new U-bolts and secure them vertically where the old ones were.
  • Now set up the new shocks with the help of the kit instructions.
  • Use a torque wrench to ensure everything is tightly bolted in place.
  • Pull out the safety stands and floor jacks, carefully lowering your Chevy.
  • Hook your battery terminal.
  • Now do the same with your rear suspension. This one is going to be easier, I promise.

Common Questions About Lifting Chevy S10

Can you lift a Chevy S10?

Yes, you can lift a Chevy S10 using various kinds of suspension lift kits.

Whichever lift kit you chase, just make sure that it’s compatible with the model of your 4WD, or you might face some issues.

Does a lift kit improve the ride quality of your Chevy s10?

A lift kit can improve the ride quality of your Chevy S10 in a few different ways.

  • You will get a better ground clearance
  • Better visibility will be ensured
  • Riding on rugged terrain gets easier
  • Your ride becomes safer
  • Access to your vehicle’s underbody is more efficient
  • You will get a smoother ride as a whole
  • Installing bigger tires and reaping its benefits becomes no big deal

Are Chevy S10 good trucks?

Yes, Chevy S10 trucks are really good.

The benefits you will get are an extra comfortable ride, amazing interior design, great performance, reliability, and good value for your money.

How long do lift kits last?

Usually, lift kits can last you about ten or more years.

However, it really depends on the type of lift kit and the quality of the lift kit you purchased, along with the method of installation you used.

Can you daily drive a lifted Chevy s10?

Of course, you can drive your lifted Chevy S10 on the daily

Lift kits are meant to make your everyday drive easier and safer, which is why most people tend to get their vehicles lifted.

Do lift kits cause problems for Chevy s10?

Lift kits can cause some problems for your Chevy S10.

The CV boots, idler arms, pitman arms, and ball joints of your Chevy S10 could experience some wear earlier than it should.

Final Verdict

You will experience less bumpy rides, better ground clearance, a bit better visibility, overall better ride quality, and much more if you lift your Chevy S10.

Yes, there are some drawbacks, as it’s a modification that your vehicle’s manufacturer would usually warn you about.

But the benefits make the lift worth it!

If you take a look at the five best lift kits for Chevy S10 that I talked about in this article, you will understand why I’m so invested in them.

So, good luck with your new lift!