What is The Best Lift Kit for Ranger 2wd & 4×4

At first, lift kits were popularised by automobile enthusiasts. However, these days even casual drivers often opt for such a modification. That’s because it is a cheap and straightforward method to boost your ride’s performance.

Now, as the name suggests, a lift kit pushes your car chassis up and creates more clearance from the ground. It can also be used to level your vehicle and give it an imposing form.

There are significant performance benefits to be had from installing such kits. You will be able to roll over rough terrain and obstacles without any issue. Also,  getting a smoother ride both on the tarmac as well and having the fender clearance to get a more extensive set of tires and rims.

However, looking for a lift kit well suited to your needs can be somewhat challenging as there are countless products with unique components and features.

To help you in this endeavor, I have researched and worked out a list of the best lift kits for the 4×4 Ford Ranger.


I will be showing you the ten lifting kits that I have found to have a good feature set and performance characteristics. With so many options, it is likely I have missed some products. But the ones mentioned here are in no way inferior to them.

Best Lift Kit for Ranger 2wd & 4×4

I looked at the build quality, material, price, and end-user experience to pick some of the best kits on the market. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

1. Supreme Suspensions – 2″ Front Leveling Kit

Supreme Suspensions - 2" Front Leveling Kit

Key features

  • Installation does not require any special hardware
  • Manufactured from advanced materials to ensure long-lasting performance
  • No need for drilling, grinding, or any other modifications to stock parts
  • Raises the front end by 2″

Supreme Suspensions 2″ front leveling kit has exceptional durability at an affordable price. You will be hard-pressed to find a better product to serve as a 1994 Ford Ranger lift kit 2wd.

The coil spacers are made of high-density Delrin. Delrin is an acetal homopolymer with excellent wear resistance, stiffness, and low friction. So you can bet that these spacers will not crack under stress.

Also, this kit will eliminate the factory rake and give your ride a look that it always deserved!


  • Simple bolt-on installation
  • Maintains stock ride characteristics
  • Compatible with a wide range of 2wd vehicles


  • Spacer might require trimming to sit correctly on the bottom of the spring


This lift kit is a good choice for those looking to get a bit of extra height on their truck at a low cost. It’s definitely a worthwhile purchase.

2. WULF 2.5″ Front 2″ Rear Leveling Lift Kit

WULF 2.5" Front 2" Rear Leveling Lift Kit

Key features

  • WULF premium gas shock absorbers provide a smoother ride
  • Fittings, high-grade bushing, and metal sleeves come included in the kit
  • Solid Aluminum spacers for added strength
  • Comes with red shock dust boots

This leveling kit will enhance your ride comfort while boosting your offroad performance.

Stealth Nitro Gas shock absorbers are the stars of this kit. They have good vibration damping capability and will improve articulation.

This will let you traverse rough terrain with ease. The aluminum spacers will also help to correct the stance of the vehicle.


  • Increases overall wheel travel
  • Powder-coated shackles are resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Allows adaptability of up to 31″ tires
  • Robust build quality


  • Requires coil spring suspension


This is a well-thought-out product with good all-around features, making it well suited to be a 2011 Ford Ranger lift kit 2wd.

3. TORCH 3″ Front 2″ Rear Leveling Lift Kit

TORCH 3" Front 2" Rear Leveling Lift Kit

Key features

  • Adjustable shackles and torsion keys offer greater flexibility
  • Designed to handle rough riding conditions without failing
  • Allows offsetting of suspension sag
  • Does not affect factory riding standards

TORCH has come up with an innovative design for their leveling kit, granting it unparalleled versatility. It would not be an understatement to say that this is the best 1999 Ford Ranger lift kit 2wd.

For the front, this kit offers special torsion keys that will let you adjust the height from 1″ to 3″. The rear shackles serve a similar purpose giving you 1-2 inches of adjustability.

As a result, you can change your ride stance without complicated hardware swapping. So even if the weight distribution of the vehicle changes in the future, you won’t have to worry about a crooked stance.


  • Allows future-proofing of your truck
  • Hassle-free straightforward installation
  • Gives the vehicle a more intimidating look
  • Includes all the replacements hardware for the removed stock parts


  • ●      Compatible with only torsion bar suspension models


With such excellent flexibility and robust build quality, this kit is a must-buy. I have no doubt you will be pleased by its capabilities.

4. WULF 4″ Front 2″ Rear Leveling Lift Kit

WULF 4" Front 2" Rear Level

Key features

  • Cast iron Spindles/knuckles can flex and deform without losing any toughness
  • Zerk-Grease fittings allow adequate lubrication, therefore reducing wear
  • Compatible with 2wd Ford Ranger with coil spring suspension
  • Adherence to a high-quality standard for all the components

Wulf suspension outdid themselves with this leveling kit. The impressive mix of quality and functionality makes this the finest 2002 Ford Ranger lift kit 2wd.

This kit can lift the front wheel to a staggering 4-inches, while the rear still retains 1.5-2 inch adjustable lift shackles. Such an ample clearance means you can go over enormous obstacles without worrying about damaging your undercarriage.

Also, you will have the necessary fender clearance to kit out your ride with some rather impressive sets of tires or rims.


  • Levels the front of the vehicle with the rear
  • Parts are built to last thousands of miles
  • The Black powder-coated finish matches well with the rest of the undercarriage
  • Additional 2″ of genuine ground clearance


  • It can’t be fitted to models with Stabilitrak


I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised by all the features that this kit has to offer. All the other similar products simply pale in comparison.

5. TORCH 3″ Leveling Lift Kit

TORCH 3" Leveling Lift Kit

Key features

  • Isolator pads reduce vibration for a comfortable ride
  • Increases the maximum load and towing capacity of the vehicle
  • Most of the stock hardware can be reused for extra convenience
  • Does not compromise the factory ride

TORCH leveling kits always incorporate ingenious design ideas to deliver exceptional products. This kit also exhibits a similar mindset.

The ‘add a leaf’ spring in this product gives your vehicle the lift it needs as they are added to your stock spring packs.

As a result, installation is effortless, and you can control the lift amount by the number of extra springs you add.


  • Reduced squat under load
  • Improved spring rate
  • Quieter ride with less squeaking noise
  • Extended alignment pins and hardware are included in the package


  • It might require the purchasing of new U bolts


With its quality, performance, and practicality, this leveling kit has all the hallmarks of an excellent product. You will not regret buying this.

6. Liftcraft – 1 Inch Rear Lift Kit

Liftcraft - 1 Inch Rear Lift Kit

Key features

  • Premium T6 aircraft grade aluminum provides excellent strength and rigidity
  • Compensates for suspension compression under heavy load
  • CNC machined to ensure greater precision and consistency
  • Can be fit to both 2WD and 4 WD vehicles

If you are looking for only a tiny boost to your ride height, then this kit from Liftcraft is the way to go. It boasts a rugged build and a cheap price tag.

Unlike most leveling or lift kits, this product will only add extra height to the rear end of your truck. The rear already comes with a higher elevation than the front right out of the factory. So what might you gain from that?

Well, if you need to carry extensive loads on a regular basis, then your car’s rear end will sag over time. That will start to limit your maximum load capacity. This product will fix that issue by offsetting that compression.


  • Durable and rugged design
  • Protective coating for better longevity
  • Improves ride stability


  • Does not get rid of the factory rake


This product is a simple solution to a complex problem. It will improve the hauling issue of your truck and spare you from a lot of maintenance down the line.
So, I would not be remiss in saying that as a 1996 Ford Ranger lift kit 2wd, this product is second to none!

7. WULF 4″ Front Lift Spindle Lift Kit

WULF 4" Front Lift Spindle Lift Kit

Key features

  • Manufactured from cast iron to allow for a longer service life
  • Enables adaptability of up to 33-inch tires
  • All the necessary hardware comes included with the purchase
  • Designed for heavy-duty usage

If you are searching for a 1998 2wd Ranger lift kit, look no further. The robust and functional design of the WULF 4″ kit puts all its competitors to shame.

You will get a hell of a lot of lift from this lift kit, giving your ride a completely new look. Not to mention any aftermarket wheels will increase grip and slightly boost cornering stability.


  • Does not affect stock riding characteristics
  • Improves off-road performance
  • Good combination of versatility and ruggedness
  • Exceptional quality control


  • It May require grinding of the lower control arm


From my experience, it is a well-rounded product without that many flaws. Almost certainly worth considering if you have a compatible truck.

8. RTZ 4″ Full Lift Kit

RTZ 4" Full Lift Kit

Key features

  • Zinc plated OEM bolts are less susceptible to wear
  • Malleable steel construction reduces the chance of the components developing cracks
  • Blocks are tapered to correct the pinion angle
  • Easy out-of-the-box installation

RTZ full lift kit will boost your vehicle by a staggering 4″. This should be sufficient for most daily drivers.

You can install this kit very quickly right on your driveway. As a bonus, no specialized tools are necessary for the whole process, saving you from a trip to the local hardware store.

The tapered block will keep your pinion angle at an optimum value resulting in the driveshaft experiencing less stress and lasting much longer.


  • Reduced wear on the U-joints
  • Better cornering stability
  • Less vibration in the driveline
  • Smoother riding experience


  • Does not fit in any models that do not have coil suspensions


This kit has extensive performance benefits and will also increase the lifespan of your driveshaft. All these features make it easy to declare that this is the best 4-inch lift kit for the Ford Ranger 2wd.

9. WULF 4″ Front Spindle Lift Kit

WULF 4" Front Spindle Lift Kit

Key features

  • 4″ of extra lift on the front
  • Retains the stock ride standard
  • Cast-iron components boast superior durability
  • Gives Clearance for higher quality aftermarket tires

WOLF Suspension may be new to the aftermarket mod scene, but they are giving their competitors a run for their money with cutting-edge products. This 4″ kit is no exception.

From this product, you will get cast iron spindles/knuckles that will give an extra 4″ of lift to the front of your truck.

The rear has no modifications. So if you want to raise that as well, you will have to buy additional parts.


  • Simple bolt-on installation
  • Has excellent structural integrity
  • Anti-cracking components
  • Allows fitting onto a wide range of vehicles


  • Only has front lifting components


For such a price range, the build quality offered by this lift kit makes it a steal. It is hard to argue that this is one of if not the finest 2003 Ford Ranger lift kit 2wd.

10. WULF 1-3″ Front 1.5-2″ Rear Adj Leveling Lift Kit

WULF 1-3" Front 1.5-2" Rear Adj Leveling Lift Kit

Key features

  • Top of the line Nitro gas shock absorbers provide a comfortable ride
  • Innovative design minimizes wear on the parts
  • Adjustable lift height allows more options for personalization of the vehicle’s stance
  • Steel alloys ensure a long service life

The adaptability and practicality of this product are unlike anything found in kits of other manufacturers.

Adjustable torsion keys will let you tweak the lift as your vehicle ages, and the suspension gets compressed. So you will not have to worry about uneven loads ruining your truck’s stance.

Not to mention, this kit was designed specifically to make sure that the feel of the rides remains the same as it was right out of the factory.


  • Dust boots for the shocks are included for free
  • Robust build quality
  • No specialist tools are necessary
  • Compatible with a variety of 4×4 Ford Ranger models


  • The kit may not fit properly due to the interference from the locking pins of some vehicles


Overall, I have very few complaints about this product and wholeheartedly recommend it to prospective buyers.

Buying Guide For The Best Lift kit For Your Ford Ranger 2wd & 4×4

A lifting kit is a significant investment that can affect the ride quality of your vehicle. So you should carefully consider some points before going off to purchase one.


It goes without saying that not all vehicles are made the same. So it is pretty impossible for a one size fits all type of lift kit to exist. Manufacturers look to ride with common designs to make a product compatible with that set of vehicles.

When you are looking to buy a kit, double-check if your ranger is included in that compatibility list. You will save yourself from the hassle of ordering a product only to see that it won’t fit and later have to return it.

Amount of Lift

One major point to consider is exactly how much lift you want for your ranger. This will directly impact how your ride will look afterward. So it is prudent to do some research and take some measurements.

Too much lift will raise your vehicle’s center of gravity resulting in less roll stability. But lower lift will have diminishing returns in off-road performance. Striking the proper balance here is the key.

Also, if you want to fit aftermarket wheels, then get enough clearance so that they won’t rub.

Type of Lift Kit

Generally, lift kits can be broadly divided into three categories. Each type can give your ride a lift but in different ways. They also have their own benefits and drawbacks.

I will provide you with a few concise points about each type so that you will know what to look for.

1. Body Lift Kits

Body lifts are the simplest of the bunch. They just consist of simple pucks or spacers that go in between the coil springs and body.

The main benefit of this type of product is its meager cost with simple installation. But there are several limitations to consider as well.

Since you only lift the body from the suspension, there isn’t much additional ground clearance to be had. You can add larger tires, and that’s about it.

Also, a lot of people don’t like the look of a body-lifted ride as the extra space tends to look awkward.

2. Coil Spring Booster

A slightly more expensive but better-performing option is the coil spring booster. This works by replacing your stock spring or shocks with longer aftermarket variants.

These aftermarket shocks tend to last longer than stock ones. Also, they have better articulation and give increased wheel travel. This enhances both the on and off-road capabilities of a vehicle.

It is slightly more expensive and difficult to install, but the extra benefits are worth it.

3. Suspension Lift Kit

Finally, I have come to what some would consider the only types of lift kits worth having. As you might have guessed from the name, this type of kit overhauls your entire suspension to achieve the desired lift.

It gives the most benefit when it comes to performance. The form of the vehicle also looks clean and impressive, unlike body lifts. This can give up to a ridiculous 12″ of lift.

But the overall complexity and number of components can push the price up quite a lot.

That being said, if you have the money to spare, suspension lifts are definitely the way to go. All other types seem pale in comparison.

How To Install Lift kit for Ford Ranger 2wd & 4×4?

A simple body lift or even a coil spring boost can be installed by most people who have some time tinkering with machines. But for complex suspension lifts, you are advised to go to a professional mechanic.

However, if you have a lot of experience working under the hood and are confident in your skills, you can try fitting it yourself.

The installation process is unique to each kit. So, we strongly recommend you consult the manual included with the product. This is just a general guide to supplement that.

Components Needed

  • 18mm Wrench
  • 15mm Socket
  • 15mm Wrench
  • 16mm Wrench
  • 17mm Wrench
  • 21mm Wrench
  • 21mm Deep Well Socket
  • 7/32 Allen Wrench
  • Hammer

The process

Step 01: Take off the front wheels

Put the vehicle in an even area and put a stopper on the back wheels. Slowly jack up the front end and support it with jack stands.

Undo the lug nuts and remove the front wheels.

Step 02: Disconnect the sway bar and take out the front shocks

Disconnect the sway bar links and swing them aside.

Loosen the lower bolt securing the shock to the frame. After making sure you have the proper support, remove the bolt entirely and try to slide the stock shock out. You may need to tap it with a hammer to dislodge it.

Step 03: Remove track bar bolt

You should disconnect the ABS lines by removing the brackets that hold them.

Remove the driver and passenger side track bar bolts. You can try to turn the steering wheel to get more clearance to turn said bolts.

Step 04: Install new front shocks

Install new shocks with the included upper nuts and new bushing. Repeat if there are any auxiliary shocks available. Recheck the torque specifications for the bolts.

Step 05: Reinstall the front wheels

Use the lug nuts set aside to install the wheels and then slowly lower the front end down to the ground.

Step 06: Install the factory track bar

Make sure the suspension is loaded first. Then take the track bar and attach it to the mount.

Step 07: Reattach the brake/ABS line

If the lift is small, you can use the stock brake. But with large lifts, a new longer brake line should be included. After attaching that reconnect the sway bar.

Step 08: Repeat the process for the rear

Use the same method to install the components in the rear. If there are any deviations, the included manual will point them out.

Confirm you have attached all the parts, bolts, and bushings properly, and nothing is left over. After this, take the car to be realigned professionally.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I put a lift kit on my 2wd Ford Ranger truck?

Considering the benefits of a decent lift kit, the point could be made that it is worth putting one under your truck. However, if you really feel that you like your ride as is, then there are no obligations for you to opt for a kit.

Is a 2-inch lift kit enough for a 2wd ford ranger?

A 2-inch lift will allow you to fit 32″ tires with no issue, and both of them combined will give you decent ground clearance. On top of that lifting, the front can remove that nose-to-ground appearance of your truck.

But if you feel like you need even more clearance or a 2-inch lift doesn’t look good on your truck, larger lifts might be worth considering.

Will a 2-inch leveling kit hurt my 2wd ford ranger?

No, a quality lift kit that has been installed correctly will not cause any damage or additional wear to your ride. So, it is essential to be careful when installing a lift kit to make sure no mistakes are made.

What do you need to lift a 2wd ford ranger?

There are plenty of readymade kits that can be found on the market that have everything you need to lift your ranger. Just take a look at our list for examples of such products.

Why do 2wd ford ranger trucks sit lower?

The manufacturers decided that this height delivers a good balance between ground clearance and roll stability. If you want it to sit higher, you can use a lift kit to your liking.

How much does a 2-inch lift cost on a 2wd ford ranger?

A 2-inch body lift can cost as low as around $50. In comparison, a premium suspension lift can set you back a few grand.

How can I improve my 2wd ford ranger ride?

Replacing the factory shocks and coil springs with aftermarket models can do wonders for your ride characteristics.

If you want to go even further, you can look for a quality suspension lift, as it will change your entire suspension to give more ground clearance and a smoother ride.

Do 2-inch leveling kits require new shocks?

2-inch leveling kits that use spacers don’t usually require new shocks. But suspension kits will include them to give you better performance.


No matter how you look at it, a good lift kit has a lot of benefits and can breathe new life back into your truck. For this reason, there is a steady uptick in the number of people deciding to go for such products.

But choosing a good lift kit is not as easy as going to the nearest dealership and picking one up randomly from a shelf. You need to do some careful deliberation about a number of things before you decide you put one under your sweet ride. I hope that the products here have at least served as a good reference and helped you choose the best lift kit for a 4×4 ford ranger.