Best Leveling Kit for Ram 3500 – My Favorite

I am an employee at an auto repair shop, and I sometimes think back on my first days on the job, which mostly involved installing leveling kits.

Now, leveling kits are one of the most affordable aftermarket modifications that can change the whole look and feel of your Ram 3500.

That’s why I got one installed too!

How come?

Well, using a leveling kit on my Ram 3500 made the sagging front of my vehicle level with the rear end.

Like most leveling kits, it also comes with benefits like better ground clearance, being able to fit bigger tires and rims, better off-road performance, and so on.

Do you want one?

If you do but don’t know which is the best Ram 3500 leveling kit, you don’t need to worry any longer.

I’ve got five kits that will make it unnecessary for you to look elsewhere!

5 Best Ram 3500 Leveling Kit

It’s hard to find the right match for your vehicle, especially with all the options you see on the market.

I once had a friend that searched and searched till she spent her money on the wrong leveling kit.

Even all that research did her no good!

Why though?

That’s because you can find a lot of things on the internet, but that doesn’t always mean that you will find what you’re looking for.

Don’t worry! This is not the same. I am a mechanic who specializes in leveling kits. So you should be able to trust me.

Don’t believe me?

Then trust yourself to do the research on at least the five products I’ll talk about today. If you don’t find them to be trustworthy, you get to discard my advice.

1. Rough Country 2.5″ Suspension Leveling Kit- My First Choice

Rough Country 2.5" Suspension Leveling Kit

I always talk about the brand Rough Country with fondness. That’s because it’s a well-reputed and trustable brand.

And the leveling kits that this brand produces never compromise their quality. Still, they make their products pretty affordable.

So the 2.5-inch Suspension Leveling Kit from Rough Country is a kit that you should be able to trust.

It’s under $100!

You can expect quality and a good deal at the same time with this leveling kit.

If you buy and install this leveling kit, you will be able to get a better front ground clearance on your Ram 3500 because this kit raises the front of the vehicle by 2.5 inches.

And with this 2.5-inch lift, the front of your vehicle will get leveled with the rear end.

What about compatibility?

Well, this leveling kit is compatible with various models of Ram 3500 between the 2014 to 2022 versions.

Moreover, this affordable leveling kit consists of coil spring spacers that do the 2.5-inch front lift of your vehicle.

And because you get to install these coil spring spacers, the geometry of your suspension stays intact. It also keeps the factory coil mount angles and rubber isolator position the same.

Plus, this kit also comes with shock absorbers of N3 nitrogen charged that makes the ride smoother than before.

My Opinion: This affordable leveling kit is noteworthy, and not just because it’s from the brand Rough Country. I wholeheartedly recommend you give this a try.

Dodge Ram 2500/3500 2.5-inch Leveling Kit by Rough Country

2. MotoFab 2 inch Front Leveling Lift Kit- My Second Best Choice

MotoFab 2 inch Front Leveling Lift Kit

It’s important that you find a leveling kit that is completely compatible with your heavy-duty pickup truck.

If you don’t get one that’s compatible, you might face a lot of problems.

Incompatible leveling kits might not mount on the suspensions of your truck, making them unfit entirely for your vehicle.

Other than that, a leveling kit that isn’t compatible can make the suspensions of your vehicle wear out before its due time.

But the 2-inch Front Leveling Lift Kit from Motofab is perfectly compatible with all of the Ram 3500 models from the 1994 to 2018 versions.

That’s not all!

The parts of this leveling kit are made out of billet aluminum, which is a very durable and high-strength material.

It can even resist rust and corrosion!

And on top of that, there’s an extra layer of protection from rust and corrosion with an added black powder-coated layer.

More on durability:

The spacers of this kit are precision cut by expensive CNC machines, and yet they are the cheapest leveling kit on the list.

Being shaped with CNC machines make the spacers of this leveling kit more durable than other methods like forging, casting, and welding.

And the best part s that it’s so easy to install that you can do t all by yourself with the help of a professional.

You can get the installation process over within 2 hours. And if you’re more experienced in auto mechanics, it can take you as little as half an hour to complete installation.

My Opinion: As the cheapest leveling kit on the list, this kit gives you great value for the money. Still, it maintains the quality of its material and makes. So I highly recommend this one to you, and I’ll say add this to your cart now.

3. Dynofit 3″ Front Leveling Lift Kit- My Next Choice

Dynofit 3" Front Leveling Lift Kit

Getting approved by SGS is a big deal! They are known only to let the best of the best products pass through their rigorous tests and make them ready to hit the market.

The 3-inch Front Leveling Lift Kit from the brand Dynolift is something to be noted, as it has been tested by SGS and passed with flying colors.

They ran more tests!

Yes, the brand did its own set of tests to prove the leveling kit to be worthy and long-lasting than most other products.

They installed this leveling kit to their pickup truck and drove it for 10,000 miles to test out its durability of this kit.

And it passed!

Only after all these tests they made their product available on the market or even started the marketing process.

And it’s perfectly compatible with all the versions of the 2014 to 2016 Ram 3500 pickup truck.

Plus, it’s so easy to install this leveling kit that you could just do it yourself and not ask for help from a professional.

Takes only 2 hours!

However, you might need to use a coil spring compressor to install the coil spring spacers of this leveling kit.

In addition to all that, you even get a one-month return and refund offer if you buy it and you’re not satisfied with the kit.

My Opinion: This affordable leveling kit is completely worth buying for every benefit it offers you! I suggest you buy it before it runs out of stock!

4. Supreme Suspensions 3″ Front Leveling Kit

Supreme Suspensions 3" Front Leveling Kit

There’s this trend that a lot of truckers are really into nowadays, which you can also try if you want to.

Heard of Cali lean?

This is the trend where trucks raise the sagging front of their trucks to be higher than the rear end instead of being level.

And if you use the 3-inch front leveling kit from the well-reputed brand Supreme Suspensions, you can also achieve Cali lean with your Ram 3500 pickup.

Here’s the thing,

This leveling kit can perfectly fit well with most models of the Ram 3500 truck. The compatibility of this kit ranges from the models 2013 to 2023.

And this kit will lift the front of your Ram 3500 truck to a 3 inches height to raise the front that used to previously sag compared to the rear end.

This leveling kit will make sure that the front ground clearance of your vehicle increases by 3 inches.

It will also let you be able to install bigger tires and rims on your truck to make sure you can get a better experience on bumpy off-road terrains.

What about installation?

You can absolutely install it yourself. And you won’t have to ask a professional as you can just read the instructions that come with the product when you buy it.

Yes, you might need a coil spring compressor when you go in to install the coil spring spacers of this kit to your vehicle.

It will take you between 2 to 3 hours to install this leveling kit. And if you’re good with auto mechanics, you could get it done within just 2 hours!

Moreover, the steel shocks that come with the kit will decrease your factory piston’s over-extension. And it will get rid of the need to get aftermarket components like extended shocks.

My Opinion: You would not have to think too much about buying this leveling kit as it delivers so much with an affordable price tag, which is just under a hundred dollars.

5. Superlift 2.5″ Leveling Kit with Spacers

Superlift 2.5" Leveling Kit with Spacers

When the shock absorbers of your truck’s suspension can extend more, it will not be able to absorb all the bumps you get on the road.

This is why you need to correct the angle of your shock absorbers to prevent them from “topping out” or extending anymore.

But how?

If you could use shock relocation brackets that can relocate the position where the shock would usually mount, it’ll fix the angle of the shock and its travel.

Thus, your suspension will be able to take in more shocks without making your ride bumpy.

And this is exactly what the 2.5-inch Leveling Kit from the well-known brand Superlift will do with its shock relocation brackets.

There’s more!

The spacers of this kit will not only lift the front of your Ram 3500 to match it to the same level as the rear, but it’ll also increase the ground clearance.

And this increased ground clearance will let you fit in bigger tires. You can use tires as big as 33 inches tires.

This kit of steel construction includes metric hardware of 10.9 grade too!


This 2.5-inch leveling kit will be compatible with your Ram 3500 in the models 2014 to 2022. So if you’re vehicle is one of these versions, you have nothing to worry about the fit.

Moreover, this easy-to-install kit will change up the look of your pickup truck, which doesn’t always happen with most leveling kits.

My Opinion: You should definitely think about getting this leveling kit if your vehicle needs a 2.5-inch lift on the front to get leveled with the back. And you can get your shock angles fixed with this kit too!

Common Questions About Ram 3500 Leveling Kits

Why shouldn’t you level your Ram 3500?

You shouldn’t level your Ram 3500 if you do carry a lot of heavyweight loads on the backend of your truck or tow with it on a regular basis.

Why is that?

Firstly, the factory ride you get after buying the truck always has a sagging front. And if you level the vehicle with the rear, it doesn’t look sagged anymore.

However, if you carry loads or tow with your truck regularly, the back end will also start to sag. And the factory ride will eventually look more level because of that.

But if you level it using a leveling kit, it will start to sag on the rear end too!

Are leveling kits worth it?

If you don’t carry loads on the rear cargo bed on a daily basis, a leveling kit is completely worth it for your vehicle.

Other than that, it will expand the ground clearance of your truck, making it easier to ride on tough terrain and not just the roads.

You can even use larger tires on your vehicle because of the raised ground clearance, which will give your tires more traction for off-road experiences.

Mainly, you will get a smoother ride for your everyday driving!

Does a leveling kit affect the ride of your Ram 3500?

Yes, a leveling kit affects the ride quality of your Ram 3500 in many positive and a few negative ways:

  • It adds more ground clearance
  • Levels the vehicle
  • Makes your visibility better
  • Going through tough terrain gets easier
  • Towing the vehicle becomes no big deal
  • You can fit larger tires
  • An overall smooth ride
  • Some leveling kits enhance the appearance of the truck
  • But can put pressure on the fuel economy
  • It might wear out the suspension if not installed correctly
  • Will void the warranty

Is a 2-inch leveling kit noticeable?

A 2-inch leveling kit is not always noticeable.

However, it ultimately depends on the brand of leveling kit you’re using.

That’s because some of the brands produce leveling kits that will make the change in appearance a bit more noticeable than most other leveling kits.

Do leveling kits wear out ball joints?

Yes, leveling kits can wear out the ball joints of your vehicle’s suspension. And t totally depends on the weight of your leveling kit.

A leveling kit puts pressure on the ball joints of your suspension, making them wear out ahead of their time.

But if the leveling kit is somewhat lightweight, there is a chance that this will not happen as much as with a heavy one.

Why are trucks not leveled from the factory?

Trucks are not leveled from the factory because they are supposed to carry loads in the backend cargo beds.

As I’ve already mentioned, carrying loads in the back makes the vehicle sag a little and look level with the front.

And a heavy-duty truck is usually manufactured to carry heavy loads on a regular basis, which is why they’re not leveled from the factory.

Does a leveling kit void the Ram 3500 warranty?

Yes, a leveling kit will void the Ram 3500 warranty.

The manufacturers of Ram 3500 do not want their vehicles to be modified using an aftermarket modification like a leveling kit.

This is why they don’t offer their warranty to their customer any longer if they modify the Ram 3500 truck.

Final Verdict

There are a lot of advantages to leveling your Ram 3500 truck using a leveling kit. Most of them are because of the increased ground clearance.

I tell my clients to research well before they head out to buy and install a leveling kit, as they need to figure out their needs first.

Do the same!

And you can take inspiration from the five best leveling kits I’ve drawn up that fit the Ram 3500 well. Or you can just trust me and buy one of them.

So add to your cart!