5 Best Leveling Kit for 2020 F150 – My Favorite

Are you looking for the best leveling kit for F150 2020? However, as a result of the kit’s immense popularity, a variety of leveling kits are now available on the market.

There are a variety of leveling lift kits to choose from, which might be complicated. To assist you in making an informed decision, I’ve assembled a list of my favorite 5 leveling kits for 2020 F150.

In addition, Ive provided a concise explanation of the facts you’ll need to comprehend in order to better understand what you may be looking for.

When you ride in a Ford  2020 F150, leveling kit will let you view the world around you from new heights. Not to mention better stability, a covered undercarriage, and, last but not least, a stunning look!

Now you must choose which leveling kit you will install under your 2020 f150. Without further ado, let’s get going!


I’ll go through five different leveling kits for f150, all of which I feel to be the best available on the market. It is conceivable that I overlooked certain products, but I can assure you that these items are in no way inferior to those that were included.

My Favorite 5 Best Leveling Kit for 2020 F150

Following the rigorous testing approach, over 500 leveling kits were submitted for evaluation, and the following were deemed the most effective and reliable. By examining them, you can choose which one is the best fit for you.

1. MotoFab 2″ Front Leveling Kit – My Most Favorite

Key features

  • Made with premium quality aluminum
  • Suitable for both 2WD & 4WD
  • Made In the USA
  • Lifetime warranty

The MotoFab Lifts F150-2 – 2  Front Leveling Lift Kit is the first product in my list. When it comes to Leveling kits, this company is a beast. There is no doubt it is now one of the best leveling lift kits for 2020 f150 available in the market.

I’ve tested a number of their shock absorbers and kits in the past, and I can assure you that if you hear the name MotoFab Lifts, you can buy their products without hesitation. Let me give you some information if you don’t want to take my word for it.

This amazing leveling kit can be positioned in front and designed to lift the front of your truck by a solid 2 inches. If you are an amatuer and do not have professional tools you don’t need to worry.

In contrast to other kits, this one does not involve disassembling the strut and coil assemblies. In addition, it takes merely an hour or two to install. As a result, you will get that lethal, sharp, and aggressive appearance in no time.

This kit is built from the strongest and durable material available in the market. Designed to complement your factory suspension, they are CNC machined from billet aluminum and powder coated black.

In comparison to welded spacers that break over time, the quality of this kit is incomparably superior. There is a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee as well as a lifetime warranty on these spacers, making them the strongest on the market.

My Recommendation

You will get high-quality performance from this kit, which is more efficient than other 2″ leveling lift kits now available today. If you are looking for a strongly built kit, this one is definitely for you.

2. Dynofit 2″ Front Leveling Lift Kit- My Second Choice for 2020 F150

Dynofit 2 In Front Leveling Lift Kits for 2020 F150

Key features

  • Bolt on uncomplicated installation process
  • Provide your truck aggressive look
  • Made with high quality aluminum
  • Provide great performance in off road

One of the most attractive parts of the Dynofit 2 inch Front Leveling Lift Kits is the cosmetic upgrade it provides. The bulk of eye-catching sets, on the other hand, are out of reach for the majority of people’s budget. It makes little difference if they are inexpensive or not; they are rarely worth the money. This isn’t the case at all for this kit.

Dynofit 2 Inch Front Leveling Lift Kits not only lift your truck by 2 inches but are also compatible for both Ford  2020 F150 2WD and 4WD. Without any doubt it is possibly the best leveling kit for 2020 F150 4×4.

This kit is manufactured from high-quality, long-lasting powder coated aircraft billet aluminum with 10.9 bolts. It also has the property of a flat surface that has been CNC machined. In addition, it has a corrosion resistant black anodized surface.

Installation is simple: there are spring compressors and only a few bolts on top of the strut assembly and nothing hard; it is even better with a second hand. But it is recommended by the manufacturer to align the front and rear.

Adding this leveling kit to your 2020 f150 truck gives you more room for bigger tires and wheels as it is even compatible with 33 inch tires. As a result it will provide you tremendous performance off road.

My Recommendation

It is fair to state that this package represents excellent value for the money spent. This leveling kit is one of the best you can have for your truck, especially if you enjoy off-roading!

3. Supreme Suspensions Front Leveling Kit 2020 Ford F150 

Supreme Suspensions Front Leveling Kit 2020 Ford F150 

Key features

  • Increased ground clearance
  • Bolt on trouble free installation process
  • Provide stunning look
  • Made with T6 Aircraft Billet Aluminum

Supreme Suspensions is a renowned brand in the truck’s part sector, notably in the leveling kit market. The company’s brand worth rose as a result of better products and more consistency. You can expect premium quality products from them.

There is no truth to the notion that their things are expensive. Rather than nice, these are spectacular! The Supreme Suspensions – 2.5 inch Front Leveling Kit  are a perfect example of their outstanding product line. According to many, it is one of the best leveling kits for 2020 f150 2wd.

According to most of the consumers, it took about an hour or two for them to install the kit in their truck. Even a novice may install it without any trouble.

So, you will obtain that aesthetic, sharp and aggressive appearance in no time. But you need to align the leveling kit with your truck which can take some additional time.

Enhance the appearance of your truck and run wider tires with Supreme Suspension’s PRO-Billet Lift Kit. They offer High End Boost Kit made out of T6 Aircraft-Grade Aluminum and created by their professionals not only to lift your truck but to increase your ride quality and comfort as well as lifetime usage.

My Recommendation

The product lives up to the brand’s reputation. In terms of performance, pricing, and dependability, it’s unrivaled. This kit will certainly fulfill all your needs in your truck.

Supreme Suspensions 2.50-Inch Pro Billet Strut Spacer Leveling Kit Installation on 2020 F150

4. FLYCLE Leveling Lift Kit for 2020 F150

FLYCLE Leveling Lift Kit for F150

Key features

  • Made with high quality alloy steel and forged aluminum
  • Give your truck an attractive look
  • Compatible with 2020 F150 2WD and 4WD
  • 2 years warranty

To me, FLYCLE  is a clear indication of the quality of the company’s products. They’re not just good, they’re fantastic. Those who have used their products know how excellent the products are. I believe this product is worthy of your consideration, and maybe you will as well after reading this review.

Leveling kits should have two qualities: a good appearance and a high degree of strength. Because of this, it’s difficult to find a perfect kit that has all of these attributes.

In contrast to this, The FLYCLE 2 inch Leveling Lift Kit for F150 is a perfect blend of  both and the outcome is stunning.

Manufactured from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, the FLYCLE 2 inch Leveling Lift Kit is oxidized, coating the product’s surface with a layer of oxidation that considerably boosts its toughness and corrosion resistance.

In order to assure the strength and durability of the studs, they utilize thermal processing to ensure that the studs are safe to drive with while also increasing their overall safety.

My Recommendation

Undoubtedly, The FLYCLE 2 inch Leveling Lift Kit is one of the best leveling kits for 2020 f150 4wd. So you can buy this product without a second thought.

5. MotoFab 1.5″ Front Leveling Lift Kit

MotoFab 1.5" Front Leveling Lift Kit  compatible with 2020 F150

Key features

  • CNC machined to provide greater consistency
  • Easy installation process
  • Made In The USA
  • Lifetime warranty

For quite some time, MotoFab Lifts has been a leader in the field of leveling kits and accessories. The items have been welcomed positively by the customers. As a result, I was equally enthusiastic about this one too.

I was fortunate in that this excellent product did not disappoint. The MotoFab Lifts Front Leveling Lift Kit is definitely worth the money spent on it. Apart from the numerous advantages it provides a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee as well as a lifetime warranty.

This kit is constructed from the toughest and most durable materials available. They’re CNC-machined from billet aluminum and powder-coated black to match your stock suspension.

The quality of this kit is unrivaled when compared to welded spacers that wear out over time. These spacers come with a lifetime warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, making them the strongest available.

My Recommendation

MotoFab Lifts has created an exceptional  product. It has its advantages and disadvantages, but the advantages exceed the disadvantages. If you’re looking for an aluminum kit, this is the finest one you can get right now on the market.

Installing Leveling Kit on Ford F-150 2020

QA Part About Leveling kit for 2020 f150

What is the best size leveling kit for 2020 F150?

Choosing a leveling kit completely depends on the user’s needs. So you must select your leveling kit by your desire and need. But usually it is good to use a 2 inch to 3 inch leveling kit for your 2020 F150.

After doing a comprehensive examination of the various alternatives for the 2020 Ford F150 model trucks, it was determined that a 2.5-inch leveling kit for 2020 F150 was the best option.

In addition, the front seats of the F150 are lower than the back seats, which is a clear design characteristic of the truck. Ford increased the height of the rear of these trucks to allow them to perform their intended duty of lifting huge loads in their truck bed, which they did.

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How much does it cost to put a leveling kit on a 2020 F150?

 A good quality leveling kit F150 will cost minimum 700 to maximum several thousand dollars.

What’s the going charge for raising a 2020 Ford F-150 truck off the ground? Surprisingly, not much. A leveling kit may be purchased for anything from $700 to several thousand dollars. It is estimated that installation will cost around $1,000.

The fact is that there are numerous mechanics who will charge you less than this. If you’re considering purchasing an 2020 F150 leveling kit for your truck, it’s a good idea to become familiar with the many options available to you beforehand.

Does a leveling kit mess up your f150 2020 truck?

No, leveling your ford f150 truck will not mess it up. But if you cannot install it accurately, it will definitely harm your truck.

Because the lower control arm and CV joints are both shoved into the truck at the same time during the installation process, some F150 2020 leveling kits are placed improperly on the truck. The failure of the actuator is caused by insufficient management.

If this is the case, it is possible that the battery was unplugged before installing the leveling kit. It is unsafe to leave the battery connected since it will result in the parking brake light remaining illuminated.

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What size tires can I put on an F-150 2020 with a leveling kit?

When it comes to tires, how big can a Ford F150’s tires be? To safely mount tires up to 33″-34″ in diameter on a standard F150, crash bars must be removed. 32-inch tires may fit on rims with a diameter of ten inches.

Unless you’re running 37″ or larger tires, the MPG drop will be negligible if you put the largest tire you can fit inside the wheel arch. When employing a more aggressive AT or MT tire, drivers can expect an increase in cabin noise due to the increased amount of road noise.

Does a leveling kit void the f150 2020 warranty?

Installing a leveling kit will not void your manufacturer’s warranty. It’s possible that the suspension on your truck will degrade at a faster rate than typical.

The front suspension and cv joints may be out of warranty if this occurs. Because the shocks and struts are plainly not Ford-branded, the guarantee on them is void.

If your tie-rod ends or ball joints unexpectedly failed, they would not be covered by them. They’d say the damage was caused by the leveling equipment.

Can I fit 35s with a leveling kit F-150 2020?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to fit 35s with a leveling kit F-150 2020.

To mount 35x.5 tires on a Ford F150, you’ll need a four-inch leveling kit and aftermarket wheels with a more negative offset for improved UCA (Upper Control Arm) clearance.

A 2.5-3″ leveling system with wheel spacers on OEM wheels along with plastic cutting of the fender or body and wheel wells and bumper is a more cost-effective solution.

In order to use 35×12.5 tires, you’ll need at least 9 inches of wheel room, with an offset of around 0. By using this piece of equipment, you’ll be able to lift more weight. Is it possible to fit 35-inch tires on the f150 with the leveling kit?

Does the leveling kit affect mpg?

Yes, the leveling kit affects mpg. It reduces the mpg of the truck only a little on most occasions.

Installing a front-end leveling kit attempts to balance the suspension, resulting in an enhancement in wind resistance. Fuel economy is reduced because of the higher resistance and drag. However, it is possible that the decrease in gas mileage is not that great.

Taller, heavier tires and a greater ride height are “mpg killers” when your truck is lifted. Trucks with taller bodies are less aerodynamic and meet more wind resistance when driving. This is especially true if you’re towing a big truck. Aerodynamic drag will be created as the added weight pushes the rear down and raises the front.

Choosing the right tires for your vehicle is critical. Whether you’re traveling on or off road, all-terrain tires are certain to meet your needs. While mud-terrain tires perform well on off-road tracks, their lower gas consumption may make them less than ideal for regular driving. This is because more tread equals more tire on the ground.

You can reduce your truck’s fuel consumption by minimizing the weight of your truck’s suspension lift by using lighter-weight kit components.


Choosing the appropriate leveling kit for your 2020 Ford F150 is a challenging undertaking. Because I have gone through considerable research and prepared the list of best leveling kits for 2020 F150. These kits wish you the best of luck in selecting your choices. This guide is supplied with heavy-duty leveling kits to ensure that you have a terrific experience.

If you’ve gone through the buyer’s guide, you’ll be aware of the traits you should hunt for in a leveling kit. Choose any one of these five kits, and you’ll be able to enjoy it for the rest of your life.

Best wishes, and safe and fun driving!