Best Leveling Kit for 2018 Ram 2500- My Favorite

I had a friend who didn’t trust leveling kits because she was basically scared of them. But I once took her on a drive through rough terrain on my leveled 2018 Ram 2500, and she got convinced.

Then what?

She wanted to get her own leveling kit installed because she could finally see the benefits through first-hand experience.

What are these benefits?

Leveling your 2018 Ram 2500 can give it a better ground clearance that comes with its own benefits.

You can fit in larger tires, get through bumps on both roads and off-road easily, get better visibility to avoid accidents, and get a safer and smoother ride, to say the least.

However, it can be hard to find the right fit for your 2018 Ram 2500 when it comes to installing a leveling kit.

That’s why I created this review with the best leveling kits that you can consider installing on your 2018 Ram 2500.

5 Best Leveling Kits for 2018 Ram 2500

As I’ve already told you, it’s really hard to find the right leveling kit for your 2018 Ram 2500.

There’s a lot of research involved, and still, there’s a chance that you might not know what you are looking for.

I’ll make it easier!

Out of the thousands of leveling kits in the market, I’ve brought up the only best ones, along with their reviews, to let you decide for yourself.

Let’s get started!

1. MotoFab 2 inch Front Leveling Lift Kit – My First Choice

MotoFab 2 inch Front Leveling Lift Kit - My First Choice
MotoFab 2 inch Front Leveling Lift Kit – My First Choice

Some people can’t afford to get a leveling kit that’s expensive, even if it’s around a hundred bucks. Plus, it’s always fun to get things for cheap, isn’t it?

Looking for a cheap option?

The DR2-2WD-Black-2-inch Front Leveling Lift Kit from MotoFab Lifts is the cheapest option on the list.

And the best thing about it is that it does not compromise its quality to ensure a cheap product.

The kit includes just spacers (why it’s cheap), but the durability on those metals is something you should take note of.

And only consisting of spacers make this leveling kit worth it because of how easy the installation process gets.

What else?

Yes, there are some downfalls to installing a leveling kit. But if you install this one just as you should, you won’t face those cons at all.

These spacers do it’s job well in leveling your 2018 Ram 2500 because they are completely compatible with the truck.

What material, you ask?

Oh, you’re going to love this! The spacers of this kit are made out of billet Aluminum, which is a really durable material.

However, the best thing about the way they are made is that they cut a block of billet Aluminum with CNC machines and powder-coat them black.

This retains durability and makes the leveling kit entirely rust-proof!

My Opinions: This is not just the cheapest product but also the lightest, being only‎ 6.1 pounds, which means you won’t even feel it on your fuel efficiency. So what are you waiting for? Buy it!

2. Dynofit 2.5″ Front Leveling Lift Kit- My Next Choice

Dynofit 2.5" Front Leveling Lift Kit- My Next Choice
Dynofit 2.5″ Front Leveling Lift Kit- My Next Choice

Do you know what the next leveling kit s good at? Increasing ground clearance! And do you know what it does?

The Dynofit 2.5″ Front Leveling Lift Kit for the 2018 Ram 2500 gives your vehicle one heck of a ground clearance.

What does it do?

Because of this ground clearance, your vehicle is likely to get less damaged because of the bumps and protrusions on the roads.

What happens is the higher your ground clearance is, the better chances that the underbody of your vehicle will avoid the bumps and get less damaged in the process.

That’s not all!

This product will let you install bigger tires, too, just because of the enhanced ground clearance.

The 2.5-inch lift on the front of your vehicle that this leveling kit will ensure will make the front of your vehicle get this enhanced ground clearance that I just talked about.

And it’ll fit your truck perfectly!

This leveling kit has been tested by the SGS and passed with flying colors, which means a safer ride.

The manufacturers even tested it for 10,000 miles to see if it could hold up under extreme pressure, which means it’s really durable.

My Opinions: The price tag is not too low or too high on this leveling kit. So I highly recommend that you consider buying this one if you’re interested in that ground clearance and durability.

3. Rough Country 2.5″ Suspension Leveling Kit

Rough Country 2.5" Suspension Leveling Kit
Rough Country 2.5″ Suspension Leveling Kit

I’ve always loved the brand Rough Country, not because of its reputation but because of its products.

All of their products are of good quality, and all of them are really cheap or reasonably priced for a brand this big and product-quality so good,

The Rough Country 2.5″ Suspension Leveling Kit for 2018 Ram 2500 is also a good-quality product with an under-hundred-dollars price tag.

Here’s another thing!

This leveling kit is an excellent fit for your 2018 Ram 2500, and it’s got all the units that you need for a perfectly leveled truck.

It’s made out of the kind of steel that makes each part of the product durable enough to use for a very long time.

And after you install this leveling kit in your 2018 Ram 2500, you won’t believe the level of smoothness you’ll get on each of your rides.

Still not convinced?

You will get shock absorbers with this leveling kit that can be adjusted to the height you need it to be.

This affordable leveling kit is not just capable of high performance, but it can provide you with heavy-duty parts as well.

Plus, installation is pretty easy!

And the best part is that this leveling kit will not compromise with the Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM quality of your ride.

My Opinions: Trust the brand! That’s what I would suggest. Even though I do have a soft spot for this brand, you will never be disappointed if you install it on your truck.

2018 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 2.5-inch Leveling Kit by Rough Country

4. Takeo Front 3.5″ Leveling Lift Kit

Takeo Front 3.5" Leveling Lift Kit
Takeo Front 3.5″ Leveling Lift Kit

A 3.5-inch front lift by a leveling kit is a massive change for a 2018 Ram 2500 truck. It can increase the ground clearance of your pickup to a level that a 2/2.5-inch lift can never.

And it will not only help you fit even larger tires, but you can also expect the front of your vehicle not to get stuck on bumps as often.

The Takeo Front 3.5″ Leveling Lift Kit Fits Dodge Ram 2500 is such a leveling kit that will give the front of your vehicle a 3.5-inch lift and level it with the rear.

Here’s the kicker!

You can use just the two strut spacers with coil springs for your suspension and the two shock extenders to lift the front of your vehicle.

This Japanese product will help with avoiding damage to the underbody of your vehicle from bumps because of the raised ground clearance.

After installing this leveling kit, you will experience a safer drive every single day while getting a smoother day-to-day ride.

And the installation?

I’m happy to tell you that with a little bit of mechanical experience, you can install this kit all by yourself. And it takes only about 2 hours!

My Opinions: This reasonably prices leveling kit is worth buying. You should absolutely get this one if the specifications are exactly what you’ve been looking for.

5. Supreme Suspensions – 3″ Front Leveling Kit

Supreme Suspensions - 3" Front Leveling Kit
Supreme Suspensions – 3″ Front Leveling Kit

Compatibility is very important. Without compatible leveling kits for your 2018 Ram 2500, you will have to face a lot of problems that you can avoid otherwise.

It could be that the leveling kit simply doesn’t fit. Or an incompatible kit can easily wear out the suspensions on your vehicle.

The Supreme Suspensions – 3″ Front Leveling Kit for the 2018 Ram 2500 is perfectly compatible with your 2018 Ram 2500 truck.

And what?

A leveling kit doesn’t usually change the look of a vehicle after you install it compared to how much a lift kit does.

However, this leveling kit does do that!

After installing this leveling kit, you will see a noticeable difference in your 2018 Ram 2500, both in the way it’s leveled and how good it looks it.

Not convinced yet?

Then let me tell you how you can install larger tires and wheels after you install the kit because of how the wheel wells expand.

And it takes about 2-3 hours only for installation!

I say use a coil spring compressor if you want to feel convenience while trying to install this leveling kit.

Moreover, this product was tested before it hit the market. And you will get a limited lifetime warranty too!

My Opinions: This lightweight leveling kit was worth mentioning because of all the benefits you get from using it. I highly recommend you buy this one if it suits your need.

2018 Ram 2500 Leveling Kit Install

Recently, I had an employee, a trainee basically, who I had to teach how to install a leveling kit on a 2018 Ram 2500. I’ll tell you what I told her:

“Let the truck tell you what it wants!”

Well, that’s not all that I told her! I described everything in detail, which I’m going to do with you today.

So buckle up!

Step 1: Preparations

First, you start by stationing your 2018 Ram 2500 truck and making sure you can get under it to do what you have to do.

To do that, you park the truck somewhere that you can work on it for a few hours. Use jack stands to raise both wheels on the front. And you can rely on safety stands as well.

Step 2: Removing Coil Springs

Now take the wheels out and remove all the bolts on the coil spring attached to the lower control arm.

Take out the now unbolted coil springs carefully. As I’ve already mentioned that it will be attached to the control arm, so be aware of not damaging it somehow.

You don’t want accidents!

And you might also have to take out the spring retaining clip to get this done.

Step 3: Installing New Coil Springs

If you checked your leveling kit’s compatibility before buying it, the coil spring would fit nicely without any problems.

So now, you move on to the installation of the coil spring. It’s pretty simple to do!

Start at the top!

Before you start installing the coil spring, mount the spacers that come with the kit onto the coil spring.

Locate the upper spring seat, and fit the new coil spring there. Now find the lower spring seat and pivot the coil spring into it.

You should put a bit of weight on the knuckle so that it gets pushed down on the front torsion bar of your truck.

Secure it with bolts using a torque wrench to the lower control arm. And make sure the bolts are tight enough.

Step 4: Rince and Repeat

Now you can’t just remove the old coil spring from the vehicle and attach the new one on just one side.

This is because there are two sides to the front of your pickup truck that has these coil springs attached next to the control arms.

So now, repeat the last two steps on the other side so that you can level the truck correctly.

Step 5: Wrapping Up

With this step, you need to undo what you did initially.

Take the wheels and install them one by one inside the wheel wells. You should use a torque wrench to make the lug nuts tight enough to hold the wheels.

At this point, you can use new larger wheels if you already purchased them and if that’s what you’re looking forward to.

You’re almost done!

The last thing you need to do is to make sure that everything is in order. To do that, you need to take out your vehicle for a test drive.

2018 Ram 2500 Leveling Kit Install

What People Want to Know

Do front leveling kits hurt your 2018 Ram 2500?

There’s a possibility that leveling kits can hurt your 2018 Ram 2500 truck.

Sometimes, installing a leveling kit can quickly wear out the front suspensions of your 2018 Ram 2500 pickup if you’re not careful.

However, if you can install it properly, it will increase your chances of avoiding that from happening.

Is a 2-inch leveling kit noticeable?

A 2-inch leveling kit is noticeable but not too much.

If you compare it to a lift kit, then a leveling kit can’t improve the look of your truck as much as a lift kit would.

However, you will see that your truck is much more level than it used to be. And some kits can change the look up a bit.

Do leveling kits wear out ball joints?

Yes, a leveling kit can wear out the ball joints.

A leveling kit can put enough pressure on the ball joints, which can make them wear out. The more weight of the kit, the more easily the ball joints will wear out.

Do I need an alignment after installing the leveling kit?

Yes, with most leveling kits, you need to align the components of your vehicle after you install the kit.

If you avoid doing so, you might face problems like CV joints, suspension components, ball joints, etc., starting to wear out. Plus, you might not get the best driving experience if you don’t align your vehicle.

Will a leveling kit void warranty of the 2018 Ram 2500?

A leveling kit will void the warranty of your 2018 Ram 2500 truck.

This is because the manufacturers of your 2018 Ram 2500 want the vehicle to be maintained the way it was made.

So they won’t take any responsibility in case you use an aftermarket component to modify your truck, thus, voiding the warranty.

How much does it cost to level the 2018 Ram 2500?

It usually costs around $400 to $4000 to install a leveling kit to level your 2018 Ram 2500 truck.

If you install it yourself, it might cost you around $400 to $2000, and if you hire a professional, it will take around $800 to $4000.

Final Verdict

It’s easy to get in the research when you’re looking into buying a leveling kit for your 2018 Ram 2500 truck.

I don’t have to research much these days as I have the experience. But I always need to keep up with the new models that come along.

You might not have to do that. But you should know everything about the 2018 Ram 2500 model, along with the compatible leveling kits.

As it’s still a lot of research, you can get by if you only research the 5 best leveling kits for the 2018 Ram 2500 that I have reviewed today.

Add them to your cart!