5 Best Leveling lift Kit for 2016 f150 (Installation Video)

As an American Truck, the Ford 2016 f150 has everything you might need to carry your loads safely. Aluminum-alloy body frame, good look, and load capacity are the notable parts of this truck. Still, the truck front seems a little lower than its back.

And, I’m not too fond of this imbalance since it causes some suspension & undercarriage damage. After buying the Ford truck, I realize the importance of purchasing the best leveling kit for 2016 f150.

It gives me excellent support while driving and changes the entire look of my truck, and who doesn’t want to give his truck a monster look? I’m sure no one.

But the challenge is to find out the best leveling kit for ford f150. Worry not; I have created a list of the best leveling kits for 2016 f150 that will surely give you the out-of-the-box result.


In today’s write-up, I will talk about the five best leveling kits for the Ford f150. They all come with the best qualities, and I add my personal experience while choosing them. Therefore, you won’t get anything useless and make a secure investment on your next purchase.

5 Best Leveling Kit for 2016 f150

After thorough research, I chose these leveling kits for my truck. They are genuinely the charm that you’re looking for. Get through them, and find out your best match.

1. MotoFab 2.5 inch Front Leveling Kit – Best for 2016 f150

MotoFab Lifts the best leveling kit for 2016 f150

Key Features

  • Raise front level by 2.5.”
  • Aluminum & Powder Coated durable build
  • Perfect for f150 2004-18
  • Fit in Both 4WD & 2WD
  • Easy to install within one & half hours to two hours

My personal choice is to have a solid build quality & standard raising for the 2.5″, Motofab Lifts is the best leveling kits for f150.

It sorts out all the issues regarding suspension and front-rear raising. You can expect the best leveling kit from Motofab since it’s a trusted brand in the USA.

Besides a top-notch leveling kit, it comes with an easy-to-install feature. No knowledge is needed to install the leveling kit. You can follow their manual instruction from the guideline and get the installation done within 2 hours.

So, nothing to worry about during the installation. Apart from that, this leveling kit is compatible with f150 2016 and other models. Suppose you have an old model truck like 2004. They will perfectly fit in both 4WD & 2WD; it’s another remarkable feature of purchasing the Motofab Lift Kit.

These are the essential features a Ford truck lover may look for in the leveling kit. And, you’re getting all in one, from quality to installation.

  • Lifetime Warranty from the Manufacturer
  • Raising the front to cope with the back rear
  • Protect the undercarriage.
  • Increase suspension & smoothness of driving.
  • Some drilling is required to install this kit.

My Recommendation

If you need a valuable and durable leveling kit, Motofab Lifts is for you. It’s worth your investment.

How to install Motofab 2.5 in. leveling kit on f150 2016

2. Rough Country 2″ Molded f150 2016 Leveling Kit

Rough Country 2" Molded f150 2016 Leveling Kit

Key Features

  • 2″ Front Level Rising
  • Maintain the OEM Ride
  • Including Hardware & Strut Extension
  • Urethane Made Build
  • Install in 3 hours

If style and off-road obstacle is your priority, then Rough Country can give you the best solution for your 2016 ford f150. Although the build quality is not top-notch, it will provide the best suspension and support in the truck’s front.

Additionally, Rough Country has included pretty much everything with their leveling kits. They come up with hardware and strut extensions at a budget-friendly price. It is quite impressive from an automotive brand.

Again, the installation process will impress you indeed. It will take nearly 3 hours to set up the leveling kits, but you don’t need to open the axle and other related parts of the truck. You will find enough space to install these medium-size leveling kits.

Along with these quality features, the rough country comes with a competitive price. It’s one of the most budget-friendly choices for a truck lover, particularly off-road activities. The style and 2″ rising front-rear will make your Ford f150 a better version.


  • Limited years of replacement warranty
  • Best for Off-road obstacles
  • Budget-friendly leveling kit
  • Smooth riding with a 2″ kit


  • Poor quality build with Urethane
  • Lengthy installing process

My Recommendation

If you are concerned about off-road obstacles and want to ensure the best style, More ground clearance then the Rough Country Leveling kit is for you.

Rough Country 2″ Molded Leveling Kit on 2016 f150

3. AKM 2016 F150 Lift Leveling Kit

AKM 2016 F150 Lift Leveling Kit

Key Features

  • 3″ front & 2″ rear leveling kit
  • Alloy steel made a strong build
  • 1-2 hours quick installing time
  • Maximum lifting 3.”
  • Enough space between frame & ground

The AKM automotive brand is well known for its product quality. They retain their fame through the leveling kit as well. The AKM f150 lift leveling kit will give you the 3″ lifting on the front and 2″ lifting in the rear panel. It’s a standard for most of the leveling kits.

Apart from that, the alloy steel-made build will surely give you a solid and robust build quality like the aircraft. That means it won’t break or damage due to rust and corrosion. You will never find better build quality like the AKM leveling kit.

Along with the build quality, the installation process is pretty simple. You will never find it hard or don’t need to remove the open panel to insert the leveling kit. You can insert them with a few steps without detaching the engine parts.

This leveling kit for 2016 f150 will be your best choice through all those features. You will never regret purchasing the AKM lift kit. It’s a worthy investment that will increase the overall performance of your Ford f150.


  • Durable Build Quality
  • 3″ front rising
  • Quick Installation process
  • Increase suspension
  • Enhance the appearance


  • Lack of proper installation process
  • Some leveling issues with the rear panel

My Recommendation

Very few leveling kits give you both front and rear leveling options. Some kits are there that provide an imbalance leveling between front and rear. If you want the best balancing leveling kit, AKM f150 is the best match from my side.

4. BDFHYK Front ford f150 Leveling Kit

BDFHYK Front 2016 ford f150 Leveling Kit

Key Features

  • 4 Different Sizes of Adjustable Height
  • Excellent Suspension
  • Enough space between truck & body
  • Great looks with front rising

Sometimes we have several trucks or different models of Ford trucks. Or we need different sizes of leveling kits in different situations. In that case, the BDFHYK front leveling kit will be your best choice. It has four different sizes of leveling kits, including 1.5″, 2″, 2.5″, and 3″.

Therefore, it’s your responsibility to choose the right size leveling kit to get the best suspension according to your Ford truck. Also, Aluminum is the core material. The manufacturer ensures the best build quality so that you can use it for years.

Since it has the highest 3″ front rising leveling, it will ensure the best suspension and enough space between the ground and truck body. Therefore, it will protect the undercarriage for a long timeā€”no worry about the quality of this leveling kit.

Moreover, the front rising will also give the best look to your Ford. You will love the rising front and feel comfortable while riding on it.


  • Increase the overall suspension
  • Easy to install
  • Budget-friendly leveling kit
  • Stylish front look


  • Some users find 2.5″ kit leveling issues

My Recommendation

It’s a budget-friendly and beginner-friendly leveling kit. If you’re looking for an easy-to-install and value for money kit, BDFHYK Leveling Kit is for you.

5. YITAMOTOR ford f150 Leveling Lift Kit

YITAMOTOR 2016 ford f150 Leveling Lift Kit

Key Features

  • Quality within a reasonable price
  • 2.5″ compatible front for f150
  • Provide sufficient suspension
  • Increase safety with anodized surface
  • Aluminum made built

YITAMOTOR leveling lift kit is my last recommended and favorite 2016 F150 leveling kit before and after making a list. I find it the best fit for the Ford truck. It gives the monster look users mostly want to experience with their newly purchased leveling kit.

If you want to know about the quality and installation of this leveling kit, you don’t need to worry about these facts. First, it’s an aluminum-made high-quality leveling kit with an anodized surface. It increases the overall safety.

On the other hand, it will increase the front of your Ford, ultimately giving you the desired look. You can safely drive on off-road trails and go hunting. It will provide a clear view of the front and gives you a super suspension along the way.

No matter how experienced you are in installing the leveling kit, it will provide a simple solution. You can insert the kits without opening everything. Although some users find it difficult to install it themselves, you can take help from the nearby garage.


  • Durable build quality with anodized surface
  • Enhanced suspension
  • It gives the monster look
  • Five years of Limited warranty
  • Money-Back Guarantee


  • Unclear Instructions
  • Difficult to install

My Recommendation

If you have some experience using different leveling kits, this one will be a perfect fit for you. Newbies or beginners will face issues in installing and adequately setting this kit.

How to install Leveling kit on 2016 F150- Video

Most Common Question About 2016 F150 Leveling kit

What Size Leveling Kit Do I Need for 2016 f150?

You mostly need a 2.5″ leveling kit for your 2016 f150. But both the 2.5″ & 3″ are compatible with 2016 f150. It would be best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and get a perfect size. You may also use the 2″ leveling kit for the 2016 f150.

You can check the required size manually. In that case, you need to measure the size of the wheel and calculate the perfect size. Then, you can select the ideal size accordingly.

Does a Leveling Kit Affect 2016 f150 MPG?

Yes, a leveling kit affects 2016 f150 MPG. If you increase the front and level up the truck from the ground, the MPG might be decreased. It’s not true for all, but in most cases, you may end up losing some MPG for inaccurate leveling kits.

So, it’s crucial to get the perfect sized leveling kit and install them properly. It will help not lose any MPG due to the newly installed equipment. You should double-check the requirements & purchase the leveling kit.

Do I Need Front End Alignment After Leveling Kit?

Yes, you need front-end alignment after leveling the kit. Since the leveling kit is related to the overall suspension of the truck, you need front-end alignment for your 4*4. It’s an essential thing that you cannot avoid in any way.

Does a Leveling Kit void 2016 f150 warranty?

In general, the leveling kit will not void the 2016 f150 warranty. There is no relation between the leveling kit and your Ford truck. It doesn’t make sense since it’s not concerned with the engine or significant body parts with the leveling kits.

You won’t lose the warranty for shocks and struts as they are not under the Ford warranty. So the warranty won’t be void for using a leveling kit. You can safely use the leveling kit and enjoy the warranty from both ends.

Do I need New Shocks With a 2-inch lift for 2016 f150?

Yes, you need new shocks with a 2-inch lift for the 2016 f150. It ensures the best suspension. But it’s not the must-do job for the installation kit. You should buy the new shocks with a 2-inch lift for 2016 f150 if you plan to use the truck for off-road activities, i.e., you go hunting and take your Ford.

It will give you some extra suspension and provide you with a smooth driving experience.

Closing Words

Thanks for going through the entire write-up. I described the top 5 best leveling kits for 2016 f150. I break down my list and show you why it suits you the best and how you should choose the best-match leveling kit for your Ford.

It’s not like searching in an automotive shop and finding your match there. You have to know your Ford truck and list down some factors you need to consider before purchasing the leveling kit. Size comes first, then the quality.