5 Best Leveling Lift Kit For 2015 F150 – Installation Video

If you own a 2015 Ford F-150 truck, you will notice it is slightly lower on the front side. Though it’s designed to look like this, many people don’t like the small distance between the frame scale and the rear. And the solution is a leveling kit.

The leveling kits will help you increase or decrease the distance between the front side of your Ford rather than the whole body. Through the process, it will also remove the rack system (the imbalance between the front side and rear to carry a heavy load without losing control).

So, if you ought to change the rack system on your 2015 Ford f150, you would need the best leveling kit for the 2015 F150. Otherwise, your mounting process can go wrong, and your precious Ford might get damaged.


A good quality leveling kit is necessary for your precious Ford because any cheap material won’t work correctly. That’s why I am suggesting the top 5 best leveling kits for the 2015 F150, as I have used some of them on my Ford f150. You can check on the details.

Best Leveling Lift Kit For 2015 F150

Here are the five best leveling kits for Ford F150 in the market. You should read it thoroughly and then decide which one you should get for your Ford. Hopefully, the final result will be satisfactory no matter which one you choose!

1. MotoFab Lifts – Best 2″ Front Leveling Kit for 2015 f150

MotoFab Lifts - Best Leveling Kit for 2015 f150

Key Features

  • Billet aluminum makes the CNC machine
  • Powder-coated black to match the manufacturer’s suspension
  • Raise the truck by 2-inches

The MotoFab lift leveling kit is easily compatible and one of the best leveling kits for the 2015 ford F150. This leveling kit is made of billet aluminum. So, you don’t need to tell me differently about its durability and lightweight.

The black color of the outer shell is to match the factory suspension. If I were you, I wouldn’t worry about the installation. The entire installation process can complete within 1 hour or 1.5 hours at max. And there is also no need to disassemble the strut or coil.

You can easily compare it with a welded spacer, which will win in longevity. However, the lift and lift space ratio are not 1:1 because of the suspension geometry.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy installation within 1 to 1.5 hours
  • No need for coil disassembly
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Can’t raise more than 2-inches
  • Lift and lift spacer thickness in not 1:1 ratio


If you are thinking of getting a durable, lightweight, and budget range leveling kit for your 2015 Ford F150, you should definitely go for the MotoFab lifts leveling kits.

How to Install Motofab 2″ leveling kit on 2015 f150

2. Rough Country 2″ Leveling Kit for F-150 2WD/4WD

Rough Country 2" Leveling Kit for F-150 2WD/4WD

Key Features

  • Maintain factory ride quality
  • Front strut extension is made with heavy-duty composite materials
  • Use urethane materials to conquer on-off road obstacles
  • Provide enough height for 33-inch tires
  • No rust or succumb due to composite materials
  • Allows clearance between strut and upper control arm

The rough country is a well-known brand for providing molded leveling kits. Their 2-inches leveling kit is urethane made, making it durable enough to provide unmatched ground clearance.

You can easily install a 2-inch molded leveling kit to give your Ford a stylish look. And when it comes to durability and strength, this kit has enough power to adjust the height up to 33-inch tires. It’s the perfect and simple solution for your Ford’s nose-down look.

This spacer has heavy-duty composite materials, and it ensures no rust and succumbs to your materials. There’s no need to disassemble the factory strut as it provides the factory quality ride with OEM geometry. As it’s a complete bolt installation process, you can easily do it in your garage with standard tools. 


  • Strong and durable kit
  • No need to disassemble
  • 100% bolt installation process
  • No drilling is required
  • Maintain smooth ride


  • Lifting height is limited to 2-inches
  • Any loosened bolt can disrupt the installation process


Some leveling tools might disrupt the factory-made quality and lessen the performance. But there are no such issues with the Rough Country 2-inch leveling kit. On top of that, you will get a smooth installation experience because of the bolt system.

How to Install Rough Country 2″ leveling kit on 2015 f150

3. Richeer 3 inch Leveling Lift Kit 2015 f150 2wd 4wd

Richeer 3-inch Leveling Lift Kit 2015 f150 2wd 4wd

Key Features

  • Can lift 3-inch because of suspension geometry
  • strict heat-treated and hardened bolts are used in it
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum is used
  • Anodized surface adds corrosion protection
  • Bolted system prevents disassembling the strut

The Richer 3-inch leveling lift kit is pretty famous for its high leveling capability and durability. Though the product’s thickness is only 1.5 inches (for the 2015 model), it can easily raise the front height to 3-inches.

You will notice the 2015 F150 leveling kit before and after difference with your bare eyes. All of these are possible because of their suspension geometry. Its CNC automatic process is top-notch and ensures the highest accuracy.

The leveling kit uses 12.9-grade studs and is highly durable in high pressure and temperature. Its build materials, aluminum, also has a T6 aircraft grade that provides an ideal weight to strength ratio.

And don’t worry about corrosion or water damage because it has an anodized surface that acts as a shield from the corrosive environment. It would take only 1 to 1.5 hours to install the leveling kit.


  • High accuracy and stability because CNC automatic processing
  • Solid and durable because of aluminum alloy
  • 12.9 grade studs are used
  • Easy installation within 2 hours
  • No need for disassembly (coil and strut)


  • The ratio of lift kit and lifting height is not 1:1
  • Less thickness (1.5inch) compared to previous models


I would say this 3-inch leveling kit of Richer’s is pretty reliable because of its high-end features. The materials and bolts are durable and corrosion-protected. So, what else do you need from a leveling kit? Go for it if you want a 3-inch leveling kit!

4. Rough Country 2″ Leveling Lift Kit w/N3 Shocks

Rough Country 2" Leveling Lift Kit w/N3 Shocks

Key Features

  • Comes with a premium N3 shock absorber
  • Doesn’t mess up the factory-grade quality
  • Made of composite materials
  • Building materials ensure on and off-road use
  • A unique feature to clean the distance between strut and upper control arm

This 2-inch leveling lift kit w/N3 Shocks from Rough Country is compatible with 2015 f150. It comes with a front extension, hardware, and a premium shock absorber.

As a 2-inch leveling kit for the F150, it can easily adjust the height of the front and rear sides without damaging the factory quality. The installation process is pretty easy as it has a 100% bolted system. However, don’t lose any bolts.

The building materials are of composites that provide strength and durability. That’s why it can raise the height to 33-inch tires. There won’t be any chance of rust or succumbing to the materials because of heavy-duty composites.


  • Smooth ride
  • Durable materials in construction
  • No disassemble struggles
  • Easily installed with 100% bolted system
  • Anti-rust properties in composite materials


  • ¬†Lifting height is comparatively less (only 2 inches)
  • Any bolt is lost, and you are screwed


The average lifting height for Ford F150 is 2 inches, and this Rough Country product is one of the best choices for you. It will last longer than you think.

2015 F150 Rough Country 2-Inch Leveling Lift Kit with Premium N3 Shocks Installation video

5. AKM 2.5″ Front Lift Kit fit F150 2WD 4WD

AKM 2.5" Front Lift Kit fit F150 2WD 4WD

Key Features

  • Lift the Ford F150 2.5 inches
  • Aircraft-grade build materials
  • 12.9 grade premium bolts
  • Quick installation
  • CNC machined and powder coated black to tie up with the factory suspension

The AKM F150 lift kit is one of the most famous products in its category. It can raise the height by 2.5 inches with proper accuracy.

Thanks to high-quality building materials like T6 billet aluminum, these kits are aircraft graded. It indicates that the material is more robust than steel. There is a powder-coated black coating that protects against corrosion.

You don’t even need any special tools as it is pretty straight-cut and straightforward because of the bolts. However, you would have an alignment after installing the 2015 F150 leveling kit. On top of that, it will fit with any size of rims and tires (even with the largest one).


  • Most substantial spaces in the market
  • Increase the ground clearance
  • Provide an aggressive look to the Ford
  • Fit with the most oversized tires and custom rims
  • Easy installation
  • Can match with factory suspension


  • Kit thickness and lift height ratio is not 1:1
  • Need an alignment after the installation


Looking for the most robust leveling kit? Well, you don’t need to search anymore. The AKM’s 2.5-inch leveling kit is a suitable choice for your Ford.

How to Choose the Right Leveling Kit For 2015 F150

Never forget to research when you buy such an effective tool for your precious Ford. Here are a few facts you need to consider when you ought to buy a leveling kit:

Build materials

It’s crucial to have the best quality and durable materials in your leveling kits as they will handle a portion of your Ford’s weight. Typically, composite or billet aluminum is the most robust material used in a leveling kit.

Corrosion Protection

As the leveling kit is installed at the front, it will constantly be exposed to water and dust. So, there will always be possibilities of corrosion damage. So, make sure your leveling kit has an anodized surface or other coatings to prevent corrosion.

Installation Process

Some leveling kits are pretty hard to install at the front of the truck. Sometimes you might need professional help in installation. That’s why it prefers a bolt-in installation system. It’s pretty easy and only takes an hour to complete.

Current Suspension

Before you buy a leveling kit, you need to check the current suspension of your truck. It will help you to decide the desired height of your leveling kit. Any wrong measure in height will affect the aerodynamics of your 2015 Ford F150.

Model and Configuration

There are some compatibility issues between leveling kits and the truck you will be installing. It would be best to check on configurations (2WD and 4WD) and models before buying a leveling kit.

Price and Brand

A brand product will always have the upper hand in customers’ choice, and the companies always try to live up to customers’ expectations. So, you should buy your leveling kit from a renowned manufacturer to get the best result.

How to Install Leveling kit on 2015 Ford F150- Video

Common Question About F150 Leveling Kits

What size leveling kit do I need for the 2015 f150?

You would need different sizes of leveling kits, such as 3 inches, 2.5 inches, and 2 inches. These kits will help you adjust the level stance between the front and rear sits. In this way, your Ford will look smarter and sturdier.

Does a leveling kit affect 2015 f150 mpg?

Yes, a leveling kit affects the MPG and has no positive effects. As I mentioned, manufacturers have already designed the Ford to run this way.

If you make any change in its level stance, it will affect the aerodynamics of your Ford because a sizable frontal area is exposed to the wind.

Do I need front-end alignment after leveling the kit?

Yes, you will obviously need a front-end alignment. It’s because the alignment helps with minor adjustments to the suspension.

The alignment also ensures the balance between the wheels and the body of your Ford. Otherwise, your car won’t drive straight and steer. And this could lead to dangerous driving without proper control.

Does a leveling kit void the 2015 f150 warranty?

No, the leveling kit doesn’t void the warranty of your F-150. As a leveling kit adjusts a small height on the front side, the company doesn’t have a problem.

But if there is any more significant lift, it could affect your car’s warranty and void it.

Do I need new shocks with a 2-inch lift for the 2015 f150?

Some new shocks will help you absorb the force due to the height difference. A new shock absorber with long tubes is perfect for the job. You might think a 2-inch lift should not require a new shock. But it’s okay to ensure the safety of your Ford.


Ford F150 comes with a design where the front side of your truck stays a bit lower for a stylish look. However, if you are one of those people who don’t like such height differences between front and rear, you can easily adjust it with a leveling kit.

I have discussed the top 5 best leveling kits for the 2015 F150. Hopefully, my collection won’t disappoint you though some other products are on the market. Choose the best leveling kit for your Ford and ride with style. Drive safe!