5 Best CJ Lift Kit- From My Real Experience

You might already know I own an auto repair shop. And I have come across many customers who want a good lift kit for their Jeep CJ.

In all the years I have worked as an auto mechanic, I have suggested various lift kits to Jeep CJ owners. And all these lift kits were a representation of the client’s needs.

What does it mean?

It means you might want a suspension lift done to your jeep for better ground clearance, and you want the kit to be affordable.

However, if you have a bigger budget and want to tackle the bumps on roads better, you might want a lift kit with leaf springs.

And if installing bigger tires is your primary goal, you can go for a budget-friendly body lift kit for your Jeep CJ.

Are you confused?

Don’t be!

I will explain what all these kinds of lift kits do for your jeep while giving you the reviews of the best CJ lift kits I trust.

5 Best CJ Lift Kits

You have decided to get your Jeep CJ lifted by installing a good-quality lift kit. But there are hundreds of different brands of lift kits of various types in the stores.

Which one to get?

I know very well how confusing it can get, as I have seen a lot of my customers face the same problem.

They all came to me with the same questions, like, what is the most advantageous lift kit for my Jeep CJ, what type of lift kit to get, or what brand is good for a lift kit?

Don’t worry!

The different types of lift kits I am going to talk about now are from well-reputed brands, and they all have their advantages.

1. Performance Accessories 3″ Body Lift Kit for Jeep CJ-5/CJ7

Performance Accessories 3" Body Lift Kit for Jeep CJ-5/CJ7

I absolutely love the 3-inch body lift kit from Performance Accessories, and I think this one is the best body lift kit for Jeep CJ.

Why do I say this?

I can say this so confidently because I have had many customers come to me for a body lift kit suggestion, and I recommended this one to them. They all loved the performance of this kit!

So if you want a lift kit because you want to install larger wheels and rims on your Jeep CJ but do not really care much about additional ground clearance, you can buy this one.

Why is that?

You might be someone who does not drive through tough terrains in off-road situations. And so you might not need to tackle the obstacles and bumps on these kinds of terrains.

And you might just like the look bigger tires give your jeep while giving it better traction for bumpy or damaged roads.

If this is the case with you, you should consider getting this body lift kit, as it can help you fit larger tires in the size up to 33 inches!

Yes, 33-inch tires!

The components of this lift kit can raise the body of your Jeep CJ 4 inches higher than the chassis of your jeep.

This will expand the wheel wells of your jeep so much that you can fit newer and bigger tires in them!

And after you install the larger wheels and tires on your jeep, the added height of those tires will add a bit of ground clearance to your vehicle.

Intact OEM geometry!

Some lift kits, like a 4-inch lift kit that use spacers or other components to add height between the suspension of your vehicle and the ground, can change the stock settings of your jeep.

However, this 4-inch body lift kit does not do that!

This is because this lift kit only raises the body off of the chassis of your jeep without making any modifications to the suspension.

So the center of your jeep’s gravity will not change as much compared to how other 4-inch lift kits do.


This 4-inch body lift kit can fit a lot of the Jeep CJ version. These versions are the models between 1972 to 1986.

However, it is only meant to be compatible with Jeep CJ 4WDs!

My Opinion: As I deem this 4-inch body lift kit to be the best body lift kit for your Jeep CJ, I highly recommend you buy this one if you want to be able to fit bigger tires on your jeep.

2. Rough Country 2.5″ Suspension Lift Kit for 1969-1975 Jeep CJ5 4WD

Rough Country 2.5" Suspension Lift Kit for 1969-1975 Jeep CJ5 4WD

I have deep respect for the Rough Country brand and its next product, which is the 2.5-inch suspension lift kit with leaf springs.

This is because the Rough Country aftermarket components are always very reliable and affordable.

You might not think this is the case with this lift kit because this one is a bit expensive, but there is a reason for this price tag.

What reason, you ask?

Well, the reason for this is that leaf springs are usually pretty expensive!

However, as most Rough Country products are very budget-friendly, compared to other lift kits with leaf springs, this one is much more affordable.

What are they?

The leaf springs of this suspension lift kit are vital for your jeep’s suspension system as they can support your jeep’s weight.

And these leaf springs are what lift the front and the rear of your Jeep CJ 2.5 inches off of the ground while leveling the front with the rear.

Premium shock absorbers!

The specialty of the Rough Country brand is its premium nitrogen-charged N3 shock absorbers. And these shock absorbers are made out of heavy-duty material for the most efficiency.

They can easily absorb the bumps of the road or even off-road terrains because of their durable body of 54 mm body that cools fast and their spring-loaded piston rod of 18 mm.

Up to 31-inch tires!

Yes! You can go as big as 31-inch tires with your newly lifted jeep without having any issues between your suspension components and your tires.

My Opinion: I really like the specifications of this lift kit. So if you want a reasonably priced suspension lift kit with new and improved leaf springs, you should consider buying this one.

3. Rugged Ridge 2″ Suspension Lift Kit for 76-86 Jeep CJ5/CJ7/CJ8

Rugged Ridge 2" Suspension Lift Kit for 76-86 Jeep CJ5/CJ7/CJ8

If you want a suspension lift kit with leaf springs but don’t want shocks, the 2-inch suspension lift kit from Rugged Ridge is a great option for you.

Yes, this suspension lift kit also comes with leaf springs! But you won’t get the premium nitrogen-charged N3 shocks like with the Rough Country one.

What do they do?

These leaf springs can help your tires get more grip for a better handle on the road, especially on the ups and downs you face off-road.

And they can even coordinate the length of your jeep’s wheelbase when you are slowing down or speeding up.

The material?

This lift kit’s leaf springs are made out of nodular iron, which is well-known for its elasticity, durability, flexibility, and high strength.

Also, these leaf springs are shot-peened, meaning they are processed in a way that prevents them from failing related to stress corrosion issues.

So more strength!

The lift kit in question also comes with all the hardware necessary for you to install the kit on your Jeep CJ.

Plus, you get a glove box organizer for free!

My Opinion: If you want a moderately priced suspension lift kit with leaf springs for better protection and performance, you should buy this 2-inch lift kit, or at least add it to your cart to view it later, as a good option.

4. Pro Comp 4″ Lift Kit for Jeep CJ ’76-’81

Pro Comp 4" Lift Kit for Jeep CJ '76-'81

I have another great list kit for you with leaf springs, but this one gives your jeep a 4-inch lift. This is the 4-inch lift kit with leaf springs from Pro Comp.

This 4-inch lift kit is the most expensive one on the list, but I should say this one is reasonably priced as well. Because of the leaf springs of this kit, it costs this much!

With ES3000 shocks!

These ES3000 shock absorbers are great shocks because they are very durable. How can I say this?

Well, these shock absorbers can bear a lot of violence and still stand up straight, doing their jobs well.

This means these shock absorbers not only fit well on your Jeep CJ, but they can also take the abuse of corrosion and rust catalysts and not get affected.

Most other types of shock absorbers will not resist rust and corrosion as the ES3000 shock absorbers do.

And the leaf springs?

The leaf springs this 4-inch lift kit comes with are durable, and they are what raise the front and rear of your Jeep CJ 4 inches higher than the ground.

These leaf springs can easily correct how you steer your Jeep CJ. And the ground clearance these leaf springs add to your jeep is remarkable!

Because of this ground clearance, you can easily drive through bumpy roads, as well as rough off-road terrains with a lot of obstacles.

Bigger tires too!

Yes, you can add larger tires on your Jeep CJ because the additional ground clearance can expand the wheel wells enough to install bigger tires.

Moreover, you get new and improved pitman arms with this lift kit, which can help stabilize the pivot point of your jeep while decreasing friction.

How about installation?

You get u-bolts with this 4-inch lift kit that fits your Jeep CJ well, and you can easily install the entire lift kit using these u-bolts.

However, I will say you might need to ask for professional help if you are not well-versed in the art of auto mechanics already, as it might be a bit hard to install the leaf springs.

My Opinion: I like the quality of the leaf springs, pitman arms, and shock absorbers this lift kit comes with. So I highly recommend you buy this lift kit if you like the specifications!

5. Daystar Jeep CJ 1″ Body Mount Kit fits CJ5/7 1980 to 1986 4WD

Daystar Jeep CJ 1" Body Mount Kit fits CJ5/7 1980 to 1986 4WD

I have another best body lift kit for you, and it is the 1-inch body lift kit from Daystar.

The only difference between this body lift kit and the other one I have mentioned is that this one gives a lower lift.

Plus, this body lift kit comes with a few other components Performance Accessories do not. Other than that, there isn’t much difference in the quality of these two body lift kits!

What components?

This body lift kit comes with engine block sleeves for the maintenance of your Jeep CJ as a bonus.

These block sleeves can also help repair the engine cylinders of your jeep after being positioned over the original casing of the cylinder.

This can return it to the circumference it needs and place it in a way so it can provide better performance.

Bonus radiator core supports!

The radiator core supports this body lift kit which can hook the radiators to the lower and upper rails and side aprons of the frame of your engine assembly.

Moreover, this 1-inch body lift kit will create an additional 1-inch worth of difference between the chassis and the body of your Jeep CJ.

And this will make your wheel wells expand enough so you can easily install larger tires to your jeep.

Plus, you will get all the hardware you will need with this lift kit when you go on ahead with installing this kit.

There’s a but!

As with most of the body lift kits in the market, this one will not add any extra ground clearance to your jeep.

However, when you fit the new larger tires, you might get a tiny bit of added ground clearance because of the diameter of the tires.

My Opinion: If you want to fit bigger tires to your Jeep CJ and do not care much about any additional ground clearance, you can buy this body lift kit.

What People Might Also Want to Know

What size lift should I get for my Jeep CJ?         

What size of lift kit you want to install on your Jeep CJ is completely up to you. Depending on your needs and preferences, you should decide on the type and size of lift kit you want.

If you want to be able to handle and maneuver your Jeep CJ better while driving on tough terrains, slowing down, and speeding up, you can go for a suspension lift kit with leaf springs.

However, this kind of suspension lift kit will cost you more than a normal suspension lift kit. So you need to be prepared for the money you might need to spend on just buying the kit.

This kind of lift kit with leaf springs also adds ground clearance to add bigger tires, get a smoother ride, protect the jeep’s underbody, and more.

And if you want to add larger tires to your Jeep CJ, you would have to get it lifted. Otherwise, you can’t do that!

But if you do not want to or even need to add extra ground clearance on your Jeep CJ and only want the bigger tires, you can go for a much more affordable body lift kit.

How much does it cost to lift a CJ?   

If you want to invest in a high-quality lift kit, you might pay something from around 200 dollars to 2000 dollars.

But there are some key factors you need to consider that will contribute to how much you might need to spend.

And it completely depends on the type of lift kit, the brand you are buying from, and the quality of the lift kit.

If you want bigger tires on your Jeep CJ and do not want to add any ground clearance to your jeep, you might want a body lift kit costing between 150 dollars to 200 dollars.

And if you want to add better ground clearance and get all the other benefits of a suspension lift kit with leaf springs, you might have to spend around 500 dollars to 2000 dollars.

However, there might be another factor raising the cost of lifting your Jeep CJ.

And this is the installation cost!

If you have enough sense of auto mechanics and can install the kit yourself, you won’t have to pay for it.

But asking for professional help might cost you up to 20000 dollars.

Does lifting a Jeep CJ cause problems?   

There are a few disadvantages of installing a lift kit, as it can cause a few problems for your Jeep CJ.

Sometimes, after installing a lift kit, it can weigh down your suspension system, and your ball joints and other suspension components could wear out faster than you would expect them to.

If you ever need to use your warranty after installing a lift kit on your Jeep CJ, you can’t do it. This is because aftermarket modifications like lifting your jeep can void the warranty.

Installing a lift kit can shift the center of your Jeep CJ’s gravity, changing the geometry of your jeep. Because of this, you might have to relearn handling your vehicle.

Because of the added aerodynamic drag that a lift kit creates, you will see a bit of a decrease in the fuel economy of your jeep.

Apart from these disadvantages, there are more benefits to installing a lift kit, making it worth the risks.

Jeep CJ5 Lift Kit Installation

Final Words

If you install a high-quality lift kit like a body lift kit or a suspension lift kit with leaf springs, you will see your jeep performing better than before.

What are they?

These benefits can be increased ground clearance, smoother ride, letting you be able to fit larger tires, protection of the underbody, and more.

But I always suggest to my clients that they do enough research on their Jeep CJ to figure out what kind of lift kit they would need to invest in.

Take the advice!

If you have already done your research and know what you want, I hope the best CJ lift kits I have mentioned today help you find the right investment for your jeep.

Happy investing!