Best 3 Inch Lift Kit for Ford F150

You might get confused with hundreds of lift kits in the market. We’ve compiled a list of the best 3 inch lift kits for Ford f150 to help you narrow down your choices. Furthermore, in order to better grasp what you may be looking for, we’ve supplied a succinct summary of the information you’ll need to comprehend.

Off-roading in a Ford f150 pickup truck is less of a priority because of the truck’s reputation as a smooth interstate cruiser. Undercarriage and tire damage are more likely to occur when driving over pebbles, gravel, and snow with a truck that has a ground clearance of 8.2-9.9 inches.

With the finest 3-inch lift kit for Ford f150, the driver has a better perspective of the terrain to avoid impediments like dust and mud. Installing large tires and a higher center of gravity on bumpy roads are both made easier and more stable with a properly fitted lift kit.

In contrast, a poorly installed lift kit is a constant source of frustration for the driver. It slows the truck down, makes it wobble more, and makes rattling noises.


I’ll go over seven different leveling kits that I assume are the best on the market. While it is likely that I overlooked a few items, I can assure you that these are not inferior to those listed.

Product Review

Nearly 500 kits have been put through my intensive testing procedure, with the following ones coming out on top. Assess them to see which one is best for you.

1. Supreme Suspensions – 3″ Rear Leveling Kit

Supreme Suspensions - 3" Rear Leveling K

Key Feature

  • Easy bolt-on simple installation process
  • Made with high quality alloy steel
  • Positioned in the back
  • Provides your truck a stunning look

A strong lift kit from Supreme Suspensions starts off my golden list, and it is obviously worth it. This lift kit, which is built of alloy steel, is very adaptable with any of the Ford F-150 models from 2004 to 2020.

A durable black powder coat protects these blocks from oxidation and corrosion, providing years of reliability even in the most harsh environments. This kit comes with High-Strength Steel U-Bolts, which are bent and threaded to exacting standards.

With the product, you’ll receive a Square Bend U-Bolt and a user manual. The guidebook is simple to read and comprehend. As a result, you may quickly set up the lift kit in a few hours without the need for expert assistance. However, it is important to double-check the alignment following the installation.

In accordance with the name, this lift kit will elevate the rear of your truck by three inches over the ground clearance. The Supreme Suspension Lift Kits are designed to lift your truck’s factory rake, giving it a more aggressive profile and a better overall appearance.

The additional ground clearance will make a leisurely day on the trail less difficult and more pleasurable. You may now put bigger tires on your truck thanks to the new low weight HD structure steel blocks from Supreme Suspension.

My recommendation

This kit is undoubtedly the best 3 inch lift kit for you F150 with an uncomplicated installation process, tremendous build quality and cool look.

2. Dynofit 3″ Front Lift Kits & 2 inch Rear Blocks Leveling Kit 4WD RWD

Dynofit 3" Front Lift Kits & 2 inch Rear Blocks Leveling Kit 4WD RWD

Key feature

  • Made with premium quality aluminum
  • Offer the truck an attractive appearance
  • Provide excellent performance in off road
  • 2 years warranty

A cheap lifting kit may be just what you need. What’s better than a Dynafit Lift kit? Just like the factory version, this is a low-cost, high-quality option.

This lifting kit excels at precision work. Solid billet aluminum is used to manufacture this industry-leading leveling kit. The 2004-2021 Ford f150 (2WD/ 4WD) is a fantastic match for this kit.

In order to install the struts, all that is required is to loosen a few screws on top of the strut assembly. As a result, your truck will seem smart, assertive, and fashionable in no time. The front and back should be matched, though.

This fantastic lift kit will provide you with the best off road experience ever! You can fit large tires in your truck after installing the kit. As a result it will not only offer you a quality ride but also gives your truck an aggressive look.

My recommendation

The Dynofit 3″ Front Lift Kits is one of the best options for off-road lovers. In addition, it gives your truck a great look.

3. Supreme Suspensions – Front Leveling Kit – 3″ Front Lift Spring Spacers 2WD (Black)

Supreme Suspensions - Front Leveling Kit - 3" Front Lift Spring Spacers 2WD (Black)

Key feature

  • Uncomplicated installation process with proper guideline
  • Made with T6 Aircraft Billet Aluminum
  • Bigger custom rims and tires can be installed
  • Gives a stunning look to your truck

Looks and strength are the most important factors to consider when selecting lift kits. However, it’s not easy to find these attributes because most companies compromise one for the other.

In contrast to this, Supreme Suspensions has come up with a fantastic approach to mix the two. Both are included in the Supreme Suspensions – 3” Front Leveling Kit, which will help you lift your F150 to a height where you can fit bigger tires!

They are carefully CNC machined from solid blocks of T6 Aircraft Billet tempered to 35,000 psi yield strength and finally completed with an Anodized Coating for optimal protection to oxidation and corrosion

Installing their leveling kits should take no more than a few hours with simple hand tools. Each kit comes with a step-by-by-step guide to help you complete the installation.

To give your truck a more aggressive stance, Supreme Suspension Lift Kits are designed to boost the factory rake. It will be easier to enjoy a day on the trail now that it has better ground clearance.

My recommendation

The Supreme Suspensions – 3” Front Leveling Kit is a perfect mixture of supreme build quality and looks!

4. Performance Accessories 2WD and 4WD 3″ Body Lift Kit

Performance Accessories 2WD and 4WD 3" Body Lift K

Key feature

  • Made with high pressure fiberglass reinforced nylon
  • Maintains a lower center of gravity
  • Improves the factory-installed smoothness
  • Made in the USA

In the lift kit industry, Performance Accessories might be unknown for you. But trust me they manufacture premium quality lift kits for trucks. The Performance Accessories 2WD and 4WD 3″ Body Lift Kit is a wonder from their production.

This kit is designed for High-Performance trucks where three inches of elevation are provided by the 3-inch Body Lift Kit , which allows the truck to use larger diameter tires without altering the standard suspension system or riding characteristics.

It is designed to fill in any gaps that may exist between the body and the frame of the truck. A one-piece rear bumper urethane Space-Guard is available for purchase to protect the rear bumper area. Designed to conceal the space between the tailgate and the back bumper, this Gap-Guard is available for purchase separately.

It is likely to complete the installation of this kit in 7 to 8 hours, and it comes with everything you will need to complete the set up successfully. Fiberglass reinforced nylon body blocks with a steering extension that has been CNC machined and zinc coated are used to make the kit strong and long lasting.

My recommendation

You may expect excellent performance from this kit for your F150, which is more affordable than alternative 3 inch lift kits.

5. Supreme Suspensions – Rear Leveling Kit – 3″ Rear Suspension Lift Kit | Steel 3/4th Dual Pin Blocks 4×2 4×4

Supreme Suspensions - Rear Leveling Kit - 3" Rear Suspension Lift Kit | Steel 3/4th Dual Pin Blocks 4x2 4x4

Key feature

  • Can handle almost 60,000 lbs load
  • Uncomplicated bolt-on installation process
  • Made with high quality Alloy Steel
  • Sustain factory-quality ride

Don’t be amazed to see another Supreme Suspension lift kit on this list; they consistently provide high-quality products for the Ford F 150. With four kits on this list out of seven, you can see how delighted I am with Supreme Suspension’s leveling kit possibilities.

This Supreme Suspension – Rear Leveling Kit for the Ford F150 provides an astounding amount of ground clearance, making it ideal for both on and off-road use. From the motorway to the fields, your F 150 will have no issue, as it is particularly developed for that purpose.

This amazing lift kit provides  New Low Weight HD Structure Steel Blocks which are not only strongly built and durable but also increase the appearance of your truck by enabling the use of larger rims and tires. It gives your truck an aggressive look right from the start!

The only disadvantage with this kit is even though the installation process is very simple and it is possible to finish within an hour or two, you need to align it later. In addition, you need longer U-BOLTS to install which are not unfortunately included with this kit.

My recommendation

There is no question about the quality and performance of this kit. Just you need some extra time and tools to install this.

6. Supreme Suspensions – Adjustable 1″ to 3″ Front Torsion Keys

Supreme Suspensions - Adjustable 1" to 3" Front Torsion Keys

Key feature

  • Front Suspension Lift Adjustable From 1 to 3 Inches
  • Made with durable forged Carbon Steel
  • Offer using bigger tires
  • Provide an attractive look to your truck

There is no way I can keep Supreme Suspensions, one of the leading brands in the lift kit industry, out of the list. Even though it is positioned a bit lower in the list, the Supreme Suspensions – Adjustable 1″ to 3″ Front Torsion Keys has some unique features which will definitely encourage you to buy this.

Twice as durable as the factory system, the Torsion Keys from Supreme Suspensions are carefully constructed from forged, cold-rolled High-Strength Steel. It is protected from oxidation and corrosion by a special powder coating, ensuring a long service life even in the most harsh riding situations.

The cold-forged Steel MAX-Torsion Keys, created by specialists, will not only help you elevate your truck, but they will also enhance the quality and provide a luxurious ride for the duration of their useful life.

It should only take a few hours to finish installing leveling kits with basic hand tools. Clear instructions are included with each kit to help you get started.

My recommendation

The kit lives up to the high standards set by the brand. It is, without a doubt, the optimum combination of performance, affordability, and durability, much like the other Supreme Suspensions items.

7. Performance Accessories 2WD and 4WD 3″ Body Lift Kit

Performance Accessories 2WD and 4WD 3" Body Lift Kit

Key feature

  • Positioned in the rear
  • Made with premium quality nylon
  • Sustain a lower center of gravity
  • Made in the USA

This is the second lift kit from Performance Accessories in this list. With cheaper price and high quality, it is one of the best lift kits available for your Ford F150. So without any further delay let’s get into this astonishing product.

Nowadays, it is very difficult to find a perfect lift kit for older model F150 trucks. As a result, people always look for a good lift kit. To make their life easier, the  Performance Accessories 2WD and 4WD 3″ Body Lift Kit not only fulfills their desire but also is compatible for 1987 to 1991 Ford F150.

If you are an off road lover this kit will help you to enjoy a comfortable ride by allowing you to fit bigger rims and tires. As a result, you will get a better ground clearance in your truck. In addition, it keeps the center of the gravity of the F150 lower. Hence, it provides you a factory smooth ride in both on and off road.

You may be wondering if this kit is not as durable as others. It might not be as strong as an aluminum made kit but  the high pressure fiberglass reinforced nylon lift blocks are sturdy enough for your truck.

The only cons about this kit is that it takes longer time to install than other kits in the list.

My recommendation

If you are an offroad lover, just go and pick this kit for your truck! Just keep some time before installing this kit.

QA Part:

What is the best 3 inch lift for a Ford f150?

The best lift kits are those which are built with good quality materials, provide stunning looks and so on. For you we have brought the best 3 inch lift for a Ford f150.

It is true that the Ford F150 is a masterpiece in American automotive engineering, but every off-roader knows that the F150’s performance and elegance can be substantially enhanced by elevating the suspension to give oneself a lot more height while traversing muddy tracks or ascending rocky terrain. To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of some of the best 3 inch lifts for a Ford f150 currently on the market for your Ford F150.


Does a 3 inch lift kit make a difference for a ford f150?

A 3 inch lift kit will surely make a difference for a ford f150. It will provide a smooth ride, enhance ground clearance, give a stunning look and so on!

Off-roading in a Ford f150 pickup truck is less of a priority because of the truck’s reputation as a smooth interstate cruiser. But with a lift kit, you can overcome that challenge. With a Ford F150 3-inch lift kit, the driver will be able to prevent unnecessary dust, dirt, and other road hazards because of the increased ground clearance.

It also enhances the appearance of the truck and offers bigger tires to fit in.

How much should I lift my f150?

Choosing a lift kit completely depends on the user’s needs. So you must select your lift kit by your desire and need. But usually it is good to use a 2 inch to 3 inch lift kit.

In rough terrain, lift kits are useful because they provide the tires extra room. Many different heights are available, ranging from 1.5 to 6 inches. The farther you go up, the more expensive the lift will be since it will take longer to build.

Make sure you pick the right raise kit for your truck. Lift kits of 1.5 inches may be sufficient if you intend to take the truck off-road only occasionally. Because of its off-road capabilities, you may wish to get the 6-inch suspension raise package for your truck.

How much does it cost to put on a 3 inch lift?

In general, a 3 inch lift kit costs a minimum 800 to 1200 dollars. It will completely depend on how you use it. You can install it cheaply if you install it by yourself. On the other hand, if you go to a professional for a hand, it will definitely be expensive for you.

Depending on the professional, you might spend anywhere from $800 to $4000. If you do it yourself, the cost of purchasing and installing a raise kit might range from $400 to $4000. In the case of hiring a professional, the cost might range between $800 and $12,000.

Will lifting my ford f150 truck hurt it?

No, lifting your ford f150 truck will not hurt it. But if you cannot install it accurately, it will definitely harm your truck.

The ford f150 is unquestionably a capable truck. Users seem to enjoy the whole driving experience thus far. Some clients, on the other hand, require aftermarket changes to meet their unique requirements. A lifting kit is only one example of this kind of upgrade.

Installing one, on the other hand, might result in a number of issues if done incorrectly. It doesn’t matter what kind of truck leveling system you choose, you’ll be increasing the strain on the suspension.

Due to a faulty suspension system, the truck will feel uneven and unstable when driving.When it comes to suspension damage, a damaged suspension is like a broken limb. There is a high risk of being hurt or killed in a truck collision even if you can stroll about with both.

If your suspension system fails completely while you’re driving, what options do you have? It is possible that you and your truck might be engaged in a major collision if this is the case.

What to do after lifting a ford f150?

Installing a lifting kit in your ford F150 is not just the end. Make sure the newly installed lift kit is accurately aligned with your truck. Otherwise, it may hurt your truck. If needed, go to a professional to solve the problem.

What size tires fit a 3 inch lift for a ford f150?

With a lift kit, you can easily install bigger rims and tires in your car. I have found several users using 35’s tires which fit in a 3 inch lift for a ford f150. As a result, you will enjoy a quality ride off -road. But most of the experts suggest to use maximum 33 inch tires with a 3 inch lift for a ford f150.


Simply said, that’s all there is to it. In order to make your ride better, here are the top seven best 3 inch lift kits for Ford f150 options. Finding the right part for your truck is essential, but it may be a challenging task.

But, now that you’ve made it all the way to the finish of this article, I hope it has proven to be of assistance to you. And everything I’ve included in this guide is based on your requirements as well as the opinions of other 4WD or 2WD truck owners. Another alternative is to have a look at the many kits included in the collection.

What exactly is the hold-up? Get your lift kit as soon as possible!