Are Lifting Kits Bad For Trucks – My Real Experience

You can lift your truck to a perfect height giving you more ground and sight clearance. If you don’t know the exact method of installing these kits, you might damage your truck. This leads to the question – are lifting kits bad for trucks?

The installation procedure decides whether lifting kits are harmful or not. If you follow the proper process, it won’t harm an inch of your truck. However, worn-out truck tires, decreased fuel economy, and damaged chassis lead to a defective suspension when you mess up the procedure. Some additional issues, like a leaking gas tank and the extra weight, might come with subpar lift kits.

People have mixed opinions regarding the importance and usefulness of these kits. If you want to discover more amazing facts, let us help you to clear your blurry thoughts.

Are Lift Kits Bad For Trucks?

It’s pretty tricky to answer this question. Some drivers say using lift kits in trucks is beneficial, while some express the opposite. So, are lift kits bad for trucks?

Lift kits aid you in driving through rugged terrains providing extra ground clearance and helping avoid bumps. Some drivers claim that lift kits help you in towing additional loads. However, your truck has to pay the price for using these heavy lift kits.

Various truck parts like the undercarriage, gas tank, and wheels pay the toll for using lift kits. These components decay faster if you use body lift and suspension lift kits. Your truck’s fuel efficiency will decrease significantly since your engine requires more power.

As you know, you must pay some price to enjoy extra benefits. So, lifting kits are bad for your truck if you want to keep your vehicle in optimum condition. Otherwise, you can use them to enjoy the benefits.

Why Are Lifting Kits Bad For Trucks? – A Detailed Explanation

You might be wondering if there’re advantages to using lift kits in the truck; there should also be some cons to installing them. Well, you’re not wrong. With time, you’ll discover numerous cons of using lift kits in your truck.

Do you want to know if lift kits are bad for your truck? Then understanding the disadvantages of using lift kits in your vehicle will help you in the long run.

Handling Issue

Body lift kits are a red flag for your truck when you’re just learning truck driving. It’ll affect your truck’s structure while changing the center of gravity. Consequently, you’ll have a hard time controlling your vehicle.

Reduced Fuel Economy

Your truck’s fuel economy will decrease significantly since the engine has to provide power to these extra parts. As a result, your vehicle will consume more fuel to cover a short trip which isn’t feasible economically.


Lift kits generally increase your truck’s height. So, driving in a zigzag path can be demanding with an elevated truck. You might lose control anytime, resulting in serious accidents.

Undercarriage Issues

The undercarriage acts as a bond between the frame and the tires. You’re adding more weights to the undercarriage when installing body lift kits. Eventually, there’s a high risk of damaging the chassis.

Suspension Damages

Branded lift kits have less chance of damaging the suspensions. But they aren’t negligible. These kits come with various electric and mechanical parts. So, While installing them, there’s a high chance of damaging the suspension.  

Worn-out Tires

You might have excellent grip and traction while driving, but the tire has to pay the price. It’s tough to control the vehicle when it is raised. That’s why you need more power for control. Consequently, the tires pay the toll. 

Leakages In Gas Tank

Lift kits can damage your truck’s gas tank while driving on a rough surface. These kits might end up bumping the truck’s gas tank resulting in fuel loss. Consequently, it’ll increase your fuel cost.

High Maintenance Cost

Lift kits require more power from the engine, increasing your truck’s engine maintenance cost. You also have to consider the installation and reassembling cost of the truck parts while installing these kits. If the gears and your truck’s crucial parts are damaged, it’ll cost you more maintenance fees.

Heavy Weight

Well, a truck is quite a heavy vehicle. Once you insert lift kits, they also add up the weight. When you install more lift kits, the car becomes heavier. Consequently, it’s tough to move the truck with little power.

Affecting Truck Warranty

Forget about free servicing once you modify your truck using any additional aftermarket or brand-new parts. Lift kits can damage any vehicle parts, especially the undercarriage. So, you won’t receive any special services from the local dealer if you damage the truck while installing lift kits.

Can Lifting Kits Be Good For Trucks?

Now that you know the caveats of truck lift kits, you should also know their advantages. When you see a lift kit’s function, it’s elementary to understand its benefits. So, without silly-sally, let’s discover some wonderful perks of using truck lift kits.

Better Visibility

Body lifting kits offer superb visibility. When you’re a bit high above the ground, you’ll be able to see objects from a distance. A raised truck offers the same advantages while driving. 

Ground Clearance

More ground clearance means you can quickly drive over the curbs and speed breakers. You’ll enjoy a smooth drive and hardly feel anything beneath the tires. More ground clearance means you can enjoy a thrilling off-road ride with your lifted vehicle.

Towing Capacity

Lift kits might be the right decision if you use your truck for heavy loads. As you know, lift kits add more power to your vehicle, and you can easily carry heavy loads with your car.

Better Tire Choice

Once you insert lift kits in your truck, the elevated space increases spots for tires. So, you can choose your desired tire type from a variety.

High Traction

Since you can use larger tires, they can cover more ground. As a result, your truck will have more ground and better control of uneven pavements.

Improved Look

Lifting kits like body lift kits and suspension add space to the truck. So, you can guess it helps to install big tires and give the truck a bold look. And who doesn’t love to showboat a little around the neighborhood?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there any way to reduce the damages of lift kits in trucks?

You can use quality lift kits that are safe for your truck to reduce the damage. It would be best not to purchase aftermarket body lift kits. You can also use lift kits in an old truck to minimize the damage.

What is the lifespan of truck lift kits?

A lift kit’s lifespan depends on the brand and how you maintain it. A good quality lift kit can last up to several years if you maintain it regularly. Inserting these kits with expert help enhances the lifespan and their performance.

Which method is effective in lifting the truck?

It depends on the lifting kit type you’re adding to your truck. A body lift kit offers you more ground clearance, while suspension lifts have a beast vibe. However, it would help if you used shock absorbers while installing suspension lift kits.

Does using lift kits increase my truck’s value?

Any modification to your truck or vehicle will only decrease its value. Recently, the theme and crowd both are changing. If your installed kit is in good condition and the modified suspension is top-notch, you might get a reasonable price for your truck.

Final Verdict

Lifting kits for trucks aren’t always bad for your vehicle. These kits help you to overcome off-road obstacles in rough weather. However, once you mix up the lifting methods, it might damage your truck.We hope the analysis on whether lifting kits are bad for your truck or not has given you the exact reply. Are you thinking of selling the truck with lifting equipment? You should use high-quality lift kits to increase your truck’s value. Installing lift kits can be bad news for new trucks since most come with default lift kits. Adding extra lift kits can harm your vehicle rather than increase its performance.