Coil Spring Spacers: Safe or Risky? Let’s Find Out

I have had to come face to face with a lot of clients in my auto repair shop who wanted an affordable lift for their trucks.

The most affordable lift components are coil spring spacers. They sit on top of the suspension’s coil springs of your vehicle and add a few inches of ground clearance.

But are coil spring spacers safe?

Yes, coil spring spacers are absolutely safe for you to use to lift your truck or SUV. You can easily install them and even take them out if you want to. And even though there are a few cons to them, they don’t wear out suspension components like a suspension lift kit might.

Today I’ll bring up all the coil spring spacers pros and cons and let you decide on your own if they are safe for your truck.

Spring Spacers – Do They Even Work

Advantages of Coil Spring Spacers

Advantages of Coil Spring Spacers

Coil spring spacers are safe to use for your vehicle, and they have a lot of benefits I’ll be explaining in a bit.

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A set of coil spring spacers are very user-friendly because of their versatility.

And it is really easy to install them by yourself, too, if you want a bit of added height to your truck or SUV.

They don’t mess with your vehicle’s suspension system. Meaning you can install them on your stock suspension system without affecting the ride quality.

That’s not all!

You don’t have to consider changing or modifying other components of your suspension after installing these coil spring spacers.

And if you have an aftermarket modification already done to your truck or SUV, you can still add a bit more height using coil spring spacers.

Imagine this,

You have a suspension lift kit installed on your vehicle, but you want a bit more ground clearance or want to add larger tires. What do you do then?

You can just install new coil spring spacers on your coil springs!

That’ll do the trick!

See, you can take advantage of the versatility of coil spring spacers like this to enhance and further modify your vehicle.


You can either buy a single set of coil spring spacers, two sets, or a full kit of coil spring spacers with other added components.

Either way, they are really affordable aftermarket components!

But whichever you do decide to buy, the cost of your coil spring spacers will vary because of the type and material.

Let’s say you want a set of polyurethane coil spring spacers to level your vehicle by lifting just the front.

They will cost you around 30 dollars to 50 dollars only!

And for steel coil spring spacers, you might have to pay a few extra bucks. Also, if you want two sets of these spacers, you might have to pay more.

Either way, you might be able to buy them for under 150 dollars!


If you want a full kit of coil spring spacers with various hardware, sway bar links, and other parts, you might have to pay around 200 dollars to 300 dollars.

Whatever you decide to buy, they are pretty budget-friendly and quite easy to install.

Intact Spring Rates

Spring rates are very important to keep your ride stiff or from bottoming out. You can adjust the spring rate as you would want to ride your vehicle.

But if you want a bit of height added to your truck and don’t want the spring rates you’ve adjusted to change, coil spring spacers are going to be your best friend.

Why though?

This is because aftermarket modifications, like suspension lifts, will alter the spring rates of your suspension.

So if you adjusted your spring rates and didn’t want them to be altered, you might be in trouble with a suspension lift.

On the other hand, coil spring spacers will not make for such an unfortunate event. They will lift your vehicle and keep the spring rates intact.

Easy Leveling

Factory rides often come with a sag on the front compared to the back end of the vehicle. And if you don’t carry much heavy loads on the back too often, you might not like the sagging look.

What to do?

Leveling your vehicle by using aftermarket products is the perfect solution for this problem. And you can do it with coil spring spacers!

Just fit them on top of your vehicle’s coil springs in front of your vehicle, and it will easily take care of that sag!

So you won’t need to buy a full leveling kit just to level the front of your vehicle with the back. Just use coil spring spacers!

A Fixed Lift

Coil spring spacers sit on top of your suspension’s coil springs. So it could be easy for them to simply fall off, right?


If you buy the right coil spring spacers that can be tightly attached to your coil springs, they will stay fixed there.

Won’t Void Warranty

A lot of the time, aftermarket modifications can void the warranty of your vehicle.

This is because most manufacturers don’t want their stock ride to be altered or damaged by aftermarket modifications.

If you installed a suspension lift kit to add a few inches of height to your vehicle, there is more of a possibility your warranty will be void.

But coil spring spacers usually will not void the warranty of your specific model of vehicle.

Coil Spring Spacer Problems

Coil Spring Spacer Problems

Even with all the benefits you get with coil spring spacers, there are a few disadvantages to them.

Let’s take a look at them!

  • As you won’t be installing longer coil springs, installing coil spring spacers could affect your wheel travel negatively, lessen the clearance of your vehicle’s bump stops, or get closer to your control arms, affecting them negatively.
  • If you installed coil spring spacers in your vehicle, they would add a bit of height but would not add any travel to your vehicle’s suspension components.
  • I’ve spoken of coil spring spacers not changing the spring rates earlier. While this can be good news for some, others might not be able to make their ride stiffer because of these spacers.
  • As I’ve already mentioned, tightly attached coil spring spacers will not easily come off and cause accidents. But if your spacers just sit on the coil springs, they might come off on extreme off-road terrain adventures.

Are Rubber Coil Spring Spacers Good Or Bad?

Are Rubber Coil Spring Spacers Good Or Bad?

Rubber coil spring spacers can be both good and bad because of the material used.

There are two types of coil spring spacer materials nowadays, rubber and steel. The rubber ones are usually made out of polyurethane materials.

They have always been the go-to material for coil spring spacers. But, nowadays, people opt for steel ones.

This is because the rubber coil spring spacers are not as durable as the steel ones. They can easily get damaged on extreme off-road adventures.

However, they are cheaper than steel ones!

So it is completely up to you if you would buy the ribber coil spring spacers to add a bit of height to your vehicle or rather go for the steel ones.

Install Coil spring “Rubber Spacer”

Final Words

Are coil spring spacers safe? Yes, coil spring spacers are actually quite safe, even though they might have a few disadvantages.

I would like to think that it is a better idea to choose coil spring spacers if you have never made an aftermarket modification to your vehicle to get the feel of it.

Coil spring spacers are an affordable way of lifting your vehicle, and they do not alter the ride quality of your vehicle.